22 July 2019

Apricot Kernel health benefits and antioxident that cures cancer with vitamin B17

Apricot Kernel health benefits and antioxident that cures cancer with vitamin B17.

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medical information that his quality assured reliable up-to-date and easy to understand apricot kernels are the seeds of the apricot fruits the seed looks very cute in its heart-shaped shell it is nutritious and tasty in certain forms it has two extreme effects on human anatomy it has some side effects also [Music] nutritional benefit of the apricot kernels are as great as the dangerous side effects of it growing apricot trees bearing the kernels with and is quite easy but needs slight patience apricot kernel is scientifically known as pronoun Serena akka looks the seed looks heart-shaped it resembles two almonds but quite smaller in size color the seed is brown coloured taste the seat comes in three flavors sweet little bitter and a natural mild taste smell when freshly taken out of the apricot fruit the seed or the nut inside smells of apricot only when it is smelled after sometime of being taken out of the fruit it smells plain earthly apricot kernels or seeds are extremely beneficial for health find out a detailed account of its health benefits below the seeds can treat coughing cold allergy consumption of

apricot kernel can help ease breathing difficulties also these seeds help in digestion and relax the bowels the bitter apricot seeds are rich in antimicrobial and anti tumor properties apricot seeds also provide relief to the advanced stage of liver cancer pain the seed contains substances that can increase the immunity strength in the human body consumption of the oil obtained from apricot kernels nourishes the skin and make it healthier apricot kernel oil also heals wounds faster [Music] apricot kernels contain a toxin known as cyanide people who are allergic to this toxin might face the following symptoms of side effects of eating apricot kernels one if the anatomy rejects consumption of this nut then people might get headache as the mildest reaction to vomiting tendency might also occur as a reaction 3 nausea is another side effect of consuming apricot kernel due to the cyanide content in it four people might feel dizzy also 5 sometimes if the person consuming the nut is extremely repellant to the cyanide content then diminishing alertness can also be observed in the consumer 6 the

reaction can even cause the oxygen level decreasing in the bloodstream 7 side effects might result in drooping of the eyelids 8 blood pressure level fluctuation can also be caused due to cyanide Effect 9 it can also damage the nerves 10 - the worst extent of the body repelling the toxin and apricot kernels can even lead the person to get into the coma stage apricot kernel is a very nutritious nut it was consumed in many forms find out the most common ways that is put to good use medicinal uses there are medicinal properties in apricot kernel which are assumed to be helpful in the treatment of cancer since ancient days oil obtained from apricot kernels have been used to heal pain [Music] culinary uses the nuts are consumed as snacking items sometimes roasted and salted sometimes dipped in honey and coated with sugary or chocolate outer layers and consumed as candies these nuts are also grinded and sprinkled on some food dishes the oil obtained from these nuts is used to cook specific dishes the oil is also used in confectionery products as a flavor adder [Music]

other uses the apricot kernel extract is used in many personal care products apricot kernel oil is also used as a lesser expensive substitute for almond oil it is easy and fun to grow apricot trees in the backyard but the process is a bit time-consuming and patience is needed mostly at the germination period from the seeds seed germination take the apricot seed from a ripe fruit and soak it for a day then wrap the seed in a wet paper towel and put it in a plastic bag store the plastic bag containing the seed and refrigerator for a month [Music] sowing sow the seeds and damp soil in a pot and let them germinate into small plans after germination take the small plant out in the backyard and place the small plant in the dugout hole make sure that the plant root is not disturbed during this process so simply cut the pot rather than uprooting the plant [Music] growing place the small plants were there is lots of sunlight the plant needs space to spread out its branches so keep space enough space between the sowed seeds watering water the small plants once in every week do not drench

the plant completely as this might result in the plant's death during fruiting span the plant can be watered twice in every week caring nourish the plants with fertilizers during the late winter season for the first round fertilize them for the second round during the fruiting span for better result harvesting see to it that the apricot fruits survive the winter winds and brushes then when the apricot is ripe at the beginning of the next year harvest them apricots may not be eligible enough to be harvested every year apricot kernel is known to contain certain properties that help cure cancer thus many of the cancer treating drugs contain apricot kernel extract but this is still subjected to experts experiments and verdicts [Music] thank you for watching health info Talk please subscribe to our channel for regular updates and knows and do like our FB page www.facebook.com/davidpakmanshow