10 December 2019

Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) Video Documentary

Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) was established on 23 April 1975 by an order, signed by the Father of the Nation- Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur ...


[Music] the dream of Bangladesh preaching developed country status as portrayed in the vision 20:41 will only be possible with a healthy skilled human capital in making this dream a reality the role of nutrition is fundamental Bangladesh has already made significant progress in many social sector indices such as health population nutrition education water sanitation food security and women's development now Bangladesh is advancing to attain the sustainable development goals including nutrition by 2030 all these have become possible because of the government's commitment concerted effort and multi-sectoral approach assumed by Bangladesh National Council nutrition has also been enshrined in Bangladesh Constitution as a fundamental principles of state policy our father of the nation Bhagavan the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established the national nutrition council in 1975 among the different programs which are being administered throughout the country to promote nutrition an important aspect is the gender equality nutrition as it has a very serious impact on physical growth

cognitive development with this focus in mind the national plan of action for nutrition has been geared from 2016 to 2025 the multi sectoral approach to ensure sustainable solution for improved nutrition it is required that relevant ministries incorporate nutrition components in all its targeted activities and allocate budget accordingly Don Herbal Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given three crucial directives that includes ensuring adequate allocation of funds for nutrition program in respective ministries assessing human resource for nutrition services in all sectors at all levels M organising nationwide national nutrition week with utmost importance the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is implementing a number of interventions through its 10 operational plans to achieve SDG targets stipend for girls and mitte meal has been introduced in the schools these steps will enhance dedication for students as well as parents towards education and also for the improvement of overall nutrition the government's multi sectoral approach to combat malnutrition recognize the importance of food security and the

significance of nutritionally diverse agricultural production such as vegetables fruits fisheries and livestock food security has three elements or three components that we have enough food for our all people access to food or effort ability to food and also nutritionally rich and balanced food in collaboration with different organization including nutrition Council we will be achieving food security safe and nutritious food Bangladesh is not only working nationally but also collaborating with global partners it is one of the early responder as nation to sign the Sun movement the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has approved the intent tour that is national plan of action for nutrition for the period from 2016 to 2025 after and the government of Bangladesh has passed the National nutrition policy 2015 the partnership with development organizations has been instrumental in Bangladesh national nutrition councils world urine and donor partners at home and abroad recognized the progress in nutrition governance that is essential for improving nutritional status of children and women

under the revitalized leadership Bangladesh national nutrition Council and renewed commitment of the government [Music] for the country to make a further dent on child malnutrition there needs to be stronger coordination between what is called nutrition specific interventions and the nutrition sensitive interventions to promote these interventions it is necessary for Bangladesh to allocate more resources through this very important issue areas and also continue to improve utilisation bangladesh national nutrition counselors role is to provide policy guidance to relevant government agencies so that they can formulate a much needed nutrition policy for urban population the bangladesh national nutrition council has made a fantastic effort to really develop a very inclusive plan what they have done is they have consulted with all the different government departments and a broad section of civil society and community to really try to make a very inclusive and far-reaching plan that will help to meet the nutritional challenges of all of asia citizens wherever they may be in

the last decade bangladesh has made considerable progress in reducing malnutrition and is lauded as a success story in global nutrition for our the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and Bangladesh national oppression Council have already adopted and implemented various action plans to advance the multi sectoral multi-stakeholder and multi-level nutritional approaches Bangladesh nutrition council has involved 22 ministries who work directly or indirectly for nutrition causes they have placed their ten-year war plan and that wish to be implemented by their own budget and the other thing is that all the ministries were lacking of the human resources and their need has been assists and every year from 2030 29th April national nutrition week in being observed throughout the country not only the government ministries of the sector surrender all the development partner Steven Modi's NGOs I NGOs civil society organizations particularly the people for whom we do what their party chermen is a mandatory and we do believe when there all sorts of cooperation we shall achieve our goal

the government's political pledge to improve nutritional status of children adolescent and women is commendable and it is reflected in its revived national and sub-national level coordination mechanism with multiple key ministries reinvigorated partnership with civil societies and development partners [Music] in 1972 the father of the nation bomb Govinda Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had a dream of building a healthy nation honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina his worth he daughter has expressed her deep commitment to realize that dream to make her pledge a reality Bangladesh National Council is working round the clock [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]