31 December 2018


In this video we are going to unbox and review Arms Nutrition Davisco Whey Protein. This whey protein is fortified with digestive enzymes. in my review I found ...

hey what's going on everyone I hope you

are all doing absolutely fantastic so we're bringing this whey protein review it was requested by Castro phobic and a few other folks over Instagram so thanks a lot for all of you to ask for this review I generally don't do on nutrition review I mean no specific reason just don't come off that's all this product is from arms nutrition well it's just unboxing okay so what you got here is a really nice packaging I like it definitely do like it it's natural series from arms nutrition that leads to whey protein concentrate 80% protein on dry basis your sugar added and natural flavoring natural flavoring means it's unflavored actually that's what it means so it's added 250 grams digestive enzyme per serving or 400 grams alright what else you got just mail us with your opinion number add this to get the payback alright that's cool I mean you don't have to do review or anything you just keep on getting hundred bucks back so that case I'd reduce the cost of this product when I'll do the calculation alright let's put it to the series of tests that you do on our Channel [Music]

we're looking at continent protein that's added with digestive enzymes now there's nothing wrong with that concentrate protein is my way to go if I don't have any issues with digestion or anything there's just a bit of heavy stuff that's all Elisabet little less biological value nothing more than that now the thing that I would like to mention is that it says 50 gram 50 mg of that disagrees I mean adds to the hundred grams of this powder but it doesn't say whether it's ads dices I'm I don't think it does because any company which adds dye sign kind of brags about it because it's costly stuff the other thing is that if they add enzyme I think they should tell what enzymes they are adding yeah it's not because they have to come clean it's because the people who are consuming it might have some issues with those enzyme there are two enzymes that are added Proteus and lactis generally want to break down the protein the other to take care of the lactose now with the concentrated adding enzyme well to some extent makes sense because at least the lactase because if you're having some addition issue then this lactis is gonna help you but right

now I don't know if they have added Lac to it or not because this doesn't say what enzyme they added all right just said and I'm that's it they didn't say lactase Proteus or some other sort of pip hein whatever the hell they have added so that's something I would have liked to know or rather it's very important that they put it in here they didn't maybe if they see this video and they come comment that would be great yep how do you this product that is so the quantity of this product that is how much protein you're getting if you buy this stuff then that's 80% on the dry basis on that means it's gonna come somewhere around 87% it depends on the water content of course it could be 87 or so but I'm expecting somewhere on this 87% maybe a 6 or 88 percent some sort of variation like that that sort of port in quantity you're gonna get so for a concentrate weight cooking that's not really too bad the value for money I have a few extra bit of info I'm trying to add as much info as I can so this is that visco way it's a premium brand and we know where it comes from and all this stuff

so I did a wee bit of research I called up a few folks and this is what I got so they're selling at 994 for 907 grams that is 2 pound I think they selling things that to pound a lot of companies do that like nutriment does it don't intuition does it makes no sense to me because they generally by the whole thing in terms of kilograms now they break it down into this non-indian standard and then give you 907 gram which can you know I know what they're saying is on the label that's absolutely fine but if they would have sold in 1kg sort of thing that would have been easier anyway that's just it was a small thing ignoring thing now the price comes to 32 piece per scoop no this thing comes with the enzyme digestive enzyme and this is good this is a good price 32 bits per scope is a good price now you might wonder what this price is about tonight item could be the research I called a few suppliers of the visco instantize - whey protein and what I found is that if me as a consumer buy this thing they generally said 22.2 kilograms of bags I'm gonna put the picture up here I called few vendors and

I asked like if I as a consumer I don't have a company if I want to buy how much we're gonna charge me part Telegram so they say it's gonna come somewhere around 800 bucks nice for a company it will probably come down 50 60 bucks more per kilogram something like that it doesn't come down to much I guess or maybe it does I don't know so for me if I look at it from a consumers perspective then buying it at 800 bucks and then adding some enzymes doing some packaging and selling at 994 it's not really bad of course they got to do with their profit so this is just an added extra a bit of information I don't think they buy at 800 I think they buy a lesser price of course maybe much lesser I don't know but as a consumer if I had to buy even this package right for a whole year maybe and then I buy this from there it's not a bad deal of course because I keep on buying the first stuff so there's just an additive I don't know if it's adding anyway Holly to the video but let me know in the comment section if you liked it alright we're gonna measure this stuff but before that I gotta cut this deal and I think we were having this discussion to write offline

