15 March 2018

Apolla Nutrition with Health Made Simple for Dancers by Caroline Lewis Jones

Caroline Lewis Jones is here to help make eating healthy simple for dancers! In order to treat your body like the athlete you are...you must fuel it properly!

hey everybody my name is Caroline Lewis

Jones I am a professional dancer choreographer and educator I'm also a mom of two little boys and I am super excited to be here today and to share with you my passion besides dance I love health and I love helping people with prevention and overall just lasting performance for their body and we are unbelievably excited to be partnering with Apollo performance and I've been using their socks now for probably two years and absolutely love them and the one thing we wanted to add to their program was nutrition because we believe in the importance of the whole body from protecting your feet to also protecting the insides of your body about 14 years ago I partnered up with a team a team called health made simple have a great partnership and I can't say enough amazing things about it and the reason I partnered with them was because I saw the solutions that they offered not only for me as a dancer and an educator but also as a mom now of four years and so help made simple is comprised of literally every single facet of life from moms on a mission to educators dancers physicians we absolutely love what we do were passionate about

prevention and that's why we have partnered with apalla to help bring these solutions to you so health made simple was started over 15 years ago by my health mentor and best friend Tony brainer she's an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant and she wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals who really believe in a whole food plant-based diet because we know that that can truly make a huge difference for individuals and families we offer really simple education and solutions that act more as a catalyst for creating these long-term changes for individuals and families and for me personally I know that they have worked for 14 years so you're gonna have amazing access to our cooking classes as you can read food prep grocery store stress management my mindful trained mindfulness training bootcamp seminars workshops food prep and then local community isn't virtually like everything you can think of and we're also having a really amazing program called a Polish red and that's where you basically eliminate the vices I like to call the vices in your

life there's things that you love and are those things everyday that you know you shouldn't do so we helped create a way to help you get rid of those for 10 days and really truly see how amazing you feel and the clarity that you have when doing so and next we have our health made simple pros if you go to health made simple procom you can really see this mission of what we've created what tony has created and now I'm a blessing and grateful to be a part of and again physicians educators moms and a mission performers we love what we do and we love to help people feel good these are some of our pros this is Cortney she's a professional ballerina amazing mom really awesome and next we have Cynthia who is an educator former professional dancer we next have talita who probably gonna see her in the Olympics and next go-around but she has been in the wellness field for years and years and she's as you can see pretty awesome and next we have who I call my I guess my first daughter and her name is Jenna and she's assumed to be mom professional dancer on holistic health coach and of course last but not least is my best friend this is Tony and I

love her so much dearly and this is literally where I've learned everything of course I went to Integrative Nutrition and learned a lot I do my research but Tony really is who kick-started this journey for me as well as my mom's on passing 12 years ago so this is where it all got started so I'm gonna let Tony take off from here Thank You Caroline I'm so excited to be here let me make sure that I'm showing up on your screen we go hold on thank you and welcome to the healthy living revolution you can see that because you've decided to partner with Apollo Nutrition we love we love Apollo and we love the fact that they want to provide the very best resources for their customers and they join together with us as you see we have combined the most amazing health care professionals around the world to offer you the best of the best information and education so hold on and have a little trouble with my slides here so my job is to share with you what is gonna make this very unique and different than other nutrition programs that you might have been a part of we are trying to offer you the up-to-date cutting-edge

research based not quick fixes but solutions that are going to stay with you forever so some of the things you're going to be learning we're gonna put you into a secret Facebook group where every day you're going to get education you're gonna get recipes you're going to get support we have modules to kind of teach you all of these things because what we've learned is that all diseases start with inflammation at the cellular level and performance can really be hurt by inflammation and so athletes in particular many times have injuries that put them on hold or cut their mission short for what they're trying to accomplish we see this in dancers all the time and nutrition can give you that edge that you need to be the best that you can be we're also going to teach you about your immune system and how you can bring your immune system into balance so that you're never really having to be out of rehearsals out of class out of performances because of an illness we know some people have an immune system that's too excited too revved up that's called an autoimmune disease and then we have people that are always catching

every cold and flu and strep throat in mono right so we want to bring you into balance and then for the long term we want you to live to be 110 and die in your sleep without ever being sick we also know that our food supply has been drastically changed over the last 50 years we're genetically modifying our food we're radiating our food we're adding 9000 food additives that our bodies don't recognize so we're going to help teach you how to bridge the gap we're gonna try to get you to eat the very best you can and then how can you have some simple solutions to make sure every single day you're getting what you need to override all of those toxins and to give your body the nutrition that it needs we're all so excited to give people hope because a lot of us have genetic tendencies that run in our family for certain diseases and we know that with the study of epigenetics and nutrigenomics that you can flip on your good genetic switches and turn off your bad genetic switches with your health choices and your food choices so I know you're gonna love learning about that the big buzzword these days is also your

microbiome and we're learning more and more that your gut bacteria determine your metabolism your immune system even your happiness that most of the serotonin which is a neurotransmitter is made in your gut and your gut bacteria eat plant fibers so if you're not eating enough plants we start to see the bad guys down there crowd out the good guys and all kinds of stuff happens to your health so we're gonna teach you all about that exactly what to do we're also gonna help you how learn how to counteract the free radicals that are produced through something called oxidative stress especially when you're training more than an hour a day we see surges of these free radicals kind of like when you cut open an apple and oxygen hits it and you know what happens well the same kind of thing happens in your cells and with nutrition and hydration you can actually slow that process down so you don't get that inflammation you don't get long-term damage and mutations and DNA damage we're gonna learn also about how you can keep your pH normalized in your body by eating more alkaline foods when you eat acidic foods your body produces too much

