07 April 2019

Are You Trying Too Hard To Be Healthy?

3 Common Mistakes & How Healthy Living Is Easy & Achievable Even If You Are “Too Busy!”

so I have three topics that I'm gonna

talk about within this general overarching topic and while I do it I'm gonna sip my lemon look right today it's so nice it looks like it's like an in-between nice it's really warm when you're in the Sun and then when the wind hits you it's a little chilly we were just outside in Prospect Park um I'm just looking up my window at the park and today is Smorgasburg which is this really fun food festival in Brooklyn so got me thinking and you know about food anxieties which I talk about a lot and if you don't know what that is I'll talk about it a little bit later in this video and just how so many of us get caught up in in the drama of being healthy when really and it's unnecessary you don't have to try so hard okay so are you trying to too hard to be healthy here are three ways that you can make healthy living easier and three mistakes that you might be making so number one and I actually talked to a client about this like exactly a week ago you know she was saying that she wasn't working out and and she couldn't find the motivation to work out and she was so upset about it you know she of course all of us want to

feel motivated to make healthy decisions and to go to the gym or the yoga class or whatever it is that makes her body feel good and she was just upset because you know she was like I keep downloading apps they're just staying on my phone and I am lacking the motivation and I went deeper with her and I was like well you know how long are you trying to work out for you know like why don't you actually have the time to do this and and she was trying to work out for 90 minutes and so here's the deal I am a fitness instructor and yoga instructor and been certified across all these different platforms and I know that you do not have to workout for 90 minutes every day to see results so you don't have to try that hard so when I was going through my own personal journey of transforming my body especially leading up to my wedding I just wanted to feel my best I wanted to feel super confident and I at the time was working a full-time job and also teaching yoga I was working full-time at an organic spot and teaching yoga and trying to plan a wedding and running a collective of women artists which that's a whole other story so I'll get to that another time

so I was busy and I wanted to have time to work out and when I was teaching yoga you know I was so focused on my students that I wasn't you know that didn't really feel like a workout to me and it was only a couple a few days a week definitely not an everyday thing and it wasn't targeting what I really wanted which was I wanted to tone up my body and especially my arms because my wedding dress was a spaghetti strap dress and so long story short I worked out about 20 minutes every single morning for I think six months and over the course of those six months my body totally transformed and so I have first hand also gone down the route of over exercising going to the gym for an hour every single day and like still not achieving the results I wanted to achieve because in my mind I thought like oh well if I'm working out 60 minutes a day that means I can go and eat whatever I want which you know there's a lot of people who in the wellness and fitness and nutrition industries will say you know calories in calories out the only way to lose weight is if you you know burn more calories than what you're taking in but it is not

so black and white the way our body processes foods is so individual you might have a slower faster metabolism and you know it's just not that simple so mindset is everything with this and you do not have to over exercise you have to find what works best for you but I find with most of my clients really anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes is enough just twenty minutes of your day that's like the episode length of you know an HGTV show like it's really not that much time out of your day so we're talking about over-exercising how you don't have to do it you can just work out twenty minutes of your day and especially if you do this in the morning so here's my hot tip when it comes to trying to fit Fitness into your busy schedule so if you workout in the morning it is actually way more effective than if you workout in the evening that's not to say evening workouts aren't effective but working out in the morning even if it's just ten minutes like a root or five minutes whatever you have it's going to rev up your metabolism and increase your energy so that throughout your day you're actually burning more calories so you

know the benefits of that are mind blowing and wonderful so if you're concerned that you're not exercising enough or you're trying to go to the gym for 90 minutes every single day and then getting overwhelmed and lacking the motivation to do that you don't have to try so hard so healthy living doesn't have to be hard you can just go to you know your living room roll out your yoga mat and then you know workout for 10 minutes okay that was my first point second point is a lot of people come to me and they're like I don't have time to eat healthy I don't have time to cook my own meals so here's the deal with us you can cook a super easy meal this is the number one trick I tell people buy non-perishable items that are you know freezer vegetables I can of tomatoes or like a pasta sauce or you know even like a teriyaki sauce just look out for the added sugars pesto whatever sauce you want you know tikka masala and then a can of beans or you can also swap in another protein you can have precooked quinoa or tofu or meat whatever it is well so you have these items that there their shelf life is pretty vast so you just have these things on hand so when

