14 April 2017

Anti-Aging Supplements + What I Eat in a Day to Get Healthy From the Inside Out!

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hey everyone welcome back to today's

video so today we're going to talk about something a little bit different we're not talking makeup we're not talking skincare we're going to talk about food and health and what we put into our bodies to create an overall healthy you but at the same time it's good for our skin it's good for our hair it's good for anti aging in general so gotta love all that so basically if you follow me on instagram you have seen me recently posting pictures of some meals different breakfast different supplements I'm taking just different meal options that I've been doing because I've been really focused and really into just kind of overhauling my diet if you want to call it not all these diets more of just like a lifestyle but I've been really focusing on you know what I put in my body and just putting in the right supplements and just treating everything just the way I want it to create that like healthy from the inside out type of thing so I was talking to one of my good friends she's a personal trainer she is amazing with nutrition like she knows everything about like what to eat what supplements to take what's good for your hair what's good for your skin all of

that stuff she's awesome she's like my health like Idol I love her so I was talking to her I was letting her know kind of what I was feeling I was feeling a little bit bloated and just kind of like that heavy rundown not so much energy kind of feeling which is just like blah like it just was not me I was like something it needs to be done here so I was talking to her and she was just giving me so much different knowledge and information on little things that I can switch up on my diet and let me tell you guys in like a week's time I felt so much better it's like a pair of stuff to my lip that bloated like heavy feeling was gone I had more energy just overall I felt so much better and that's exactly what she told me was gonna happen so it works so I'm just going to share this with you guys because like I said it's not only good for your overall health but it's good for anti-aging and skin and beauty as well so basically what she was sharing with me is like it all starts with like a healthy gut the root of many different issues in our body can come from inflammation of the gut and isn't that funny because wasn't I just talking about that with skin conditions

as well skin conditions a lot of time that have to do with inflammation somewhere in your body a lot of times it's your gut so she was explaining all this to me as well and it's just kind of like struck a chord I was like aha like this all comes together this all makes sense so she was saying it's very important to take prebiotics and Oh biotics in your diet a lot of times we don't get enough of them in our bodies naturally from the foods that we eat but both prebiotics and probiotics are super super important to your overall health they both really boost your immunity and they both will actually enhance your body's ability to intake more of the nutrients more of the minerals from the foods that we eat they also will help your body fight disease they help you lose weight and just overall improve the health of your body so prebiotics can be found in a lot of the fruits and vegetables that you eat they're found in bananas broccoli blueberries onions you name it lots of fruits and vegetables have those prebiotics but again you really don't get enough that your body needs so that is where this comes into play right here

this is good for overall health in general again but these are also amazing for anti-aging for your skin for that beauty aspect as well these are broken cell wall chlorella talent at first I was like what in the world you having to take they look absolutely crazy and kind of disgusting but you don't chew these you just swallow them whole and I will link everything that I'm mentioning like supplement wise and stuff down below because some of this I had to buy online you can get it all at Whole Foods but my Whole Foods didn't have some of this stuff so I'll link everything down below for you guys as well but I'm going to read to you what this is exactly it's a freshwater algae that is one of the richest foods in protein there is a ton of protein in these little suckers here it's rich in protein beta keratin and it contains more chlorophyll than any other food it is also rich in iron vitamin B's magnesium and other important vitamins that your body needs like these little tablets here are so full of nutrients that our body needs these are absolutely amazing if you google chlorella tablets you will see like all the benefits that come up from taking these are amazing

like it says not only good for your overall health but beauty wise in general at the same time so I always take a bunch of these in the morning every morning again this is more of your prebiotic and then I also take a probiotic supplement as well a probiotic is what's going to balance out the good bacteria in your gut every day stress foods we eat actually will imbalance your gut and cause inflammation in your gut so probiotics really fight that inflammation help to knock out that inflammation in our gut and that's what we want a healthy gut equals overall health when you have a healthy gut you have a slimmer waistline and you just have less overall inflammation so I'll show you guys right here probiotic supplement that I take this has to be kept refrigerated and my video always takes forever for me to set up and film so I didn't want to keep it out of the fridge that long but these do stay in the fridge but this has been an awesome one she said this was her favorite this is what she takes that's the one I'm taking and I feel like this one just helps so much I feel like it's a big reason why I just overall feel

