06 June 2013

Are Supplements a Good Idea for Throwers? | Track Nutrition and Training | www.PrimalATC.com

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hey what's up everybody it's coach Matt

over here primal athlete training center WW primal etc' calm answering a question today a little bit more on offseason training nutrition based on what your goals are as far as weight gain or weight loss and all this comes from the past few videos that we've done one video I think we had to do with gaining weight the other video had to deal with losing weight and how to properly do that the methods to best do that if you are a thrower if you're a little bit bigger of a guy or a girl how to slim down without losing that explosiveness if you're a little bit smaller of a guy or girl how to put on that muscle without getting fat without putting on that you know that unnecessary body fat percentage and from this of course you're always gonna get questions and the number one question that I've received has to deal with supplements people wonder you know should I try taking a protein supplement or a branched chain amino acid supplement should I take glutamine creatine what should I take a weight gainer you know what is it vitamins what should I take if I'm gonna start training hard what should I take if we're gonna do the

offseason training you know questions like that here's what you need to keep in mind guys and girls is that basically a supplement is just that it's a supplement it's made to take the place of what you're missing throughout your day so if you take a look at something like a protein shake if you don't get enough protein throughout your day and you need more protein because you're trying to properly you know repair your body and you're trying to build muscle and you need more protein in your diet a protein shake is fine if you are trying to for example take in a lot more calories because you're extremely active throughout your day you're a smaller skinnier guy or girl and you need to put on some weight and you got to take in more calories than a high calorie weight gainer might be good for you if it's just not possible to in that large amount of calories every single day but the thing to keep in mind though is that they are supplements they're made to take the place of what you might be missing but don't use them as a shortcut and this is what I mean for example many high school athletes out there and some college athletes for

that reason and shame on you if that's the case because college you've got an entire you know campus dining area where they have food made for you you just have to swipe your card and go get the food if you're missing breakfast as a college athlete shame on you but many high school athletes do not eat breakfast or if they eat breakfast they are eating a crappy breakfast so you need to make sure that you are properly preparing your breakfasts as you go throughout the week that means you've got to get your butt out of bed it's summertime so people out there there's sleep until 10 o'clock 11 o'clock noon every day staying up till 2:00 3:00 in the morning whatever it might be good luck because you're never ever going to be able to gain that weight you're never going to be able to get in a good sleep rhythm you're never going to be able to get in enough calories if you're sleeping half of your day away so you need to make sure you wake up in the morning and eat a nutritious breakfast full of calories full of protein and coming from good sources so lean meats eggs things of that nature lunch make sure you are eating lunch make sure you

are having a proper nutritious lunch again we want some high protein food coming from lean meats coming from tuna fish coming from you know beans coming from nuts or nut butters we want some high protein food and we want to be able to take in calories dense calories from good sources so we want to make sure that you know we're eating things like vegetables fruits nuts grains oats you know cheese's sandwiches things that have a whole grain bread you know you guys are athletes you're not bodybuilders so stop reading the bodybuilder magazines you're not fitness models so don't look at what the fitness models are doing you're not you know 35 year old guys you're not guys like me they just want to look better on the beach so stop trying to follow diet plans that you see in men's health and all this other crap you're athletes and you need to eat like athletes that also means that at night at dinner you have a proper nutritious dinner dinner is where you should be absolutely killing it as you go through this dinner is where you should it be having the most amount of food the best tasting food prepared dinner you know things like chicken

breast things like pork meat ground beef fish you know things of that nature have it with vegetables have it with rice have it with couscous have it with quinoa have it with any of these other foods that are out there that are dense in calories that have the carbohydrates and have protein now if that's the case if you have a solid and you better you know when I say salad I mean solid if you have a solid breakfast a good hearty breakfast a large good solid healthy hearty lunch and a kick-ass dinner then you probably do not need supplements if you're eating enough food if you're eating like a little bird and you need to get more food in you pile it on eat twice as much we've talked about that before now if all that's the case and you are still burning calories like crazy you are still not able to put on muscle you are still for some reason not able to get a lot of calories or protein into your body then yes go try out a protein shake you know you can start you know with just a basic whey protein something that's going to give you know 25 to 35 grams of protein take that post workout plan out your meals time out your meals

so if you have breakfast to 8:00 a.m. and you're not going to have lunch until 1:00 or 1:30 because of work or whatever else around 10:30 or 11 o'clock make sure that you have a snack with you a high-protein snack with you maybe it's some cold leftover chicken breast that you've cut up maybe it's you know second sandwich or a smaller sandwich if you're going to be practicing or lifting maybe you save your protein shake until after you're done if things say at 5:30 6 o'clock and then if you don't eat dinner with your family till 7:30 8 o'clock you've spread those meals out you don't need to eat a ton of smaller meals you just need to get in your calories throughout the day from good sources and that's the most important part don't think again that you can just go eat a bunch of crap a bunch of fast food get in a bunch of empty crap calories from you know greasy food and french fries and milkshakes and all that other stuff and think that you're gonna get big and strong you're gonna be putting out a lot of body fat yes that weight may help you throw but it's also going to affect a lot of other things in a negative manner so you never

want to be that person that just goes out and eats a bunch of crap make sure you're eating a lot of healthy nutritious food and SAV supplements for what they're meant to be which are supplements taking the place of what you may not be getting in during your day so hopefully this helps you out hopefully this answer some questions for you it's pretty common-sense stuff but there's so much crap out there on the internet there's so much crap out there and magazines that are just you know have people's faces and names behind it but weren't even written by them that it really becomes confusing to a lot of athletes especially younger athletes in high school so make sure eat great breakfast great lunch great dinner only takes supplements if they're 100% necessary and food is not an option at whatever point you are in in your day and you will see bigger strength gains you will see more energy and you will see more size gains as you go through your offseason training this summer you guys have any questions if you're looking for an offseason plan please click the link below you get our ultimate offseason training plan it's an

e-book gets emailed right to you and that'll take you through an entire three months summer vacation getting you stronger more powerful more explosive right for when it counts which is the beginning of your track season in the winter hope to hear from you guys soon