26 January 2013

Before You Buy A Hedgehog Watch This!

Some information people should know before the bring a hedgehog home as a pet! Topics include cage setup, food, hygiene, and care. Here are some more ...

Hey everyone, so I wanted to talk [about] some things

You should know about before buying a hedgehog So I want to go over a type cage and things you will need in the cage and just some things you should know about them First off I've had lots of people tell me on YouTube comments and such that their hedgehogs are really mean they buy it Etc ETc and it kind of confuses me because I've owned over 30 hedgehogs in my life and not a single one has bitten me and [99%] of them have been super calm and tame I've had one or two that were a little grouchy But we're still very handleable none of them have ever bitten me or acted mean, so the very first thing [you] got [to] know is Hedgehogs are not naturally just going to be mean though like like this one is you can see very easy to pick up and very easy to hold This is how all my hedgehogs were when they were babies when they were two months old and three months old when I sold them So if you buy a hedgehog or any pet the very first thing you need to know is Try to handle them first and make sure you're [getting] them when they're already common tame This is how a good [hedgehog] should act no matter what the age when you uncover them They might be a little you know She stayed in the ball for a second But now she's curious and walking around if I go nearer to much she might piss up a little bit you can see But that's not too bad She's not curling into a ball [and] jumping at me and to pick her up All you should have to do is put your hand underneath because they have fur underneath instead of spikes so a hedgehog should act just about like this when you buy and even so that's the first thing make sure you handle them and You get a good hedgehog from the start don't buy one that's been neglected And you know maybe not treated very well And is mean because it's going to be pretty hard to change that around can be done But it's best to start with a nice one so in the cage I'm actually going to show you guys how [to] make a cage like this. I'll put an [annotation] here I've got a how to make a [hedgehog] cage video but I just [use] these plastic tubs and

They work great. They're easy to clean they're not as heavy as a glass or screen cage, and they're just amazing for for the hedgehogs inside the cage you're going to need a hide somewhere for them to sleep in a food dish and Also, a wheel which I don't have currently in here Wheels should be about [twelve] inches And it should be a flat bottom wheel so a pretty big wheel with flat bottom no bars you want their feet to be able to just run on a flat surface and Then most people are going to suggest a water bowl, and that's good if you have just one hedgehog that is pretty good I myself use water bottles because it's so much easier I've never had a problem with them and all the years I've owned had hogs my hedgehogs have all done fine with them, but I'm sure some people are going to say oh You should use the water dish water bottles are no good bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Okay, fine. You could say that if you want, but [I] haven't had a single problem with water bottles, so that's what I use I find them easier but you can use a water dish if you want if that's what you prefer and Then for betting the cheapest that I find is wood chip budding Now do not use pine or Cedar pine or cedar is bad for lots of small animals You should really stay away from both [of] those go with Aspen, which is what I haven't here which is a better quality wood for Pretty much all types of animals to live on you can also use more expensive stuff like that care fresh paper bedding And there's other stuff, too [but] if you go with a wood chip bedding make sure to stay with Aspen Other than that you need food, and you know the state will die for them could be cat food But make [sure] you get some [high-quality] cat food and I recommend mixing two brands They don't eat very much so if you buy two bags of cat food Those two bags if you mix them together you know and then feed them they'll last a pretty long time you also want high protein 35 percent or higher and low fat 15 percent or less fat in the food so don't just go buy some low quality fat food cat food

Going to look at the labels and try to get something. That's a you know pretty good quality It's worth spending a little [bit] more on their food because really like I said Think about how much a cat eats and a cat weighs you know 10 to 15 pounds these guys weigh, what a pound So I mean they're eating 1/10 of what a cat eats so that food lasts pretty long so um [I] Think that's about all you guys need to know To get one of these guys you got to get a cage and all this stuff like I said if you make your own cage You can make your own cage Just [get] a hide you can even use a cardboard box as a hide you could use anything you want so you can really build their cage if you use my method that I showed [earlier] for Maybe 30 bucks with the food dish and everything And then the hedgehogs usually cost I've seen them priced anywhere from 65 up to 200 or more just depends [who] you buy them from so If you get lucky and get a hedgehog for 65 you could actually get a hedgehog tank and everything the whole [setup] for a hundred bucks So that's [about] how much they cost although usually it's a little more than that I think I've paid 175 for each of my [how-to] hedgehogs but um That's just some of the things you should know before owning them a couple of the cleaning things You need to know is their back nails usually get long so you will want to cut those? I'll put an annotation to my hedgehog nail cutting video up here and Then you [should] give them a bath but not too often maybe once a month you can do it as much as once a week but their skin can get dry if you do it, too often So I'll put an annotation. Maybe up in the Middle here For how to give your hedgehog a bath that should be pretty much all you [need] to know to own these guys they're pretty fun pets and easy to Easy to own really if it's not too hard to take care of when you just need to give them food [and] water and then clean their cage about once a week and then play with them when [you] uh

you know when you have time to play with them, so Anyways, if you guys have any questions about hedgehogs let me know and happy pet keeping