01 May 2019

Amie's Experience: Healthy Living Program at Orion Healing Centre

Amie Tollefsrud from RebelleNutrition, an online business owner and coach, shares her experience of our Healthy Living Program! Spend time relaxing ...

hello I'm Amy Thomas root from rebel

nutrition and I did the Healthy Living Program at Orion Healing Center and I absolutely loved it so the program that I did consisted of daily yoga meditation really amazing healthy vegan food Thai massages and just an overall environment of serenity which I really loved because I'm somebody who works online I'm working a lot of the time and to go to a place that just the Orion Center but also köppen Young as a whole just has this really calming healing vibe and the whole time I was there I felt a real calling to close my computer and focus on you know what was going on internally with me and I think part of that was being at Orion being in that setting where there's so many helpful workshops going on yoga meditation all of these mindset things to really help me get to a place of calm and serenity that I've really been looking for for a really long time also I was so surprised to how many different types of workshops were available of things that I had no idea were even a part of Orion like I just got really interested in human design and there was a human design workshop which I thought was really cool but my favorite activities I'd say during the

time that I was there we're definitely the Reiki I had never done Reiki before and it was just insane to experience that and feel the energy and move the energy within my body and also the massages because let's face it who doesn't like massages so that was definitely one of my favorite parts but one of my favorite I guess outcomes of being at Orion was after the Reiki I think it definitely really opened me up to being kind of more spiritually in tune I would say that I've always been kind of a sensitive intuitive person but after doing that Reiki I think I maybe just started putting more of a focus on wanting to really access that intuitive part of myself and be more open to it so it was really the catalyst of me starting to do more of that work which is really interesting and really cool and definitely want to come back to do more Reiki as well as get more Thai massages another thing I really loved about Orion was the food so I am really particular about the food that I like I love healthy vegan food and the kitchen at Orion I just had some of the best like plant-based whole food low oil locally

no didn't have any extra like oil or like fat or sugar and not the any of those things are bad but I just really like to eat as close to nature as possible and there was just such an abundance of like amazing delicious fruit and vegetables and just really creative dishes to like a lot of their raw food like the raw BLT it was so good and it was just all real whole food ingredients so I really appreciated that and honestly I would go back just so that I could eat at the Orion restaurant again over and over again because it was so delicious I honestly wish I could get that for like every meal for the rest of my life because there was so much variety to the thing I liked most about the program was that it just forced me to rest which is something that I have a hard time doing I'm a really hard worker and really focused and always working on my business like I said before and having a whole week there to really focus on myself and self-care and just taking care of my body both physically mentally emotionally spiritually it was really the reset that I needed to reconnect with myself and what my true values aren't going forward because I

think the world is just so fast-paced and you get so wrapped up in things and it's so nice every once in a while to just kind of slow down and reconnect with like the things that are really important to you and the things that really light you up and it honestly has helped me kind of clarify the direction that I want to go in a lot of different ways like in my business and has even kind of inspired me to do more yoga and do more meditation work because that's something that for me gets kind of put on the back burner a lot of times but I realized just how much of a difference that it made just all of those things combined I loved it it was the best I would definitely recommend Orion and I can only speak about the healthy living program because I did not do the fasting but I would highly recommend it to anybody vegan or not because that was I loved all the food but I definitely don't think you even have to be begin to enjoy that it can be kind of a nice break for your body to kind of transition if you wanted to eat more of a plant-based diet but you definitely don't have to be you don't even have to be well-versed in

like yoga or meditation because I definitely wasn't but it was so cool to learn about those things and get more in touch with myself I honestly would recommend it to anybody who needs a little break from the real world and wants to go live in like a secluded little jungle area where there's coconuts and fruit and meditation and yoga and the best massages ever highly recommend definitely definitely do it if you are going to Thailand