22 July 2019


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Nonna's nation's first love Suzy is definitely one of Korea's top beauties she is seen everywhere from advertisements to dramas to live stages her achievements were not easily attained though alongside her talent she has to maintain her figure and looks through diet and exercise for those career opportunities and one of such career opportunity is specifically a movie role and it will be the diet I will be sharing with everyone today for breakfast it's one chicken breast one sweet potato and some low-fat milk for lunch brown rice and salad and lastly for dinner sweet potatoes [Music] cases um I forgot a few things in my video or during the blogging time I'm gonna just be narrating kind of throughout this video you know putting in little Clips um first thing I want to say is the chicken breast the chicken breast like I think she bought it like raw selection made it by herself it was like this big you know easy for her to like portion out but I bought pre bought pre cooked ones from Costco and they came in like double package and then each package I think it took me about

like three to four days like I would try to like evenly split it throughout the days and I think each I think goes lunch right so lunch the beef between like four point to four point six ounces of meat and like I was just guesstimating the size that it would like puzzle up into you know and so yeah if you do have like the time to cook and prep for your prep for your meals um I would buy like the raw ones and you can season it with anything you want but sis has school so that was impossible oh uh let's see yeah this is what I'm having for breakfast so I got low fat milk or fat-free cuz low fat milk spills it smells really funky so I'm not gonna trust that sweet potato and some chicken breasts and I'm watching a tease Stan a tease because I'm not gonna be able to film at school I'll tell you what I have brown rice orange and salad so the orange is part of the salad just why I have it in there cuz in the it wasn't really specific what Susie was eating he just said vegetable assembly mm-hmm in an orange is close enough [Music] you

okay so tonight I'm switching it up and then I'm eating sweet potato fries and my airfryer or my mom's airfryer during a tip I learned after like the first two days of eating plain sweet potato cuz I would just boil it and like I don't know why but my mom didn't want me to use the oven to like bake it so boiling was like the only way I couldn't eat it until my mom taught me I could put it in the airfryer so this air fryer I don't know where she bought it probably from Costco or something but it cooks it fries from the air so I would grab a potato split it in half then like make him into like dice fries shaped um and then I would put oil on the edges of the fryer then pop in my dice door like cut sweet potato fries then after like two hundred ten to fifteen minutes it was done it was delicious so much better than the boiled sweet potato those are nasty I hate it I really hate it if you're gonna do this diet do not tear it that way um yeah if you can bake it definitely bake it maybe make them into chips or something like that but yeah like I recommend doing this at night because in the morning I still ate it boiled because I didn't have enough time again

school so if you want to do some fancy-schmancy type sweet potato thing do it at night when you have time and it can also be a good distraction from eating all the time it's a issue with me I like to snack a lot it's like during that time just cook let your imagination run wild with the variations of sweet potato you can make [Music] okay so here's one of my recipes grab some salad of course and then this is just a normal boiled egg except my mom put them in some I think beef broth and also soy sauce so I'm just gonna cut this up you just like put it on there so if you put this into like a broth or something after boiling it tastes amazing I think you can do it with like tea bags as well okay it doesn't look extremely appetizing by promise you guys that it actually is really really good and then for instead of like normal sauce like something really fatty like ranch or like Thousand Island dressing I'm using guacamole and although it does have like a bit of calories in there it's definitely better than a lot of like store-bought like

normal store-bought dressing okay so usually take like this month and then let's see I bought this from Costco and it only has 90 calories so I mean if you want to use all of it you can yeah so this is my recipe so as you can see from the previous day to the current day I only lost point one pound and that can happen a lot and don't get discouraged those weight loss is like a slow thing and especially with like not like these um fast weight loss type of diets like it can take a long time for you to see results like your results won't be at the same pace as mine and then it'll very day for like day-to-day like weight loss is a weird thing like you won't lose like point five for sure like with this diet at point five every single day like it doesn't work like that you just have to deal with it so all in all this diet is a healthier option compared to many other Idol diets however it's not a perfect diet this diet isn't that easy to maintain there's a strict regimen on food so you don't have a variety of food to actually pick from it's the same three meals every day

so you easily get tired of it I recommend adding these meals into your diet like as part of different types of meals however I would not consider this diet sustainable just by itself thank you guys for watching um if you enjoyed this video and and/or other content I have made please give a like and subscribe down below and I'll see you next time [Music]