01 January 2019

Berlin Christmas & Advice For New Dietitians and Nutrition Coaches

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alright Oh what's up we are here in Berlin it's about 10:58 a.m. we've been up since 3:00 a.m. really weird we couldn't sleep so we woke up at 3 went to the gym went to the pool and then came back and fell asleep am i right I don't know where I am time change was very hard we're still not adjusted here on earth today's our second day yeah like our first full day Christmas Eve yeah we're gonna go do big shopping markets and food rights really good food first first time eating at the new burger in the pod away kata way sounds like like I got away he's got the classic I got the land I did not like that so is that pretty good [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you want that all right back in the room what do you think that's cool another successful Christmas market we got our one souvenir work why do we have to travel light and who know Christmas ornament it's the Big Bear in the little bit well

now it's not morning Christmas Day we slept in and then we went what we do we slept in and the brunch was good we forgot the film noir we won muffin as a souvenir what are we a brunch we had goose yes Christmas dog um we had some steak potatoes some champagne I asked for him almost about think he understood I don't think they do that here we were a little underdressed and we were overdressed last night right yeah well we represented Detroit very well we're gonna go explore the streets right [Music] Horsham - yeah yes nice yeah [Music] who you found in Berlin oh we roll it here I remember when we did the podcast you're like so what do you do if we mess up I'm like oh we just we just keep going you don't you don't want it yeah we're in Berlin and we touch base and Karla here how's everything been going good good so excited to have you here so I figured it'd be fun this lighting isn't perfect right now yeah it's always it's all this is the Golden Sun say it's always green Berlin but this is perfect so I figured we could talk a little bit

just a ball entrepreneurship especially this time of year right a lot of people oh we were just saying a lot of people are allude with entrepreneurship right it's kind of like an exciting thing everyone wants to get into so what are your thoughts with that like just let's talk a little bit so a lot of people who watch this or you know dietitians who work clinical or you know work their full-time job and they're thinking about doing online coaching or courses which you're an expert in Instagram just what would maybe some of your advice be for like a newer entrepreneur who is considering like jumping into all this and I can move over a little bit so you're in the frame yes well I think the most important thing is to just have some sort of a financial runway because you I think having enough money for six months to 18 years before you really need to be making money is smart because otherwise you're just constantly in that mindset or I'm gonna run out of money you know what am I gonna do and then that's not a good mindset to be in if you want to start a business or like just believe in yourself and you can make it yeah

because that's something we just talked about we've both just made very large investments into ourselves into 2019 I think a big thing like when most people look to trade like a salary for like being an entrepreneur is oh my gosh like what if I don't make money right definitely trade in that money for you freedom that flexibility and so I think if you know that for the first yes we might not be making big bucks because you have all these other things that you didn't have one you had your 95 yeah then that is something I think for me that's always what kept me going and you know there's been so many times where I thought about giving up and just thought about getting a real job and you know moves who have actually looked up jobs oh yeah and then read the Job Description I was like oh my god everything I'm so bored so can I ask you about that cuz that's a big thing that a lot of entrepreneurs especially like we talked about social media in markets too that right it's like a year old like you know get my course and learn the one thing you need to do to make a million dollars you know from a beach on your laptop like can you just talk about that

like you know I've talked about my entrepreneurial struggles I know you did on our podcast which if you haven't listened to that you gotta go check that out okay talk about that like what's the reality of an entrepreneur versus what you know the media sells us yeah and I think that can it's so misleading and you know you have these people literally telling you and then I did this and then I became a millionaire that's like the one trick the one thing that I did overnight right overnight success so it definitely you can't lucky right it can happen but generally I don't think it does happen like that it's definitely a long game I think it's about setting yourself realistic goals like definitely christianism know setting yourself realistic goals and kind of what I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned is to really just tackle one project at a time huge so in quarter one I'm really just focusing on one thing and that it's marketing my online course yeah you can get distracted so easily like the idea period I need of course yes reinforce and you

