01 June 2017

Are Salads really healthy?

These containers LOOK deceiving! Let me show you much you really get to eat!! Learn more about our fitness community here ...

hi I'm Erin and today I want to show you

exactly how these portion controlled containers work when I first saw these containers I thought they were small I thought there's no way I'm going to be full eating on this kind of system no granted you get more than one of these in a day and that whole plan is laid out for you tells you exactly how many containers you should be having but I wanted to just show you how much food actually fits in these containers even though they look really small so I'm going to take an example from my everyday life when I first started with these portion fixed containers one of the things I ate almost every day for lunch is a salad and I wanted to see how my salads stacked up to these containers and how much it really fit I thought for sure that just the salad alone my spring mix that I use would be three green containers I thought dude I'm going to be so good on my veggies right well I'm going to put on my fruit in these containers and I'm going to show you exactly how much it fills my salad bowl so again like I said I do spring mix lettuce so I put a bunch of spring mix lettuce in the my green container this is your veggie container and I packed it

full if you can see there I packed it full I pushed it down right and I could actually probably fit in a little bit more if I wanted to but let me show you how much this fills well now I got to pull it all out hold on so I packed it in there so much but one green veggie container fills that much out look how much salad is in my bowl I was shocked okay so that's one green then what I do is I also put in colored peppers and cut up carrots so I'm just gonna put some in my green container again and I already have these pre-cut up and that's what I would recommend during the week is have this stuff pre-cut up and there I have probably a little more than half in there okay but not a full cup and I'm going to pour that on oops pour that on my sandwich you can see how much that put on right there so yeah I recommend pre-cutting your vegetables for the week it makes it super easy or I have a friend who actually put together a huge bowl of salad for the week and then just pulls it out and puts it in a bowl every day so that's another hint too so I have a green of my salad and then another

almost 3/4 of a green for my carrots and my peppers and now my strawberries my fruit okay this is not quite half I could probably add a little bit more but honestly I just ran out of strawberries so I usually probably put a full half of the fruit in but right now that's just a little less than half so my strawberries blueberries are also really great on salads so sometimes I'll do blueberries and strawberries and keep it to about a half of a fruit container then my protein protein I like I love chicken especially grilled chicken of the summer so this is my protein container again not quite full all the way but a little more than half put my chicken on look at that okay now quite done yet then my favorite your healthy fat this is my avocado I love avocado so avocados healthy fat and I can pour that on and then smooth it around right to make it look pretty for you okay and so there is my salad how awesome is that I mean that's a ton of stuff so when people get these containers you don't really eat out of the containers right you put your food in the container measure it out and put

it together in a bowl or on your plate depending on what it is that you're having and so for the first like two to three weeks I measured out everything in these containers but now since I have an idea of what it should look like I can pretty much ballpark this and I don't have to measure everything out all the time but this salad right here contained one and 3/4 of a green container I had half of a fruit about 3/4 of my protein I had my healthy fat okay and I did not use any carbs but you do get a carb container as well so I didn't use this and I was actually surprised how much pasta would actually fit in this container so that's something good to check out and then my salad dressing this is my favorite salad dressing by far and I know that for me it's local so I'm not sure if you can find it it's called garlic expressions what I love about it is there's like less than five ingredients and I'm all I'm good with all of them and this would be my seeds and dressings container each container is a tablespoon I do not measure my dressing in this I just get out my tablespoon and I do measure my salad dressing every day otherwise it

gets to be way too much salad dressing but I measure it in here I put two tablespoons of my garlic expressions on and I'm good to go for lunch so I hope this video explained a little bit so you could actually see how much food fits in these containers and how much you'll actually get in fact I will tell you I've worked with hundreds of people and when they first start the portion fix usually they tell me they cannot eat all the food that they're required to eat so just keep that in mind and give it a shot really plug in for two to three weeks using the containers measuring everything and then a lot of what you eat probably becomes habit and then you don't have to measure it anymore but you will understand how to track this and knowing how many fruits how many veggies how many proteins healthy fats carbs that you should be having in a day to make your body healthy so make sure if you have any questions at all either comment below this video or email me back and I would be happy to help you have a great day bye