22 March 2019

Barbell Logic Gym and Studio Tour! Behind the Camera

An exclusive look at the Barbell Logic gym and studio, where we film all our videos for the YouTube channel! SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2N20cLZ Matt also shows ...


today we're gonna take a behind-the-scenes look at barbell logic HQ alright so first this is where I do my work everyday for starting training online coaching and barbell logic where we do the podcast so I've got my Herman Miller chair here my standing desk so I'll use it a lot of times to stand on as my hips get tired or whatnot I'd go back and forth between standing and sitting I've got the dual monitor here so I can go between the laptop monitor I've got a 13-inch MacBook Pro I'd use the 13-inch because I travel so much so I need to be able to sit on a plane or in a car and then most of my work is done on the on the large monitor and so then we've got the setup for the podcast the high end microphone the Steinberg to record the earphones and whatnot so everything's really just done right here one thing I want to show you is one of my most prized possessions which is my original MacBook Pro actually had the shadow box this past year this MacBook Pro it's pretty beat-up it's got dents on it you can see where the logo has been sort of ripped off this MacBook Pro built strong Jim Reynolds strong starting strength online coaching and

barbell logic and so when this one finally crapped out on me I decided I wasn't gonna give it away I wasn't going to throw in the trash I was gonna put it in a shadow box because it's important to me so everything's still on there we left it on it's in the shadow box and it's got a lot of history to it so it's important to me every morning I get up really early usually 4:30 5 o'clock in the morning I come downstairs I start a good cup of coffee on the Aeropress and make that cup of coffee then I sit down and I break down all my online coaching videos through starting the online coaching first before I ever approach business stuff emails barbell logic content production those sorts of things and get that out of the way first thing and then I start to move on and down the list of priorities to to take care of the the more important but less urgent things then on the back side of my office is what a lot of you will notice as the studio the baton backdrop of the studio for barbell logic we've got the sound panels up on the wall and on the ceiling so the sound is room is relatively soundproof the backdrop for bar

logic and of course you know all our favorite whiskey's and favorite books from things like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett and Benjamin Franklin and theology books we shoot all of our videos right here I've got a nice high end microphone that's always just out of the screen for videos for barbell logic that point directly at my chest picks up nice audio I've got the table here that I can raise and lower as well so that if I need to actually see something I can do it a lot of times I can just put notes and look back down and make sure that I've got everything that I need and of course we'll do multiple personalities in here as well and so the studio side is here the office side is on the other side and it gives me everything I need let's take a look at the rest of barbell logic HQ originally this corner was actually my office and the room that you saw previously which is my office and studio was the guest room so when I moved into the guest room we were able to make this a library so this now has some my favorite books business books and theology books and training books and books are like bar books about you know

cocktails and great food and things like this and got the nice reading chair here and the Edison light and so it's just a nice place to sit down chill out read a good book and it really fits with the kind of industrial modern motif that we have going on in the house because I bring staff out all the time since we have 80 staff members or so for s SOC and barber logic and then of them live in Springfield Missouri I needed a place for them to work so we got a conference table here where we get a bunch of work done so you'll see staff all the time working at this table and then as I move into the living-room area or like the den you'll see the infamous whisky collection that most of you guys know about we've talked about it on the on the podcast so bourbon over here and just like the way most people would would wind this out high-end bourbon at the top and as it goes down the line it's a little less high end same thing over here I've got a ton of the Weller 12 well they're antique and all the fun stuff we talked about a full shelf of a Morrow bitter you know my favorite bottle is like a rhetoric 25 there's a no rip van winkle

