08 April 2019

Apple 🍎 Cider Vinegar 30 Day Weight loss challenge

I used this diet 2018 & was very successful with it lost 35 pounds in a month drinking apple cider vinegar Acetic Acid a compound in apple cider vinegar is an ...

hey you guys this turd girl pretty face

Kay and today is day one of 30 of my weight loss diet I decided to share this with you guys because I know personally that this diet worked I did this diet 2008 seeing I lost 35 pounds in one month so that's why I wouldn't be share it with you guys today so let's jump right on into this so you see here what I have apple cider vinegar so last year when I did this I simply put two tablespoons of this in a water bottle once a day and drink it like I said 35 pounds shut it right off of me not only reason why I'm doing it again is because for those that don't know I recently had a baby he's eight months now but I am still the same weight that I was when I delivered him so um my first kid I lost my weight in two weeks I was good I bounced back I was fine I just go around I'm a little older and things aren't the same so I'm going to be using this method um lose my weight and now um before I had my son I was 160 pounds I currently weigh 215 so I gained about 55 pounds and that's really all I'm really looking to lose I'm not trying to get super skinny I'm not trying to be a bodybuilder I just want my body back so the way that I go about is simple water

bottle here and this is actually it in here it is it's theories are gonna have their limit I personally like to drink this early in the morning before I eat or drink anything but today that didn't happen because it is Sunday and I was laying in the bed all morning so I'm just just getting that and ready so yeah I drink one of these now what I do is I like to drink a cold it's nasty if you drink it warm know what I do is a good mother water bottle we get my apple cider they tell you one to two tablespoons this cap from the bottle is a tablespoon so I literally just throw it up pour it on my bottle and I go and I do two tablespoons I would like to keep you guys updated once a week so today is Sunday April the 7th so next Sunday I would like to come back with another video I did weigh myself this morning again like I said I'm 215 pounds so I will also include some exercise and into this I'm not just gonna drink this every day and say oh my weight came off note so exercising three days off the week when I go to the gym I do 4 miles on the treadmill which takes me about an hour and a half to do and then I just

weightlifting and some squats and some situps so I'll try to get a few clips in for you guys so you guys could see that if you would like daily updates follow me on snapchat Instagram Facebook Twitter all of them are the same it's pretty face ok I'll drop it below for you guys you guys can just hit the link but other than that yeah and also the dipping well the great thing that I liked about this diet is I did not change too much or anything about my diet you know I did cut out pop I did cut out fried foods and fast food but other than that I eat what I won't drink what I want I on a day-to-day basis I'm pretty simple I eat the same a lot so like in the morning I do like a bow meal or I do a bowl of Brie but that is after I drink this okay so I do this anymore and very first thing and then I drink me a cup of coffee and I do like I literally do like two small scoops of sugar and a little bit of crema the one cup of coffee and then my oatmeal if I don't eat open I'll eat eggs like boiled egg - what eggs or - scrambled eggs and then for lunch I do like fruit or vegetables and like cucumbers and ranch or carrot sandwich

something small never dinner I do eat a big dinner so like for dinner yesterday we had meatballs and Italian a famous Italian sausage a buzz and slice they a so that's really about it I just hope that I can help somebody out there that is won't know lose weight like I said I'm not happy with my way or my body right now so hopefully this will help so here are YouTube every week once a week I'll give you guys updates if there's anything you can think of that help you let me know so I will continue to do my research on this now like I said I did this guy at last year and it worked perfectly fine to me so that's why I'm going back to it again I also feel like it's better than chicken diappears not knowing that your symptoms will be with your diet pills because sometimes pills that make you nauseous someone like you busy so like this I had no cut like I had no symptoms of anything I felt great doing this last year I got this bottle here at Walmart for 479 they have the Walmart brand like this one here is a White House brand but they have the Walmart brand for like 70 cents cheaper either or works just the same and perfectly

fine that's really about it um if you're looking like if you don't know where it is in the store look in the salad dressing aisle on the reason why I bought that up is because the very last year when I tried this died I was in the store for like a hour looking for apple cider vinegar I didn't know that it was in that aisle um yeah um I feel like there was something else I wanted to tell you guys think of it oh yes I'm gonna continue to do my research but when I looked at how this helps make you lose weight I found that this has an ingredient in it and I don't see it I was looking for it on the back here on the label but I didn't see it but it says the apple cider vinegar contains an ingredient called hydro acid I think that's what it was called um don't quote me like I said I'm still doing research and I will let you guys know I'm not telling you that that's what it is I'm just telling you that I'm guessing what it was that I researched it said it was an ingredient in apple cider vinegar that boosts your metabolism by 130 percent and it blocks that so your body's so like I said last year when I did it I just did it to see

what it would do because people were saying that it worked it really did work so I think I would promise eyes TM last year it's a size seven I was done a seven before I had my son I'm not really looking to go down tremendously I just want my belly did always have a belly on me so let me try to swim up here and show you guys exactly this size of my body so you can see so you see this is my belly here so I just want this to go away so hopefully I can get that 30 days also the days that I don't go to the gym like I said I vote 3 days of the week the days that I don't go I still do daily exercises which includes squats sit-ups push-ups and I do that all at home I have like a little yoga mat that I can use so don't forget to subscribe hit that bill so you can see when I post it in and I'll see you guys next week [Applause] you [Applause]