or even online in the comment section to whether we you go with pouches or boxes I'm always prefer boxes I prefer pouches because that this is the cost but pouches you know the seal is so bad okay this powder is exactly similar to nutriments powder that I believe same graininess there's an interesting flavor it's very fresh as a flavor this flavor is different you know this flavor is not like the raw whey protein I've been reviewing it's got some flavor in it alright find out we are talking about school yes it has a school so it's got a blue scoop like this the scoop is it looks if I'm not wrong similar to geometric scoop that is just transparent alright let's see so if I shake it and I get this much then you get 36 wow that's a lot hey hold on that's a lot let me try it again I need to get to 30 school 30 grams so see I have now given some gap this is and there's to make it more so what I do see is that this is not even the labeled school this is a wee bit less than label school so I took initially a good amount of less than level scoop like 80% then I have it a wee bit and then it became 30 grams is

it showing yeah 30 31 grams this is a bit off generally the concentrate work routine or last word whey proteins that I've reviewed they generally go hipping scoop a wee bit more or a wee bit less but if you're using it just remember it takes less to get to 30 grams alright this powder is less compared to the other ones that I've used so basically it's a heavier powder that's all alright put it back because we know it's less I'm taking less and here we go we have around 1200 ml of water that's it seal the pack and we're gonna give it a shake say it's concentrate it's not supposed to mix really rapidly will but with a bit of shake it should and it's gonna be a really thick shake that's how it's supposed to be all right yeah it's not frothing much it's got a wee bit of froth as you can see and it's a really thick shake this is alright but still any type of raw protein needs to come up with some frost on you're good to see there's no fluid or additional sinker there's nothing sticking around let's taste it well flavor there's a natural flavour that means it's unflavored right yeah well well I'll truffle 13 sometimes

wo we concentrate natural digestive enzyme all these things are fine but let's taste it again sorry for the mess I'm gonna clean it up so along let me put it this way this thing doesn't taste like whey protein all right man that's right when I opened the box I smelled something and I told you about it it smells really good too good for her to be a wrong with protein so I think this thing tastes like milk powder mmm if you don't believe in me you think I'm pretty critical what you can do is buy this thing or if you you know if your friends have recently bought it just grab it from them and taste it all right it's it tastes like milk powder where the froth is gone also pretty soon if you can see the progeny stays longer even if it's a less amount of progress it mixed well there's no question about it but two things are bothering me when is a constant or draw whey protein or actually draw whey protein the tests not like milk powder that tastes different right if you don't taste it you know that tastes not that good so that's why you can't really have it just like that

you know that's difficult you add cocoa and all that this thing is not like that it tastes sweet it tastes like milk powder and basically you won't have any problem gulping this thing true without any colors or flavors or anything because this thing tastes well and that's the weird thing I don't like it about it it shouldn't test well if it you're always putting even with digestive enzyme and that doesn't that taste or anything so I don't know is this thing flavored they have forgotten to mention that or this is so if it's not flavored and it's that's what it is then I'm not convinced it's good protein completely it just tastes different that's me as a consumer and I'm not telling you anything right let's move on and that's a court all right what do you got well there's nothing extra I mean good thing is that they said digestive enzyme and we need to dice the core I thought sighs of course I knew isolate 90 we saw there are some particles which we didn't like but those aren't digestive enzymes I believe here I don't see anything but I do need to mention this looks not exactly like whey protein a wee bit

different if you've seen in my other videos just check the granules I mean you gotta be very mind you to look at the granules how they look but it's not all the way like whey protein there are some other ingredients with it which is similar to that but it's different I don't know maybe that's enzyme maybe that's something else but that's why we do it we don't know exactly but some of the things that might come in front of us if you if you just check the granules just like in this particular footage if you see how this thing looks like in this section of the whole thing and you compare it in with the other videos that I did on any other protein there's a wee bit of difference you know like the shape of this granules that's different these are way too much crystalline I mean I'm saying way too much crystalline formation than anything else yeah but other than that there's no additive or anything like that I think we're good so about the pros this product has digestive enzyme and I generally don't talk about digestive enzyme but it's a concentrate so if I mean that's another bummer they haven't added what enzyme that but if they add lactis to it that's

absolutely helpful the price is a good point price point 32 bucks and if you have that Padian cash bag it comes down even more so that's fantastic so when it comes to the con I would like to mention that I didn't like the taste because it's tasty which is not supposed to be the other thing and also the mix ability you know the froth went down really fast the other thing is the micro victus it's not too critical but I think it doesn't look exactly like they're all proteins I've used before I might be wrong because I'm a human I do human error but that's what I think it is and the other thing is that with the digestive enzymes that they have added they should have mentioned what it is so that's all I think now am I gonna buy this product once again if I were not doing review I don't think so because I'm not convinced about the mix ability and the taste that's the primary the digestive enzyme still I can live with but those two things I don't think that you would consider this product once again I'm not suggesting you to buy or not buy I'm just expressing my view as a as a consumer I hope you like this video if you did leave a thumbs up share it

and do subscribe to my channel and I thank you a lot for explaining your turn towards this video I have an awesome black box check