18 June 2014

Ben van Ommen (Personalised Nutrition)

these pictures kind of represent what

I'll be talking about the DNA diet the one and only gadget the smartphone and the Vernon young toilet yeah but the essential part is that I want to focus on where's the business and there is an enormous food market food business and there is a personalized food business but it is essentially different and this picture needs shows this this part services to change the essential difference between selling food and selling personalized food is that there's a diagnosis involved you need to measure something and you need to transmit the information the advice part those are services on top of the of the food product you can actually stop selling the food product and only sell the services think about this yeah that's what it's all about now back to Vernon Young's toilet actually it is there this is already the second generation of the total toilet the Japanese toilet it is there it costs something this one actually samples urine of course it samples you input the samples clean urine it doesn't just flush it it matches my blood pressure it messes my body

weighted measurement temperature it measures a whole lot of things it directly connects to the computer and it tells me who I am in terms of wellness yeah it goes to my general physician my doctor who sees Who I am and comes back with a report or a health care advice it is there and of course Mike knew this and already five years ago he produced this slide at a no go debate where he actually made the transition between Vernon young starlet and the IT component because that is where things go it's not just diagnosis we've heard a lot about this it's also about the software part and since I needed to talk about the software part okay what is software these days the only software I use is Google yeah don't you if you want to know information Google and yes Google has is Google Health it's there and here you can read about my BMI because it's all in the open and you can read about my physical activity all kinds of tricks allow me to assemble my health status and who knows why or care will plug into Google health was to something else what I need is a single portal that tells me about me and let's have a look bit bit

of a better look there so let's have a look at the calories burnt where do those come from this is the more exact graph these have been measured these have been quantified one of those yeah I have the smartphone in my pocket that measures my energy consumed and if I click on one of those days here every seven this is the route from my home crossing the highway into the forest running my round home again yeah that's me that's what I'm doing it doesn't cost me an extra click it just records this and it ends up in Google health that is as far as I can go and I can also measure my heart rate yeah my phone also measures my heart rate and also this one ends up in Google Health so so far so good I can measure myself but there's more there are now ways I can measure my body weight directly connected to my smartphone I can measure my blood pressure directly connected to the Google health environment so one way or the other software and hardware diagnosis start to tell me a lot more about myself and the point is it doesn't cost me a lot of energy I don't want to sit half an hour every day to fill in questionnaires or to adopt software and

so and so on these are my medical data my blood values also entered into Google health and it's all there yeah it's there now what about genetics I can't talk general about genetics and I can but what about my genetics and yes I Know Who I am Margene's I have done this spitting test this is a paper from the New York Times where they announced a spitting party New York celebrities coming together Robert Murdoch and others spitting into tubes it's big PR stunts of this company called 23andme 23 chromosomes and me said the data was sent to the labs and analyzed and after on the same thing I paid like 500 euros you can also do it for one on euros I had a bad bargain prices drop every day that's the message yeah and every three weeks I get an update on my gene genome status because they keep on digging I of course tick box all the anti privacy statements so they know everybody they know everything about me and the whole world knows everything about me but I get all this information and I get this Facebook environment where I start to learn about other people with the same genetic

variations so these are some of my data utterly uninteresting I cannot adapt my lifestyle to what I'm seeing here it's just fun it is scientific fun and I think the majority of people that send samples to 23andme don't do this because of their health or the lifestyle but because they some way or another are curious yeah but there is something in there yeah I can look at my genes related to how I deal with lipids I know about the cheese because it's my job it's my science and Wow it makes sense one way or the other not always but it makes sense yeah now I learn about who my mother is yeah my mother comes from Europe good I learn about who my father is bit of a surprise comes from where I have I mean hair dark hair but that's as far as I can go the interesting thing is this read it Google goes biotech and invest in 23andme one way or the other there was this link between Google my software company and the company that matches my genes and here this the director of Google Sergey Brin's marries the director of 23andme they're

married come on here we are yes they did this before yeah so in fact the wife of the director of Google thought let's make a company and think about the power of IT of information if indeed Google merges their capacities the knowledge the things they know about me I think they know me better than I do myself yeah think about if Google Health and 23andme merge would I mind actually I don't think I would mind a lot if certain things have taken for granted yeah so think about these societal issues attics and so on and so on but we'll discuss this a bit later there is an enormous potential in here yeah now there are also funny things this Ozzy Osbourne that did his genetic test and it actually explains why he is addicted to alcohol one thing and it explains why he is a very smooth metabolizer of alcohol yeah so there we are ok back to business there are many companies that one way or the other prone into this area of personalized ties or my lifestyle or anything like this take this example Jenny Craig a shop chain in the US that offers all of

these products yeah activity planners online journal recipes progress tracker based on information I provide to them yeah well maybe you don't know Jenny great but you know the company that bought Jenny Craig yeah and so this is what's happening big companies are entering the fields it's not just these small SMEs big companies maybe it's not known to everybody but all of nonato a lot of these companies want to be there it is coming guys and ladies and you'll hear more about this from the DSM example yeah now so now I need to choose this isn't that so you won't you won't be able to figure it out explain this do i link with Jenny Craig or do a link with TSM or do a liquid vile care or am I going to visit five or six or seven different web pages no please I want to spend five minutes every week on this type of information gathering and we start to realize this and so this is an example where the dutch diabetes patient organization and the dutch cardiovascular disease patient organizations realized that there may be patients that have both diabetes and cardiovascular issues said that they

