10 June 2019

Are you eating healthy today Sammy the strawberry

oh wow would you look at the time it's

lunch it's lunch time period for eat healthy if only we had a better mascot for the kids just to let them know how important eating healthy is oh wait a second I think I got something hey lady hey little girl are you eating healthy today no I'm gonna have to take you to my lair if you don't want to eat healthy don't run I could catch you I always know where you are today booyah Mui your fruits today class what is it it's Sammy the strawberry well she left I'm assuming she went to go eat fruit what happened her arms are nubs she must have gotten too hungry she did have a fruit around so she had to eat her arms off Sammy the pita no no strawberry Drake if you want to act up you can come into my lair for the next 20 years we have fruit and we have me and we'll have you right what happened to our arms all I'm getting a little concerned I don't want to be blamed for this this person's no dear hey I'm an oh dear - hey I think I found those girls arms from earlier Oh Mia if you're looking for a never mind science class kids here well allow me to teach you oh god

somebody just got shot I'll be teaching you science today class if you eat strawberries you'll be very happy that's the science today kids if you eat strawberries won't be as fat as the superblock star now will you hi I'm actually I want to be friend with you or Ashley do you like strawberries what strawberry oh oh she is bowing down to her true will ruler Sammy the strawberry okay superblock sorry you get up now you can stop battle you could stop worshipping me oh okay whatever it takes to get you up oh I know their sacrifice made for Sammy the strawberry oh this is Sammy the strawberry would you try to be cute look at him he's biting his lip he's trying to get y'all with yo girls attention in the club y'all saying see this is uh this is uh Sammy the strawberries up girl girlfriend Oh göran the orange and this is this is them kissing mmm one one one one one look at this just zoom in on this real quick look how beautiful the love life of fruit is out whenever I try to change my character it punishes me okay there now everybody can see the love life of the Sammy

sis sis hey guys look at me in orange we're in love look at us cuz every time we punch [Music] what Jose can you not take actual romance come on get back here get back here join us join us Jose no no no no you're too fast for me Jose no there he goes it's clean II mean ever since that video game granny came out but giving grandma's all around the world a really bad look can all be lies but shut up no everybody is scared of me I haven't been able to find a man ever since that game came out I shells of this guy I looked at the tutorial on how to find granny they had a video way out like right now how do I did differently though cuz thang deal he thinks I'm cursing at him grandma will never curse Zack well he really likes me kick I love you granny is what I'm assuming that said her fav oh you're my favorite - Oh Ally come here get scared oh yeah oh god dude shut up you're ruining our well play Hey look out terrified businesses or it just runs around like look at me I'm a shy granny I'm scared

oh it's lunch time granny has made some cookies for lunch don't tell Sam IVA strawberry oh she will kill you I'm not kidding granny made cookies for lunch kids guys know I'm a regular grandma the one that dies you know just sleeps on the couch for 20 years and lives way too long that's me wait a second why is this good what just a second ago this guy was saying a lot to me now he's with another girl he was trying to get with me and he uh no he's mine Ellie he likes me hi Jo handle are here okay be my surfboard thank me away Jo handle C get you a real man like this that will carry you on his back sliding across the floor with his belly oiled up like a penguin because his grit because granny has very old girlfriend her legs don't work that well just the legs don't work how they used to so he he's just a man flamethrower granny little did you know I wanted to die oh it's night club time granny is gonna go have a good time who won sir there's a granny oh you do okay check out my moves fat jack no Jack Jack Jack Jack okay Jack's it okay he's getting a

little interesting he's checking out my boobs oh you got you got those holy moves gonna check this out jack do you like this jacket there's something you like he does great not come back or I will kill you the year is 2040 take paula's now the USA president the world is in shambles lose chaos and destruction everywhere oh you think your parents could save you everybody's parents are dead it's just us now but we haven't aged we're worse it's like that one Jimmy Neutron movie where all the parents got abducted or killed or something only one man can save us and that man is whale man introducing to you the best superhero that was ever existed you thought Santa Claus was good you got this guy now you think with how with how massive I am maybe this will go down a little faster let me show you guys how massive whale man is do you think anybody can save you from whale man look into his eyes imagine all the death and destruction this man has seen what goes on inside his head full time whale man has been waiting all day for this he cannot

actually breathe hey guys just whale man I think I just killed someone well I literally just killed somebody this is for you Abby what's it what's this guy gonna do who's for a B is that all that that's that's what you're doing that's what you do for a B I would destroy the entire human race for a B yo girl about to be my girl now here let me let me get up here look let me show you let me let me let me let me okay okay don't the make half of him we're people making fun of me he is for you Abby oh he just smacked his head on the concrete AB he must have done something awful cuz I'm pretty sure he's gonna die from that later no I'm just gonna try to oh I did it what happened whalemen has been defeated wait what is this inside of me thought guys you saw nothing see this human hand right here that is just somebody whale Man 8 that's well man's not a human god why does this have to be so difficult Wow do you want to go again oh oh yeah I do I do want to die again thank you oh yeah I want to is this how this game treats whale man click here to the boys oh wow oh geez oh oh thank you game you what oh thank you parachute well man

what's happening I'm not pressing a single button well man hence well that has a mind of his own if you see him doing that go near him oh god well Manuel man is trying to attack well I swear on my life I am NOT pressing a single button oh I just knocked I just ha ha ha I just knocked her over Isabella be my prom do you mean prom date oh my god oh my god she said yes she said nothing Abby has said nothing she likes me better I finally made it to the top I actually did it Wow just sink to the bottom that was totally worth the past five minutes of my time Wow oh god I had no idea what I did wrong there but I will never throw I'll never I'll never I'll never do that again I have learned my lesson game you want to go again why does it keep asking me if I want to die again if I want to have that traumatic experience of course I do cries a little mumbles I have no friends I can be I can be friends no no please come back Marie Marie no Marie no you cannot hide from well man you could only run hey Marie oh hi me like you um thanks yeah I could

see why you have no friends now well man out I just bullied somebody hey guys am i late to class hey let me just take my seat oh this is me in the this is me taking my seat oh I did that thing again where I die oh oh now he's gone Oh every single time I'm diet asked me do you want to die again do you want to feel pain the pain only makes you stronger Hey ladies how y'all doing man I'm just trying to find me a cool chick you know I'm saying Isabel you fit that crowd you boy hang glider's okay please don't make fun of me I'm a little embarrassed about my hang glider performance this cannot end well check me out ladies ugly ladies so you gotta insult them and then though they'll like you even more alright check me out oh okay this is working okay it's working I can show you the world this is all part of whaleman's master plan pool song is coming on to Spotify in a week you want to go again sings cool kids oh so you're singing the new whale man theme song coming to Spotify next week guys one like on this video equals one um love letter son to whale man because robloxian high school

keep sending me death threats every single time I die asking me if I want to die again whale man needs all the love and support he can get like if you make this your Twitter profile picture or something maybe a close-up of whale man's beautiful face I don't know when all of you become 18 years old and can vote on a president I really hope you vote for whale man and attach a little drawing of him thank you