like good inside like I can see such a difference and feel such a difference like inside which is so weird to say but I really can and I think the prebiotics and probiotics have a lot to do with that so moving on now this is another supplement that I'm taking that not only is good for your whole body internally but for anti-aging for your skin for your hair for your nails this is the vital proteins collagen peptides this is amazing so almost all of us do not get enough collagen intake with our diets on an everyday basis she was explaining this to me that we need that but just really you don't ever get enough so collagen supplements are super important to take as well collagen will help of joint issues it also helps to keep your bones healthy it will help reduce bone loss it will also help us cellulite it can also help you lose weight and it can also help with hormone imbalances in your body so all of that including collagen obviously good for our skin good for our beauty in general good for anti aging this little stalker right here is just an absolute must I love that thing I will ever be without this so this bio proteins

collagen just one scoop has 20 grams of collagen and 18 grams of protein like it's so insane so not only are you getting a high amount of collagen like the 20 grams in one scoop is really high it's like amazing for your body but you're also getting 18 grams more of protein in this at the same time so this is just an absolute like favorite product of mine I love it I take a scoop or two of this during the day I mix it with smoothies you guys all my Instagram I gave you a recipe to a really good coffee like morning coffee kind of smoothie shake with protein with the collagen in it and it's so freakin good as what I make every single morning now instead of actually having my hot coffee I will leave that recipe down below for you guys as well I'm going to share with you guys some other things that I put in that anyway but this is something that I do every single day a scoop or two of this a day so so good alright so the last supplement in my diet that I've been using right now is this it's by ancient nutrition it's the bone broth protein so this is a gut friendly protein it feel friendly its ports healthy joints

skin muscles the ingredients are actually amazing there again no like fillers or like crap ingredients in here one scoop has 20 grams of protein which is amazing and also it only has 98 calories per scoop so I usually do like one scoop in the morning with like a shake or something you get your 20 grams of protein it's only 98 calories it's all natural no artificial ingredients non-gmo gluten-free dairy-free soy-free grain free and nut free so it's way healthier than with waiting healthier than way I try not to eat or use anything with whey protein so this one is a better option for me this vanilla kind is super yummy it's super good and I use this in the morning in my little coffee shake that I do so basically I take a scoop of this in the morning with a scoop of the collagen peptides here and then I take about six ounces I will leave the recipe down below for you guys as well but I take six ounces of this chameleon cold brew coffee this stuff is so good so I mixed this in with those two powders and then I put in almond milk and a banana and I just blend it all up and there's my polls morning coffee with my collagen my

protein it is so unbelievably good like I never make my hot coffee anymore like this is what I do in the morning and it is yummy like it gives you that puffy pick-me-up but then you've got all the good stuff at the same time okay so those are all the supplements that I'm taking those are everything that's again just so good for the inside-out good for your internal issues good for that inflammation in your gut just creating that healthy gut but at the same time it's good for our skin it's good for you know our hair and just beauty in general and anti-aging just all-around great supplements that are just going to help a host of different issues and anti-aging so what could we not love about that love like all of those like I will always continue to keep using these now just a quick mention the food that I'm eating to go along with the supplements to go along with the healthy gut and you know creating a healthy inside is I'm really trying to focus on eating Whole Foods breakfast lunch dinner I'm just really watching what I eat just keeping everything like as whole as possible meaning nothing out of

