23 July 2019

Amberlynn QUITS The Weight Loss Doctor!

Our gorl decides its best not to continue seeing the weight loss doctor after less than 24 hours, but not before she blames it all on the doctor and straight up lies ...

and I really really wanted this to be

good for me it's kind of like when you first learn how to ride a bike rather me go to McDonald's and have a cheeseburger over broccoli hey guys so I wanted to talk to you about the weight loss doctor the program kind of like how I'm feeling what I'm doing after the high and the newness of it kind of has worn off I'm just gonna you know go off the whim and really just talk about some feeling and what I'm thinking as you guys know a couple weeks ago I went to a weight-loss doctor I was so excited I was like amped up I was nervous but more than anything I was excited because I was finally gonna see someone that could possibly change my life forever and I was just thinking a lot of positive thoughts and I was sending myself positive affirmations and I really really wanted this to be good for me I was so like amped and like hi of the just the thought of finally putting my life in my diet my food into someone else's hand instead of my own because I have failed time and time again you guys know that I feel a thing is I feel each new diet change but I never ever saw and truly just give up that is something I will never do it's kind of like when you

first learned how to ride a bike you keep failing and falling off and it just keeps happening you keep falling but what do you do you get back on that bike and keep trying to me and poor me turn this journey I kind of feel like I'm riding a bike try to learn how to ride a bike reason I thought all of it was out the window my fear for change was gone and I was going to do whatever this doctor told me to do so I was going in super optimistic through the whole situation and you know when you're on a high and you don't sleep on it yo Craig act kind of manic early for me I do you know I am bipolar so it was a little bit of a manic situation I was like here let's do this thinking about what he tells me to do and all this is off so I was ready for it went to the grocery store I was going to change my whole life you guys I slept on it I woke up the next day and I was ready to eat the meal plan that he told me to eat if you guys don't remember that was two eggs two pieces of bacon in the morning and for my snacks I was allowed to have beef jerky for lunch I was going to have

a TV dinner of my choice and then for dinner I was going to have a turkey burger or a piece of chicken and some broccoli hey when I say broccoli it feels very weird on my mouth I'm not saying this is a bad weight loss doctor he's probably freaking amazing but I do find some things odd and strange and I had time to kind of rethink rehash and figure out if this is right for me see the thing is I've had a lot of people contact me and tell me you know sometimes the first weight-loss doctor you see isn't going to be the right one sometimes you don't even need to see a weight-loss doctor you need to see a nutritionist you know and all this stuff and I didn't want to believe it I was like no this is gonna be my one and only I'm so excited but let me let me just talk about it so the first thing I found strange is that he didn't think weight loss surgery was right for me for someone my size a lot of people my size they get told that weight loss surgery is right for you this is how you're going to save your life but he didn't want to give me weight loss surgery I had told him I had the money and he still explained to me

he didn't think weight loss surgery was gonna make me lose weight it was just like okay second thing is this broccoli situation so we were going and back and forth and he was telling me what to eat you tell me what kinds of foods I like because he didn't want me to eat things I didn't like obviously so he didn't mentioned anything of fruits and vegetables not a single thing and so something that shocked me because I feel like a good nutritional diet is to have fruits and vegetables but he kept going awesome something else when he was trying to like tell me what I was supposed to eat throughout the day and for some reason I even said this in the video before he kept forgetting to tell me about like what I should eat for dinners and so finally like three different times I was just like so yeah you didn't tell me what I have to do for dinner and I felt kind of annoying but like that was the thing that was why I went there he was supposed to you know tell me these things he he looked at me and he's like so what do you think you should eat for dinner and before I could even say anything Becky was sitting and she was like I'm thinking like chicken

it was like exactly you know just a piece of meat you can even go to McDonald's and have cheeseburgers if you wanted just take off the bun but he wasn't mentioning like fruits and vegetables and for some reason that just like surprised me for some reason so I was like whoa do I have you know stuff on the I do I have like Benji's or whatever like broccoli and he was like yeah that's fine but he was like make sure you don't have a lot of it because it's filled with tons of carbs and I was just like okay for some reason and my guy my gut kind of twisted a bit you know how like when you should trust your instinct trust your gut in your heart and what that says I was like okay so he'd rather me eat I'm not saying anything problems like bacon and stuff like how about in moderation of course but he would rather me eat like sodium filled beef jerky and he'd rather be go to McDonald's and have a cheeseburger over broccoli for some reason that like turned me like in my stomach it like made me feel weird but I ignored it because I was ready to listen to everything that he wanted me to do so