merged their my health data's pages that they actually merged into the same building the romantic authority patient organization is about to merge their web portal into all of this and this is what we need we need convenience don't ask me to go and shop around all of this yeah and how do they do this by actually having this add a widget thing and you can add your portal aspects towards this web portal and I think that's good that's why we need to go to and whether this will be Google or the Dutch government or anybody else I don't want to pay for it because I'm suffering anyhow yeah maybe I'll pay for the services behind this but the first portal part no needs to be for free so where are we going this is one of the last weekend's three scenarios three oh sorry two scenarios one in three years time and the others in ten years time this is my personal view and read these carefully I hope you agree and if not tell me in three years time I will have access to all of my relative and genetic variations for less than 100 euros and mind that you just have to measure this once because those things don't change yeah actually this is

already true right now I'll access a series of home based Diagnostics connected to the Internet I've shown you and we've seen examples I'll spend five minutes a week to update my personal health information if this is true and I think it's true who then what company what institution what website what portal will provide me with my personal dietary advice I think this is a business challenge we need science we need regulate regulators regulators but we need entrepreneurial aspects also now in 10 years time I'll have the access to my whole genome information not just the variation but the complete sequence piece of cake yeah it's now the race for the 10th for the $1,000 genome and it's almost there yeah my personal Diagnostics will be integrated with online monitoring and electronic medical records with internet-based primary medical advice yeah realize what I'm saying in 10 years time my electronic patient dossier will be connected to all of my personal gadget type of information gathering my medical doctor oversees this there are a number of algorithms backing up alarm

bells in his office he checks and sent me sends me a message about what I have to do yeah maybe if compliance about pills maybe even compliance about diet or dietary advice yeah nutrition science this is important also we've neglected this so far nutrition science has tackled the complexity of gene direct interactions nutrition science is not an easy science there's work to be done for me we'll work on this and okay the save time period 10 years time bill will be ready by done by then so who will then provide me with my personal dietary advice yeah think about this from a business perspective ok so a few slides about what is need for one thing what I've learned so far and a finalized making my presentation half an hour ago so you're the other presentations are included open innovation agreements standards and formats if I just want to wear this one get it all companies should collaborate in setting common standards yeah in terms of I don't know how these things work I wouldn't care less actually but I just want to have one of these implants under my skin not ten yeah not here please

yeah same for websites one single portal yeah only one gets it only one web portal what is also needed is a proper regulatory climate and I've called this very simply empower the individual and protect the vulnerable we can discuss ages and ages about ethics we can do very academic about all of this but then and this is not a bad Journal yeah New England Journal of Medicine month ago paper came out and Dom non-circuit scripts interesting astonishing so they follow the cohort of people where they did genetic testing and they were curious where these people changed the lifestyle or their whatever in any way and they didn't they were not scared to death because they knew the genome yeah things just didn't really change so we can discuss ethics and ethics and ethics if a consumer is ready he'll take the chances yeah I'm simple in this but it'll be a sliding step how do you call this we'll get there but at the same time we talk about insurance insurance cannot be personalized to the extreme insurance is a social issue I'm covering the risk of you know you all are covering my risk yeah that's why I paid

an average amount instead of the amount that is up to me if I just have to pay for my own health insurance I don't for my own health cost I don't need an insurance let's be honest about that yeah what's also needed and this touches the core of nutrition reliable information unbiased scientific knowledge base that is what food misc to make I cannot I don't want to rely on the scientific advice of 23 me unless I know that they have guaranteed this advice based on real scientific unbiased knowledge they don't yeah so I need to be careful myself here the scientific community the academia needs to step in we also need an optimal integration of electronic medical record with person most personalized health monitoring and we also need algorithms translating my phenotype into my dietary requirements yeah this is what bio index is doing they're measuring things in my plasma they are calculating something and they tell you you need more of this and you need less of this that is algorithms in a simple way if we go to profiles of signatures or time courses or whatever we will need to be able to cope with

that information and translate it into nutrient requirements and then nutrient requirements need to be translated into food but that is something with culture involved in and that can be done by companies lasting health care systems focusing on optimal health not on disease yeah now my complete health care system is focusing on disease it is too late I don't want to get ill man I'll get the sooner or later but better later than sooner health care systems should be focusing on keeping me in optimal shape as long as possible also the funding so this means who's gonna pay for the diagnosis if there's no disease just preventive yeah who's gonna pay for the gadgets that will be implanted under my skin we need this yeah and it needs to be paid for by Oh index did not succeed because they couldn't make the deal with the health insurance company and next time they should yeah okay so last slide in the end this is personalized nutrition we need to provide the science and the setting for the right food choice and then it's up to me to decide and there's this restaurant in the u.s. is called

Heart Attack Grill and if you're above 350 pounds I don't know how much this is kilo you can eat for free there that's personalized diet yeah only so you do the diagnosis you measure your body weight if you're above the level you'll get this diet for free and it's working the funny thing is so this is YouTube it's no joke go and have a look this is the the the other consequence of what we're doing the science needs to be okay the technology needs to be plain information is B K but the consumer I need to have complete choice of freedom on neglecting this or sticking to it thank you very much