10 the studio has some more of the Pappy Van Winkle and then on this side we've got the rye whiskey more rye whiskey high end rum high end tequila high end mezcal gin up here and then the furthest shelf over is a scotch or single malt so Scotch Irish Japanese single malt whiskies and I actually counted up right for the video I have two hundred ninety-nine bottles back here so I'm one bottle short of 300 so you know send me a bottle as a gift and then put me over the 300 mark so so this is the whiskey you know TV this works watch month of our family movies and Netflix down here and it works really well so because we lost the guest room a few months ago when we converted that to an office in studio we needed a guest room this room was an unfinished basement room that we decided to finish and turn into a very industrial modern sort of decor we actually sort of copied the idea of Vandervoort hotel a nice high-end hotel in Springfield Missouri so that our staff when they come in they've got a queen-size bed we've got built-in bunk beds a great big I don't know 68 inch TV sliding barn doors closets everything you need so it kind

of feels like a hotel room rather than having to actually send the staff to a hotel they can be here sleep here wake up early and we can start knocking out work and finally and most importantly let's go see the gym welcome to my gym love it after I sold strong gym at the end of 2015 I needed a place to Train and what better place to Train than your own house and so we bought this our ml6 from rogues at six feet deep it's got the three vertical posts on it we did that so that my wife can squat inside the rack and I can splat outside the rack we're just upgraded to the nice the nice rogue training plates of course we got chains when we use those for accommodating resistance and really 95% of everything done in this gym is done right here on this platform we've extended the platform out so we've got a nice place to do deadlifts and/or cleans or snatches if we want to and a myriad of barbell so I've got barbells I've got the bnr 2.0 and the beyond our 1.0 and I've got a usako bearing bar and I've got the old original York split sleeve bars and I've got a Buffalo bar and I've got safety squat bar and of course I've

got a 15 kilo bars for females and I've got 15 pound bar aluminum bars for the kiddos and so kind of everything we need their change plates all the way down to one into quarters and then we've got the micro Gaines plates that go down two quarters and and half pounds as well so really everything you need on a specific platform we absolutely love that this is the rep Fitness bench I moved to this last year over the rogue monster bench and that's because it has a single post down here at the bottom so it doesn't get in the way of my feet when I want a bench press I took my feet up underneath and then of course it's got the nice handle and the wheels nice thick pad relatively dense and the it's cupboards got this sort of combination of vinyl and rubber so you stick to it really really well love the pad there I've got just a basic New York barbells lat pulldown I'm actually not crazy about this piece of equipment trying to find something that's a little taller so I'm a look at going with the Titan lots of different grips for clients move to the rogue Echo bike last year I absolutely love this bike especially over the airdyne or

assault bike and then the c2 row work we use that all the time too so with our conditioning we're always looking to do things that are our low impact low skill and so both those work really well we've got a Prowler upstairs this is one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the entire gym I think everyone should have a deadlift jack so deadlift jack this is an Ohio deadlift bar from rogue throw the weights on pop it down pop it back up if you're a trainer that coaches clients I'm not interested in loading plates all the time and the other nice thing about the the deadlift jack is you can train your clients to load their end of the bar while I load the other end of the bar so I don't have to load every single play it all the time for every single client so I really like that finally upgraded to the rogue choc Bowl super heavy duty like anything else robe makes I love that Chuck Bowl lots of clips on it although I do love the rogue aluminum clips they came out with this year they're just beautiful nice light don't move an ounce clips for road got a vertical leg press back there that I use for that I had specially made for myself

because my hips are relatively bad and I can't handle lots of volume on squats so I squat heavy and I get my volume from a leg press and that's about it you know outside of that we've got all the fun stuff we've got belts and knee sleeves and shoes and and wrist straps and slingshots and bands and you know all that kind of stuff that you you think you might need as time goes on but really the basics of everything is right here squat rack barbells good weights deadlift jack bench and that's where really where we do almost everything here in the gym so now you've seen barbell logic HQ and the sad news about this is we're getting ready to put our house on the market for sale and and so pretty quickly you're gonna see a new gym and a new studio and a new office and so we wanted to make sure that we put this in the annals of history for people that have been with us since the very beginning so we're up to over 16,000 subscribers now on YouTube tell your friends we would love to have more subscribers more fans and in the comments below tell me what I don't currently have that I need for the new house so in the comments below tell me

what I need that I have to have in the new location thanks for watching