09 June 2019

Balanced, Intuitive, Healthy Eating to get LEAN

Hi guys! Losing fat and building lean muscle takes consistency... it means creating a lifestyle. Creating a healthy lifestyle has been super enjoyable for me by just ...


good morning it was currently 5:45 in the morning and I feel wide awake and ready to go today is my mother's 50th birthday and so I'm on my way with all these balloons and decorations to go decorate her office because it's yeah you only turn 50 once so I need to get there at like 6:00 before she gets there and then after that man I had to a workout class with my friend that puppy that you saw like 10 seconds ago is my birthday present from my mom so it's gonna be a fun day for her I just made that coffee that I showed you guys earlier and then I also brought this Laura bar to beat before I work out because I cannot work out fasted all right that is done I can't wait for her to see that mom I love you if you're watching this and I let you are I'm just gonna eat this and then go to my workout [Music] okay official good morning I'm like awake ready to freakin conquer the day it is 8:30 a.m. right now I have just finished a workout I got myself some coffee and I'm on my way home gonna make some breakfast so I'm pretty much just gonna be vlogging today I'm just gonna

really focus on mindfully eating I'm listening to your body intuitive eating since I have been hitting the gym pretty hard recently I have been getting a lot of muscle this is my crew body composition I have gained almost 20 pounds of muscle with him like the last couple months with that being said I am typically pretty hungry throughout the day just because the more muscle mass that you have the more calories you need to feed those muscles hum I've really been trying to up my protein and my fat intake um I do eat a lot of lean proteins like chicken and fish and a lot of healthy fats like salmon avocado cheese seeds all that kind of stuff and to just build that lean muscle mass and so I'm just gonna show you guys what I eat today like I said earlier it is my mom's 50th birthday so I think we're gonna be doing like a little bit of a grill out later on the rest of my family doesn't necessarily eat too healthy and so I'm gonna show you guys how I eat healthy when my family doesn't so yeah just this is the puppy I got for my mom for her birthday he's a little mini Frenchie and it's literally so hard to not just keep him like oh my god are you

kidding so cute okay I'm going to make some breakfast for us now Maria's over you guys have seen her in my Hawaii blog if you haven't go check out we're just gonna be making Oh because if you think I don't need anything else it's because I don't since I'm making notes for two people I do double liquid to oats so I'm going to do a full cup of oats two cups of liquid one cup of water [Music] [Music] rate it I put the in my mouth again so jealous jealousy over here [Music] like a rock stars finger in my Maserati sports so we're done at the pool we're going to lunch because always hungry is 12:15 and like I said earlier I am just so hungry gal all the time nowadays not that I got some so yeah we're gonna go get tacos because I'm home for some Mexican food I have my puppy I'm bringing him everywhere with me right now because like I said earlier he's a birthday present for my mom and I have to give them away to a night which both traumatising but I miss spending every second I can with them so we're taking

about to lunch with us oh yeah we're gonna go get some tacos so we tried to go get tacos but they wouldn't let us in because they don't except dogs so now we're trying to lengthen her out so we ended up just getting some sweet potatoes some charred cauliflower and this chicken salad kill that I got this kombucha it tastes like an asshole until a couple of minutes and there's going to be a cake and I would hit my brains out if I ate that wouldn't be good very bad pain and God instead I like this bakery that's kind of nearby called bloom and they have gluten-free and vegan desserts I don't want to feel left out when everyone's eating cake and I'm not that's why I got myself a little vegan gluten-free cupcake because it won't make me sick and it's super yummy just because it's vegan are going friends I mean it's like healthy or anything like that um it's just what make me all over my car instead so I love that for me I can't be mad at him is he so cute and like that's okay a little while later I showered gotten ready I'm about to go over to my mom's house for her birthday dinner and that

is when and we're gonna surprise her with the dogs I'm super excited for that we are gonna be grilling out and I think that they're grilling out burgers but I don't eat red meat so my mom got me turkey meat so I think they're gonna make turkey burgers and then we have a corn on the cob and other vegetables and then for dessert I brought my own cupcake I have him like barricaded so he can't come over here she's not happy about it where is you been how happy are you mom oh my god I'm so happy done with the party my mom loved the puppy and had a really good time it was really hard to leave the dog I started crying once I laughed like I'd expect that laugh anyways I hope that what you guys get out of this video is that mindful and intuitive eating is so important and that it's okay to treat yourself every once in a while especially like for a birthday and you shouldn't feel guilty about it at all it's about living a healthy lifestyle and not fumbling a diet because if you're on a diet and then you go against the hoodoos was beating you feel super bad about it and then it leads into that

unhealthy cycle guilt and then you restrict yourself because you feel guilty and then kind of binging is restricting so it's all about balance and just listening to your body and eating very mindfully so today I was eating whenever I was hungry and then I enjoyed a nice cupcake because the whole family I can't cuz it's my mom's birthday and I don't feel bad about it whatsoever which took me a long time to get here about honestly like I'm so happy with where I'm at and my mentality when it comes to food totally possible just to like modify your meals when you are at family functions like that it's like my whole family had beef burgers and I just had a turkey burger and then they all had regular cake and I add a dairy-free gluten-free cupcake and if your family or friends don't support your decisions with wanting to live a healthier lifestyle that may be finding friends um but do support you and I do respect your decisions with war health because ultimately you know it's best for you and I feel best inside and out when I eat this way and so that's why I do what I do and I'm super thankful that

I have people around me that are willing to like cook me a separate patty don't win the retainer discovery for bed and I'm probably just gonna go to bed I don't really have anything else to add or say in this vlog but please subscribe to my channel and please subscribe to my channel and go hit me up on my Instagram I cannot talk and but thank you for watching this video give it a thumbs up I will see you all later good night [Music]