you have a busy day and you're like stressed out because you know I'm trying to cook a healthy meal and your only other option is going to a deli or a fast-food restaurant or whatever you have the ingredients on hand so you put in you know just a little bit of oil in a skillet you put in your frozen vegetables let those cook down add in whatever protein source let that you know cook through and then you add in your sauce let it simmer and this really shouldn't take I mean depending on what you're cooking it shouldn't take more than again 20 minutes but a lot of these meals can be made in 10 minutes so when people tell me they don't have time to cook healthfully this is the you know the number one thing I tell them and my other tip with this you know people love meal prepping and meal prepping I think is really helpful for some people but for other people it's very overwhelming so if you're one of those people where it's very overwhelming and meal prepping then I would recommend batching when you cook so let's say that you are going to make a big pot of some sort of stir-fry and you're also making some sort of rice or grain and you're cooking vegetables

set aside some of those ingredients and cook them without whatever sauce or condiments you're adding so that you can make them into another meal later in the week so for example let's say you're making like a stew with rice set aside some of the vegetables in the meat just cook it plain so it's cooked and ready to go and store them in containers in your fridge so that throughout the week you can make them into a brand-new meal at whatever new sauce are flavoring or spices or herbs that you want and this time you know it's not like you're batching one meal and eating that multiple days throughout the week you have variety but you're still meal prepping because you're cooking anyway just adding some extra ingredients doesn't take that much more time if any more time really you're just adding into what you're already cooking so my first tip I'm going to recap was you don't have to over exercise 20 minutes a day especially in the morning is plenty for most of us and number two quick healthy meals total batch when you cook have those non-perishables on hand okay number three if you are letting trying to be

healthy stress you out that it's you know then what's the point right it shouldn't be a stressful thing this should be something that brings you joy nourishing your body and taking care of your body should bring you joy so that you are feeling totally nurtured you are feeling like you're taking care of yourself you feel energetic and excited by healthy living and it takes some time to get there not gonna say that like if you are afraid of healthy living that you should stop trying to be healthy of course that's not what I'm saying but I'm talking really about you know food anxieties if you don't know what food anxiety is it's essentially that feeling of you know not knowing what to eat not knowing what choice you should make it's like the the first example I give is when you're in a restaurant and you like really want the pizza but you know or think you should get the salad and what do you do in that scenario and and it's not black and white and I mean there's always there's always a time to have the pizza I live the 8020 lifestyle this is what I preach to my clients is that 80% of the time you do what nourishes your body 20% of the time you do it in your

neural and by soul nourishing I mean yeah that might be the pizza that so pizza might not be the most nutrient dense nutrient rich food though it can be if you're like making cauliflower pizza or almond flour pizza like I'm making later tonight but you know if you're going out and you're having like a real pizza that's the 20% where you're nourishing your soul and because you allow yourself that space to enjoy your food it is so much healthier so okay going from the top again we have you don't have to over exercise 20 minutes is plenty for most people especially in the morning number two have healthy ingredients on hand so you can whip up a meal and I offered you that easy recipe before and then number three don't stress out about it because stress is one of the most unhealthy things that you can bring into your life so don't be too hard on yourself try the 8020 life make sure that you're nourishing your body and your soul and you'll be set for success so if you have any questions feel free to let me know you can DM me I'm always here I respond to all of my DMS

I do so seriously reach out to me I'd love to hear from you and as always you're invited to schedule a free consultation with me you can do that on my website it's super easy they're just 20 minutes long and we go through and we look at what's holding you back from living your healthy lifestyle so if you think that you know all of these things I've just talked about if you think you're trying too hard and you need some guidance on how to make it easier how to create more time in your life for things other than healthy living or more time for healthy living depending on really what you want I'm your girl so reach out to me Melanie Monica calm DM me and I will see you soon happy self-care Sunday my love's I'll see ya bye