he told me to eat exactly what we planned out and not to do anything different so I was like okay that's gonna be easy because that's what I like I want someone to tell me that's what I'm supposed to eat but it's like I feel like there's a right and there's a wrong I asked him should i log my food somewhere because he wanted me to stay under a carb limit and he said no don't log your food and in my head I was like then how do I know how many carbs I'm staying under because he gave me a specific number and then I was like well should I count calories he was like no don't worry about how are you because I don't want you to become obsessive or anything like that just follow exactly what I told you to eat so I was just like okay I was really excited not to have to count calories because I was like my lease everything didn't like the whole world it's so overwhelming but it does the job I'm gonna be honest kaien calories is like the number one way of losing weight so it was the next day and I last saw my plan exactly like he told me to do and it was about the day was over halfway over and like eating breakfast you guys know this about me so

my day was kind of off kilter already because he wanted me to eat breakfast so I was just following plan and I was like okay I'm do something he told me not to do I decided to go on my fitness pal and I decided to log my food over there everything that I was going to eat that day because everything's ready set and scheduled to go and I still had dinner to eat so I was logging my food doing my thing and I was excited I was like okay I could probably eat like this every day I don't have to eat tons of fruit and veggies like okay if I could lose weight and not have to eat those cool because I should believe everything a weight-loss doctor says right see it's not like I'm being like great I'm really not this is just like how I feel for me and like my body and my situation but even so I logged everything in my sodium was over four thousand milligrams I think it was at 4,600 I also say 46,000 I'd be dead yeah it was at 4600 milligrams and that took me aback especially because the calories the calories versus the sodium [Music] completely shook me it was like seven hundred and twenty calories that was all

I was going to eat every single day and I was like my eating disorder mind and like everything that's happened to me in the past with like food and like everything just like came rushing back I started thinking of Octavia and I started thinking of my binge eating disorder and I was just like what 720 calories I can't do it see and it's not even just like oh but I can like stop eating that and I've more that to my diet and you know make sure have as much sodium but like tired my calories I couldn't he told me the distinctively this is what you're gonna be eating every single day is 720 calories every single day is that ok for someone especially when there's like really no fruits and no vegetables it's all very like processed meats and things like that and it's like a lot of sodium is that like okay so before anyone clocked me and they're like in the comments and they're saying will you eat you know tons of sodium on the daily basis anyways you guys I am trying my hardest to find a sustainable doable healthy nutritious not now nourished type of lifestyle if I'm going to be starting a new diet plan

and I truly have to like try every single day not to eat the junk that I want to eat and to become a healthier me and lose weight I don't want to be doing something unhealthy I thoroughly believe that you should trust your gut and I have done this so many times I know I'm annoying hate me I'm sorry but it's just like this is my life and my journey and I'm trying to find what is right for me and I know what's right for me and it's like staring right at my face it's just like me pick me pick me and it's just like it's so obvious what's right for me it's so obvious what works for me I just have to do it now a lot of people are gonna be mad at me a lot of people gonna be upset with me but I'm not following my doctor's plan anymore I don't even think I'm ever gonna see him again I I don't feel comfortable eating only at 700 calories and having over 4,000 milligrams of sodium it just doesn't make sense to me it makes me feel uncomfortable I want to be able to eat vegetables I personally like vegetables I mean I don't eat them every day vegetables are key they make me feel better I want to be able to have some fruit here and there moral of the story

700 calories over 4,000 milligrams of sodium doesn't make sense doesn't add up my brain it's not right for me but I do wanna live everyone oh don't you fret I've not given up I'm back on the bicycle and I'm gonna be making a whole other video girl I'm gonna be weighing in again because he wanted me to throw away the scale and I'm just like I'm not I need to weigh myself I am almost 600 pounds I'm like 40 pounds away from 6 M pounds I need a scale to tell me I am NOT getting closer to that number like that's what if you see a weight-loss doctor and they tell you things that are just downright like not something that you feel in your gut is gonna work for you because trust me that what he told me to do might work for other people 100% but does that work for me and my journey no I don't think it does and that's okay you need to find something that works for you and I hate drinking to the choir when I'm literally like the most worst like influence when it comes to weight loss I understand that but again I don't sob getting on that bike no matter how many times I fall off and I feel like someone should

at least give me credit for that because I could literally turn this whole channel into a mukbang channel and I can make so much more money than I am now but I would die a lot sooner but I just wanted to be honest with you guys because that is what my channel is about honesty real this is happening in my life or anything wait and what I'm doing and it's always gonna be like that like I can't wait the day that I visit my family needed to meet them that'll be kind of cool okay again I'm rambling I'm gonna end this video and I'll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]