30 March 2018

ANTI-DIET Workshop Is Now LIVE! (But At What Cost?!) | Swolemotion 113

Stayed up all night to bang out the last parts of the nutrition workshop which turned out epic. Super stoked to bring that to you as well as to go get a pump on right ...

so I'm a hundred percent convinced I'm

gonna look like a million bucks right now it's like four and change but I'm awake so this is definitely definitely not glamorous this is the face of a man who has literally been up all night I did not sleep I told you my sleep schedule was off I've been telling you that on Instagram stories and everything now I know what it is about being up all night but you don't get tired until the Sun actually comes up and the Sun comes up all the sudden it's like oh man I've been up all night but I'm in-between right now I'm thinking whether or not I want to just stay up and say fuck it my phone doesn't show us doesn't shut the fuck up trying to reset my sleep schedule so just staying up all day that way at night I'm going to crash and reset maybe go sleep super early tonight or trying to catch like an hour to and then kind of you know make sure still crashing but I've always had this like innate ability just to stay up and to just burn the midnight oil and to be awake so I never ran like ran shallow at the end of the night I never needed all this coffee or caffeine I could just stay up when I want to not necessarily

something you practice but I think it's something that has benefited me because I could run on adrenaline I could function on little sleep of course not as well as when you know you get a good amount of rest but some people are completely non-functional I've always been able to kind of burn the candle at both ends which you don't want to do of course but I think it's benefited me in like short-term spurts where I've needed to do so in order to get something accomplished in this case so I'm dehydrated too so that's not helping the reason why I was up and I'm super stoked about it is that the anti diet workshop is now on line so that's launching to day this afternoon so I'm really stoked about that it's a hundred percent free a hundred seven free workshop and it's all about nutrition so those are that are watching that catch all my content they're always asking me you know what do you eat what you do for your nutrition this breaks it all down it doesn't give you a whole diet but it will break down exactly what you should be doing to get your nutrition on tract and this is just what I've done with so many members so many clients

myself personally friends family everyone I've helped thousands of people lose thousands of pounds and doing it this way so trust me it works and click the link below and check that out so if you're watching this and you're not subscribed already of course please consider subscribing I'm always dropping awesome shit here on the channel you know training information of course the daily swole the drive home gaining is the absolute psychotic rage so yeah I've been up all night and I don't know if am like how are you when you stay up late are you able to burn the candle are you able to function properly you know I haven't stayed up all night I've been doing these late nights lately you know the last few nights I've been up like for no fucking reason just got late really quick and then all of a sudden it's gotten out of control in my opinion it's gotten out of control there's no way it should be this kind of functional and this awake at I don't know 9:00 9:30 I thought about just doing this video later but I'm like no this is what I need to do it I need to do it when I'm tired I need to look at this myself later and be like oh my god you were

freaking wiped out but this is the life that I live man and this is the life that I live like right now a curtain covering the window because the Sun rises from this direction so right now if I moved it I hope you just be just getting roasted I have to make sure I always cover the the window because otherwise the Sun will like cook my computer and my film equipment I always have to try to make sure I avoid that like the last few nights four five six and I've just been up late I don't know like I don't know why I don't know what the reason is and I think it's just become like really off schedule so I'm tired I really want to lay down and I really wanted to work out today I felt really good yesterday I feel like I'm on point and I guess I could sleep I could nap and then go train later you know it'll be a little bit fucking off and whack but I don't know maybe today's just be an off day drink hydrate you know like this is where I get cerebral and this is where like I have to use my head in order to overrule what I think about that because to sleep a couple hours or to stay up all night and train is just stupid

that's like stuff you do in college when you stay up all night after drinking and then you freakin go hit a PR or something in the gym you know max squats or deadlifts or some bullshit but if I sleep for a couple hours and go to the gym you know these are things that risk injury dehydration are not focusing properly not being right up here so I'm probably gonna take some time off I'll probably take today off I don't want to take today off I'll see how it goes maybe I'll lay down maybe I'll sleep for a couple hours and the fact that I got the nutrition workshop up and functioning it's done as far as I'm aware I think it's like good to go I might be able to back off and okay just chill out and recover a little bit and then do some other content later so that's a possibility but yeah fam I mean this is all Pappa slowly out checking myself out how's the beard look I guess you guys will let me know if the beers not on point description below all the details check out the the workshop I think you'll really like it I mean it's fire information and plus you get a lot of background on me I talked a little bit about my education

and my experience and then I go through and I break down like real philosophy and even if you caught the best year ever workshop this is different this goes into in a different way there is some overlap of course because you know my philosophy it's still me talking still my approach but this is specific nutrition it's not just about training it's not about other things it's literally about nutrition and your approach to nutrition so yeah check that out I hope you enjoy it and I am gonna go fuck I still have even I still haven't even showered like I'm gonna go take a shower gonna wash my ballsack and then I'm gonna see how I feel I did it I'm clean feel good I feel good I got that like fifth wind where I feel like I have energy I might take this to the bank fam I think I'm actually gonna go work out later I feel okay I gave it a walk the dog and shit but at least the work is done at least the work is done and now I can actually like chill out a little bit I don't even know I have to look at the last footage I don't even know if it was coherent when I was saying I remember like the war is kind of getting stuck on

my tongue but tonight I might try to reset and get back on it because now that the the anti dial workshop is up and running now I can like get my fucking life back together and get back on my schedule because I don't like filling underwater if you ever have stayed up all night you know you kind of feel like you're almost holding your breath or like you're walking or running underwater or everything is kind of muffled I don't like that I was meditating before I went to sling at ten o'clock because I stayed up because I supposed to have a phone call with a brand new member who didn't pick up the phone so I left a message when I was meditating this morning I almost fell asleep but I'm gonna eat walk the dog go to the gym I'm actually gonna go the gym I need to freaking do something hopefully out of a headache or anything so I'm gonna chug some water pound it and I'm ready to go Oh anti dial workshop is launched fuck yeah fm so like I said I'll put the the video or the the link to sign up so hundred cent free I'll put the description below a place every single hour so check that out and then come back here and let me

know what you thought about it alright time to get it beer looks good and thanks for joining me I hope you enjoy these videos [Music]