uric acid your body has to pull calcium from your bones and your muscles to bring your pH back into that green zone and so it's really really simple some of the changes that we can make also will be talking about metabolic programming and caloric density and how you can eat more food if you choose to eat the healthier foods and get to feel more satisfied more food I know I don't like to be hungry nobody likes to be hungry we're also gonna talk about some controversial topics that there's a lot of misconceptions about and what is the real deal about soy protein what's the real deal about the Paleo diet what's good about it what's bad about it and really help you make informed decisions and be a good consumer of information so it kind of all boils down to getting more fruits vegetables nuts seeds whole grains into your body how can you do that creatively these are different countries and you can see the green represents how much plant food they eat on a daily basis and the red represents deaths from heart disease and cancer so you can see it's indirectly proportional so our job is not to tell you exactly what diet to be

on but to help you get more plants into your diet when they looked at 4,500 different studies and they said what makes people live longer and live healthier the only two things that popped out in every single study where the people who eat the most fruits and vegetables had the best health and lived the longest even when little apple has 10,000 nutrients in it that your body needs and so that's why we're talking about this whole idea of whole food nutrition Caroline and I really believe you know that a lot of people are out there thinking it's cool I'm gonna eat in my chicken nuggets and my mac and cheese and my donut but I'm taking a vitamin so we're gonna really teach you the difference between all the thousands of things that are in whole food as opposed to just trying to cheat and get it from a vitamin in the research showing that most organizations don't really recommend isolated vitamins anymore because they actually can cause more harm than good the American Heart Association may in Cancer Society the FDA the American Academy of Family Physicians so we're gonna help you really get the real

information about supplements and so plant-based is delicious it doesn't mean you have to be a vegan or vegetarian it just simply means that we're really going to get back to the basics not only for disease prevention which is important but for performance so you can have the edge you're doing the same classes as other dancers and athletes you're doing the same workouts you have the same 24 hours in the day but nutrition hydration sleep stress management can give you that edge that you need to be the best of the best and then finally the thing you can't feel is cellular protection and that's something that eating whole plant foods can really give you so I'm gonna turn it back over to Caroline and she's gonna give me some little hints of all the amazing practical solutions you're gonna learn about from being a part of Apollo nutrition thank you Tony that was awesome so yeah the things that helped me that I've been you know I've been really implementing in my life for many many years we're gonna talk a lot about food prep and how these how these simple tactics like Tony said can help us creating foods that we just have on

hand all week that we can create really awesome dishes from and salad in the jars I love to make burrito in the jars we're gonna teach how to make those little chia pudding overnight oats and energy balls are my favorite thing in the world and my children's favorites especially about one picky eater and he loves these things like a pack and full of goodness bento boxes gray's trays these are awesome resources and how to get your kids excited about food especially if you have those picky eaters cuz that's me how to make delicious glycogen filled smoothies not just protein but glycogen filled smoothies that I love to implement and then this is what I and myself I'm Tony but I've aligned myself for the past 14 years and our health made simple we have partnered with a company called Juice Plus and this is the number one the world's number one family of whole based food nutritional products and they basically offer five solutions so we have five of them and they all have one purpose that's to help individuals and families get more Klamp food into their body every single day we have whole food

concentrates and they come in capsules or gummies kids can get on a program called the children's health study for free we have our complete smoothie drink mix which I call a superfood smoothie mix we have amazing bars we have a really amazing thing to offer called at our garden which is urban gardening we have a food label we're not a supplement we're not a vitamin we're actually legit food we've had 39 clinicals peer-reviewed studies on just plus and just I can't say enough about it this is what I've I aligned myself with I know it works and I know how it's made such a huge difference in my life and all the dancers and athletes and families that I work with we also have a really amazing website called healthy living revolution that we can go to and we're gonna get some plant-based recipe books for you guys to help you simple recipes that are easy and gonna make you feel like you can do this you don't ask yourself what's your one simple change maybe it's making huge changes at first but for me it's making that one small change because they're small changes or what lead to that lasting big effect and I'm

speaking for myself that's what I did I didn't go go hung go gungho at first it was just these small baby changes that made a huge difference and we do offer um we have our polish shred that we're gonna be offering and again it's taking out those vices in our life that kind of bring us down normally their food choices and putting in those really awesome things that are gonna help us have mental clarity great energy and feel really good for ourselves and also for our families and our kids and we have a lot of fun that's the most important thing I would never align myself if I wasn't able to have fun and that's why I have just really and you know enjoyed this journey with this amazing partnership with health made simple or super super blessed to have this partnership now with apalla because again they have the best of the best right when it comes to compression socks and they're diving into even more outlets but the one thing that we also have to focus on is our is our is our nutrition we've got all these dancers and amazing athletes that are doing such hard work but we've got to protect ourselves from

the inside out because we can do more harm than good believe it or not when we exercise and don't have the protection from our feet to our cellular health like Tony talked about earlier so thank you guys so much for taking the time to be here you can register for your free Apollo nutrition solutions and consultation you just go to Caroline Lewis Jones comm and you fill out the contact form you'll see it right on the front page and I will get in touch with you as soon as you fill that out we'd love to have you join us and let's take healthy back thank you guys so much