a box nothing out of a bag just like whole real food and I feel like that is just definitely the way to go I'm also trying to lower my carb intake a little bit which is hard for me because I do love my car I love my bread I'm just trying to reduce my carbs a little bit Jessica was telling me that she pretty much is grain free she doesn't eat much grains at all and she just said it keeps her body feeling like really really good so I'm just trying to keep my carbs a little bit lower and also sugar sugar you know love's fat those two combined sugar is not good for your skin sugar is absolutely so bad for our skin and actually will make you age faster so not only is it not good for your body but it is not good for your skin either so keeping sugar low keeping carbs low eating real Whole Foods it's just basically the gist of what I'm doing so basically for breakfast I will have some eggs what I do is I eat usually like three eggs I will keep one yolk in my scrambled eggs and then I will take the yolk out of two and just scramble two egg whites with one yolk because you shouldn't be scared of egg yolks there's

actually some really good health benefits to yolks you just don't need like 100 egg yolks a day but there's some really good health benefits and good fat that are in the yolks so what I do is I take one yolk per like the rest of my eggs so I will scramble that all together and I love eating avocado so I eat a lot avocado avocado has good healthy fats and actually eating those good healthy fats will actually help you shed unwanted bat so avocado is like I'm like big fan of econo I eat that with my breakfast a lot I will just slice up some avocado I put some red pepper flakes on it and it's so good so I mixed like scrambled eggs throw some avocado on the side and then that keeps me full until lunch and then lunch might be something like tuna over a salad I will mix like some tuna I will put like tomatoes again hard-boiled eggs I am now keeping hard-boiled eggs in my house all the time because those I do scoop out the egg yolks then and I just will chop them up and put them in like tuna or salad and it's just like pure protein and just not many calories at the same time so they're super good for you so I will take like tuna eggs a salad some

tomatoes broccoli you name it and then I will take some avocado oil and lemon juice is what she said she sprinkles on that type of stuff so good you would think you would need like dressing or something on it but you actually really don't it's so yummy so I will do something like that for lunch and then dinner might be something like grilled chicken and a vegetable or I will make a lot of times you guys ever tried those zucchini noodles I guess Whole Foods they are so good I will saute the zucchini noodles I will chop up some like vegetables and you can put broccoli mushrooms onions you name it chop it up saute it all together and you've like a plate full of really good vegetables you can twirl it around and eat it like spaghetti it tastes like you're eating pasta or something like that and it's just like a plate of like good vegetables so I will eat a lot of time something like that for dinner and just basically that's like the gist of what I'm doing just make sure you're eating like Whole Foods stay away from processed foods you know just try to watch what you eat she was actually explaining to me too and I used

to do this back when I was a personal trainer you want to write down what you eat everyday like everything you put in your mouth write down because you would be shocked at all the little things that you eat here and there that you're not even realizing like add up throughout the day like you might sneak like a couple chips I'm guilty of that you're thinking to yourself oh it's just a little bit of something here and there but if you keep track of what you eat you'll see over the course of days like how many of those little bites and stuff add up in your body and you just want to try to eliminate some of that stuff so if you are having trouble like keeping yourself to a good diet write everything down because it really makes you think - before you put something in your mouth and you know you have to write it down you're like should I really be eating this I don't want to write this down if you don't want to write it down then you know it's not good so definitely that's a good trick if you're really trying to watch what you eat just write down everything that goes in your mouth but yeah that is basically what I'm doing that's my supplements that's the way I'm

eating right now and I can tell you I've seen and feel a huge difference internally it just feels so good just less bloated feeling so much more energy and I just feel like back to my healthy self again so it's been great now I'm gonna link my friend Jessica I'm gonna link her Instagram down below definitely check her out she is so inspirational she's a mom she's super knowledgeable and I know you guys will get like great inspiration from her as well I'm trying to talk her into doing a YouTube channel but right now she's just on Instagram but definitely check her out she always posts like fitness stuff and she posts recipes and meal options which I love because I get so many recipes from her and I love them they're always super tasty and like really healthy at the same time so I will leave for information down below definitely check her out tell her you came over from me and tell her I said hi she's absolutely amazing you guys will love her but that is it today guys I hope you enjoyed this little bit of a different video I'm going to try to find and link everything I mentioned down below as well and

hopefully that will help you guys find some of these things as well as like I said some of them I could not find myself the whole foods I had to find them online so I will link everything down below for you guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed it give this video a thumbs up I will see you next time bye [Music]