24 September 2018

Back to School | 5 Healthy & Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar for Kids

We've teamed up with Danone Canada to share 5 easy ways we have reduced sugar consumption for our children. These changes are simple to do for Back to ...


hey guys so for today's video we have partnered up with Dena in Canada to share with you the five simple ways that we are reducing sugar in her home but certainly for our children going back to school this year before I share with you those five things though I do want to make mention that the fact that sugar is by no means a bad thing but it is one of those things that should be enjoyed in moderation and for me I have a notorious sweet tooth I love everything sweet but I noticed probably back in June I believe actually I chatted about this in one of my grocery hauls I was noting that we were just having more sugar than really is healthy and certainly more than I would like so over the course of this summer I changed things up a little bit I implemented the five things that I'm going to share with you and I noticed a huge difference the best thing is that the kids never noticed and I certainly just felt better I noticed that they had more energy it was just such a good change for us so these are the things that I came up with the first thing was to find alternatives for our favorites so it's not that you can't enjoy prepackaged or convenient food

it's just that you need or should do your research to find alternatives that still taste delicious are still yummy inconvenient but just have a reduced amount of sugar to them so for our favorite granola bars for crackers cookies and even oatmeal I just did my research in the aisles at the grocery store to find less sugar versions of the things that we love and it's interesting because when Dena approached me about this partnership I was already all over their de Nino drinkable yogurt for kids they're super cute super convenient they now have the paw patrol characters on the outside which my kids really enjoy they're so yummy but they're really healthy and now they have 40% less sugar so that's a simple way that your kids can still enjoy something that they really like that's really beneficial and healthy and yummy and delicious and portable but that doesn't have as much sugar in it as other drinkable yogurts so the second thing that we started to do was just enjoy more fruits and vegetables now we are big fans of both I try and incorporate a bit of fruit and veggies into basically every meal but

even still I started using vegetables and fruits for snack options as well and as toppings for desserts and things like that so we just started to get more creative in terms of taking in more fruits and vegetables and using them as a great substitute for what we used to go to which was always like cookies granola bars gummies that type of thing the third thing that I started to do was to prepare things in my kitchen to make homemade versions of things that we really like I have shared time and time again in my grocery hauls that the kids love muffins well let me tell you trying to find pre-made muffins that don't contain a lot of sugar at least for me has proven impossible so I have started making my own muffins really easy to find recipes that the kids really enjoy and on top of that switch out sugar for honey apple sauce is a good substitute there are ways to keep the flavor but reduce the sugar the fourth thing that I started to do over the summer is start to prepare snacks at home I used to be very reliant on just picking things up on the road if we were going for a day trip or something like that we would just stop at the convenience store I'd

stop at a grocery store on the way grocery store is a little bit easier convenience stores basically just carry treats so I found it really hard to make healthy smart choices if I just kind of set myself up for having to go into a convenience store so being able to prepare snacks at home has allowed me to stay in control of the options the things that I'm packing just as a note those de Nino drinks as I mentioned pack really well they're fun and that was a really good choice for us the same with fruit granola bars things like that just the the options that I know have reduced sugar I just pack those as snacks on the go also very economical to do it that way as well and last but not least lead by example I'm a very strong advocate for showing your children how to make healthy choices by you demonstrating the same rather than always having a conversation and certainly having a negative conversation like sugar is bad just build up healthy choices that's what I've done anyway and it's proven really effective because I hear my kids sort of mimicking what I say in a really positive way so I'm gonna choose a piece of fruit because

it's healthy it's nourishing to my body I'm going to choose yogurt or cheese because they have protein in them and that will give me energy it will help my bones stay strong things like that so again all of these little things we are now incorporating into packing lunches and certainly recess or break snacks for our children where before I will be fully honest and just saying I packed more or less in accordance to convenience I mean I tried obviously to balance it out but now that I have go to options that have reduced sugar in them I just feel better I feel better feeding my children this way so I hope this video has proven useful to you big thank you to Dena in Canada for sponsoring this video it's very much appreciated and I will let you know that I've done a coordinating blog post and which I share with you the recipes that I've tried are different options for snacks and things like that things that we have tried and are working really well for us you can find over on the blog and I'll have that link down below the other thing that I want to share with you is and again I'll have this link down below as well is over on the jinan Canada Instagram

account they are a contest in which you can enter to win a trip for four to the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort and Punta Cana so that includes your hotels and flight so you'll want to head over there and be sure to enter that contest so as always guys I love your feedback so if there's anything that you've tried whether it's a recipe or it's just a simple little trick or tip to reduce sugar for yourself or your family I would love to hear from you down below in the comment section and then until next time take care of you well bye for now