13 August 2018

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they're the infamous large-scale food and beverage companies that dominate our food system with their ultra-processed chemically altered food which is linked to the epidemic veronik diseases that are playing in the population for ecity type-2 diabetes hypertension aka the coca-cola company PepsiCo Nestle just to name a few you there are many moving parts to this fuckery if you will all of which are profit driven of course like anything else but I feel it's important to break them down individually because I like to know specifically how long being fucked and for those that are learning about these issues for the first time now I wanted to pay you that same courtesy salt sugar fat these are the three ingredients that us humans want it's in our DNA to seek them out a great design so that we don't you know die because remember food was once scarce but the agricultural and industrial revolution changed the game today companies are sitting on vast amounts of cheap processed food that they need to settlement the ingenuity comes from how they actually get us to eat the shit

because if they left it as is nobody would so they hire scientists to chemically alter the salt sugar fat properties of the food thereby activating the brain's reward system and as a result we're left before anyone thought on consumption I need more now never at any point in history has such tremendous amounts of food that is readily available as it is today in particular cheap processed food it is literally everywhere is dangerously conflicts with our natural instinct to devour calorie dense foods with incredible ease and in such a short amount of time we consume powerless amounts of salt sugar and fat that along with our fast-paced on-the-go culture shit it really has created the perfect storm and to understand how we got to this point here's a quick history lesson that will tie it all together during the Second World War new methods processing food were developed to get American soldiers their much-needed nutrition while overseas at war savvy food companies knew there would be big money to be made selling these new convenience foods but the real

tipping point came when women joined the workforce follow you to dinner now that many households had three full-time working parents food companies went after newly employed mothers marketing campaigns targeted them heavily with this new idea of convenience and it was a success in a sense it didn't take long for companies to flood the food system with their high-calorie nutritionally void products and the chemicals to keep them coming back from milk boy did we it took only two generations to induce an obesity and diabetes epidemic sadly today two out of three Americans are overweight or obese in a literal sense yes everything about our food system is highly unsustainable as it depends on huge amounts of fossil fuel to keep its operation running but for our purpose I think it's more useful to look at sustainability on a personal level and what I'm referring to is having a sustainable life yes I understand we die and so life therefore cannot actually be sustained but in a less literal sense it can for example eating real Whole Foods like fruits and vegetables will sustain you with the nutrients required to feed yourselves

with the energy to get you through the day most effectively only the food industry produces and promotes primarily the foods that make us feel like shit shortly after and chronically ill over longer periods so this is a major mismatch between what a food system is supposed to do for its people and what it actually does and what it does is provide us with food specifically designed to make us come back for more and more until we're so sick that we need medication to stay a lot which indirectly feeds the pharmaceutical industry funny how that works out [Music] [Music] I've observed a very common reaction Morrison's practice sort of a denial type of defense mechanism which makes sense because I mean who wants to think about the fact that the burger was once the cow raising a Thark confined room cramped with other cows or covered in each other's feces it's so wicked that we have to abruptly stop whoever speaking about it or quickly close out the video posted by the online activist and pretend that we didn't see it or

hear it but we did so the question is how much longer can we pretend that we don't know about it I mean like we don't know about the savage life that these poor innocent animals had to endure on their path to make it to our plate really who are we as a people if we continue to support this practice fuck that this evil according to the ASPCA over 95% of farm animals that are raised with food live this sad existence and while you personally didn't design it that way the fact remains we're all responsible for its perpetuation because as long as we pay for torture meat big food companies like Tyson will continue to raise them in hell [Music] [Music] the food industry is rigged to support the wealthy the government pays the farmers to produce excessive just a few crops mainly corn soy and wheat these government subsidies allow companies like Nestle to flood the system with an endless supply of cheap processed versions of these same commodities things like high-fructose corn syrup for example it's this shit that ends up

in nearly every single item in supermarket that which makes up most of the calories and the average Americans diet as they're simply the cheapest options available look if you're barely getting by like so many people are your dollar is going to stretch that much farther in the junk food aisle then in the produce section where every human being belongs so when you look at the horror finally disproportionate rates of obesity and lower income areas in comparison to the rest of the country you can see with your own eyes the physical outcome of an unjust system designed to keep the rich happy and the poor in their place so it's simple right now this very moment say good-bye to the fast food and processed food products that are killing us fuck those nonsensical diabetes and do some soda drinks fuck off with all the industry Sony excuses with food were hip to the whole shit and simply aren't fucking cabinet any longer that's right we'll be cleaning that kitchen so you dust off your pasta and bitches cooking is back and finally fuck you