do coach I need to fix my website you do my Instagram need to do this oh yeah that is huge I think you know in the beginning when you really have no idea of what you should be doing and you really don't right so I think it's a good idea to talk to people who've been doing this for a while and it's so easy to connect with people these days like this you've never met yeah we're in Berlin saw yes and just you know ask for recommendations ask you know about their experience and then either hire someone who helped you put together a plan or if you want to do it on your own then that's great too but definitely make a plan and kind of set yourself realistic goals focus on one project at a time I think most people also like I need to have a website before I can start selling can we talk about that if you are good on Instagram you don't need a website I mean I do think that having a landing page and your goal should always be to convert you followers into email subscribers because in the end you're gonna be selling most of the time on your email list that's where people expect to be sold at on Instagram not as

much but you don't need a website to happen you just need a landing page and opt-ins freebie and regard yeah but even with like Instagram DM like that's a future you didn't get connections you know a lot of what we sell like what my do clients do and what I do is like high ticket coaching so we get them on a phone call but if you have a powerful Instagram with direct messages and I make stories all the capabilities there because that's your forte or an Instagram expert like everyone thinks they need some like beautiful fascinating website like if you wanna do public speaking you know and like meet you have a good media poorboy like that's what mine does all it does is causes my media portfolio and then my coaching application but yeah can you talk really quick here and then we'll we're gonna go eat some food drink some how do you say it's mewled wine right gluhwein good there you go there you go okay can you put them on investing in yourself that's such a hard Deen you I mean you are very experienced entrepreneur yet a restaurant before again if you want to keep that story yes

and we didn't invest in anyone when we opened the restaurant and we like almost failed and almost went bust so many times because we had no idea what we were doing and then in the end we hired consultants and that's really when the next round you know we were able to save so much money and I think that's always what happens you end up saving so much time saving so much money in the end because that's it I agree when you invest in yourself for mentorship you cut down on waste of time yeah yeah you can figure things on your own and you're gonna spend years doing it or you can invest in someone who's done it like if I want to learn Instagram and like photography and all that I can invest in you or I could just take bad photos for three years you know so it's like I agree with that but was it hard for you to me cuz I know you just made a very large investment is it hard for you or is it something that's always come easy I think it's important to make the right investment yes and I've definitely made investments that didn't really pay off like I only learned something but it was like okay yeah but I think you know it's

kind of a gradual thing so the very first thing I invested in was a course about blogging and it was five hundred dollars yeah and that at that time was kind of a big investors I didn't have five hundred dollars an hour coming in and then from there I just started investing in bigger courses or bigger programs and better coaches yeah as your business grows and it's I think it comes to that point where you see that okay whenever I make an investment in myself absolutely like make my return yeah that one I made right now I was stereo should I do yeah I agree with that you have to start off with small investments they give you a course it could be like a weekend workshop and then you build and I did the same thing before I hired my first mentor Pedro school Ian and that was like ten thousand dollars back down which was so scary I started with you know free stuff like three videos courses like maybe a few hundred dollars and then you make the bigger one and I just gave him even more money self yeah I think that's really good if you could give and this will be the last thing that will will go around if you could

give one advice to like a new entrepreneur see works a lot of dietitians a lot of food you know industry people like one advice or someone brand new into it what would it be good questions yeah just one just one piece of advice I do actually think it would be invested in someone - yeah that seems to be such a common theme and every like experienced entrepreneur if when they look back they ask that question why it's just invest in yourself don't try and figure that's the biggest thing this is not a game you got it you use it's not a game you play along yeah you know networking even stuff like that's like hot like allies and good friends but invest in a coach that can move you forward don't think of it as like all I'm saving money by not doing it think of it like you're wasting time by not doing and actually the second thing I would say you know is really work on your mindset and I think there's so much of this mindset and being in the scarcity mindset of I can't afford to buy this course of invest in this thing if you're not kind of mind yeah absolutely abundance over scarce

enough see hugely dude that could be a whole podcast or conversation in solvent insect it develops over time because I mean I had horrible scarcity mindset when I came into it even like what Charlie I was like oh my god that's so much money looks like now just investing in experiences and just abundance mindset of like well my business is growing you know even while I'm here so I love that cool thank you so much let's go eat some food no yes do we do we high-five in Germany yes