17 July 2019

Benefits of Carnosine: Growth Hormone, Energy and Endurance

In this video, I'll be discussing the benefits of carnosine - such as - how it improves growth hormone levels, leading to greater fat loss and muscle building along ...

hi guys welcome to the channel in this

video I'll run through some of carnosine x' benefits and how it works for a whole variety of health and sports performance related topics for starters carnosine is a depicted molecule it can increase endurance and improvements in high intensity exercise along with heightened cognition and detoxification throughout the body several studies have reported that carnosine can increase high-intensity exercise performance and lean muscle growth and even growth hormone levels while increasing vo2 max for improved recovery now this is in part thanks to the way beta-alanine which gets turned into carnosine in your body can increase growth hormone levels this amino acid has been examined for its effects on performance and exercise capacity the results showed that it actually increased strength and stamina by roughly 2.5% when taking 6.4 grams per day over a 28-day period have found that when carnosine was present it allowed the body to shuttle more oxygen into the areas where it was needed the most such as your working muscles heart lungs and brain for example so it kind of goes without

saying that the more oxygen you can transport around your body the better you'll feel in general not just when taking part in exercise making carnosine a potential sports ogre genic and cognitive enhancer thanks to the way oxygen and blood flow is increased carnosine has been proven to reverse age-related mitochondrial dysfunction while improving its ability to produce more energy in the mitochondria now just for reference the mitochondria is the powerhouse of energy production throughout the body the mitochondria takes the foods you eat along with oxygen and converts them into usable energy so just to clarify carnosine x' benefits for energy production the mitochondria which creates energy and when assisted by carnosine can improve the energy conversion system within your own body helping you to exercise harder for longer without experiencing fatigue and tightness so quickly when combined with zinc carnosine has been shown to treat and in some cases reverse bone loss by enhancing its growth this is thanks to the way additional can seen within the body has a positive effect on the Eastridge of

production thus linked to bone formation now while estrogen is generally associated with the female sex hormone and something men may wish to avoid when looking to increase testosterone levels east region actually plays a positive role on bone growth by improving the functions within your body linked to a strong and robust skeletal system this is in part thanks to the way carnosine increases levels of limit in' which is vital for maintaining cell integrity and structure not just within bone mass but also throughout your body one study recorded improved performance in verbal memory tests after supplementing with carnosine up 500 milligrams a day in another study on mental performance with the use of carnosine again with 500 milligrams a day participants improved memory when combining Arneson and kerosene improved memory means better performance at work or critical problem-solving during sports and competitions to name a few and finally when carnosine is taken in combination with polyphenols from blueberries and green tea for example it helped to maintain the health of existing neurons promoting neurogenesis

which is the process by which neurons are generated in the brain now if you're someone who like to train hard and often then chances are your immune system could be under attack this is because when the body is put under continuous stress such as when you're training multiple times a week at high levels it actually lowers your immune system making you susceptible to the common cold or even the flu and other illnesses carnosine has been found to increase the immune system response in those with under active immune systems it does this by regulating oxidative stress that triggers immune weakening so karna Singh can basically lower oxidative stress thus improving your immune system for her strong detoxifier that repairs the body on a cellular level while increasing energy levels through the production of more ATP carnosine could be our answer it can reduce oxidative stress brought on by intense workouts it assists your body in the repair of damaged DNA cells and it prevents the onset of age-related mental health issues in some cases and just to finish off if you want to know more about

carnosine and how to get the most out of it for your performance and recovery or other information related to this video such as the studies that i've referenced i've left a link in the description which details everything that you need to know as always thanks for watching and see you next time