22 July 2019

Amber’s Weight-Loss Doctor Saga: Optivia 2.0

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we are back at day one amber a new cycle

has officially started at hi I'm the village fool it's good to meet you we are living phase one fantasy here people we are living the Weight Watchers dream hey everyone welcome back today I wanted to talk about amber Lynn's weight loss doctor saga I wanted to talk contradictions I wanted to talk side-by-side comparisons I want to talk about it all so uh buckle in cuz we're gonna go there we have had a whip lash style week here folks on July 14th amber posted I went to a weight loss doctor on July 15th she posted my new diet plan and grocery haul she let it sit a few days until she hinted an update on July 20th the update was the truth about the weight loss doctor followed by day one dot dot one on July 21st this entire saga only lasted for a week but that is posting time and not real time in the second videos she references the first as weeks ago so we have no idea where we are in time we don't know the date we don't know where we are in amber land time is a social construct and it is thrown out our theoretical window Cliff Notes version I feel like she didn't even need to put up the first

two videos about her weight loss doctor I would have avoided a lot of this altogether if you have a hundred days of uploading plan and you filmed those two videos in one day you could have just scrapped them but no here we are I'm getting a little ahead of myself so I'll I'll hold off I'll hold it back ok we begin this journey with the mentality of this'll hopefully maybe perhaps be the beginning of the rest of my life and in addition we're starting tomorrow because the rest of our lives start tomorrow and not today but that's not the point of this video amber emphasizes that her weight-loss doctor is superb he helps so many people and he is so great the weight-loss doctor the world I love it like you could tell that he has just done this for a long time he lost weight himself our plan is to lose eight pounds a month for four years for a weight loss goal weight of 310 pounds four years from now he thinks I can weigh 310 in conclusion amber doesn't want any of our opinions she wants to follow the plan that the weight-loss doctor gave her and because he is a weight-loss doctor we do not know what we are talking about because

you know he's a professional when literally a professional weight-loss doctor told me to do this so and we're gonna trust them the weight loss professional next is my new diet plan and grocery haul this video is filmed the same day as I went to a weight loss doctor so we're talking in the same time here these are the same day amber explains her meal plan to us and once again reiterates that she does not want any of our opinions I'm gonna get a lot of negative comments about the food about the program about this and that but I'm not here to hear it like I'm not here to hear it because she is going to follow the guidance of a weight-loss doctor and professional and none of us are that and this doctor is so credible and has a staunch amount of success he knows what he's talking about because he's made tons of people lose weight amber is told specifically to not count calories because her doctor says that a lot of times people who count calories become overwhelmed and failed amber agrees with this and says that counting calories has caused her to fail multiple times in the past one thing is

I don't have to count calories I am so excited for that I can't even he told me the reason why he doesn't want me to count calories is because he doesn't want me to get overwhelmed and stop he says a lot of people who count calories fail so I was like that's true I've been counting trying to cut calories my whole life and look at where I'm at now for breakfast amber will be having eggs and bacon or a protein bar for lunch she will be having a Lean Cuisine and for dinner she will be having veg and sumeet if she is hungry throughout the day she will snack on peppered beef jerky and only peppered beef jerky amber is very excited for this new meal plan and that she'll check back in with her doctor in two weeks to see how the plan is working for her in final everybody has opinions but amber does not want to hear your opinion on this matter because she is set in stone next we get the truth about the weight loss doctor the video we all wish we didn't get time out here for a second to say thank you everybody who commented on my last video about the eye to eye tweet there were so

many people that said they saw it and so many people who gave receipts for everything and I really appreciate you all so much okay put me back in coach in this video she never clearly says when this is happening all she says is that she once in the weight loss doctor weeks ago as you guys know a couple of weeks ago I went to a weight loss doctor but hey time twists and bends and we can construct time any narrative that we want since we have videos from so far back amber says that dieting is like riding a bike sometimes you fail and sometimes you fall up but you always get back on that bike again she never says how long it took her to decide to not do the doctor's weight-loss plan or when she made that decision all she says is that she was feeling manic after the appointment bought groceries was super excited went to bed slept on it and then woke up and ate breakfast she said that after breakfast she had time to rethink and reconsider this plan and she decided that it was not for her she said that a lot of people were contacting her and telling them her opinions and then she listened to their opinion something she said she wasn't going to do in the last

video she said that she was concerned about the doctor not recommending weight-loss surgery when she did not want weight-loss surgery in the first place she said she was also concerned about veg not being a frontliner in her meal plan something that she didn't voice as a concern in her grocery haul she said that the doctors meal plans did not sit well with her and she started to have this gut feeling about it that turn off amber then says that counting calories is the key to weight loss and for the doctor to suggest for her to not count calories so she does not get overwhelmed was not good advice and the key to some of her diets in the past was counting calories I was really excited not to have to count calories because I was like my least favorite thing to do in like the whole world it's so overwhelming but it does the job I'm gonna be honest counting calories is like the number one way of losing weight and then after lugging all of her food into MyFitnessPal she found out that she was eating around seven hundred and twenty calories and a high amount of sodium in that moment she said that she felt

triggered by her IDI and that she felt like she needed to stop she said that in that moment realizing she was only eating 720 calories triggered her IDI and that she could not consult her doctor about this because he was firm she must only eat these things higher my calories I couldn't because he told me distinctively this is what you're gonna be eating every single day she then asks specifically for everybody's opinion on why this diet is bad you let me know you TM me and tell me why this diet is bad were before she did not want to hear anybody's opinion I don't know I I want to know DM me if you want is 720 calories every single day is I don't pay for someone she ends with saying that she is not comfortable coming to her weight-loss doctor with these concerns and working out a different plan and that she knows what is the best plan for her and for you to tell her why that old plan was bad she wants to hear your opinion it's so obvious what works for me I just have to do it I know a lot of people are gonna be mad at me a lot of people gonna be upset with me but I'm not following my doctor's plan anymore finally we are full circle we are at day

one dot dot dot again amber films this video just after filming her truth about the weight loss doctor video weeks after she was actually at the weight loss doctor again we have virtue no idea what time frame we are in I don't know the date I don't know the time I don't know the season time is a construct that we are not following it here people amber states in this video she is not justifying herself she will try and remember to wait in daily and post them in her vlogs but she's also not promising anything and today is the first day that she will be starting um drum roll please Weight Watchers but wait Sarah you mean that diet that we mentioned in how I lost the famous 89 pounds and said that triggered her to binge and really played into her deep so she didn't even do it for more than a week yeah yeah yeah yeah that one that that Weight Watchers we're doing it she said that Weight Watchers teaches you to prioritize and pick healthier foods over unhealthy views contrary to what she said in her past videos we also now have a hundred day goal Journal and we are journaling here

people but she will be keeping this journal personal Amber's new goal is to lose 50 pounds over a hundred days she says the only person who can help her achieve this goal and hold herself accountable is her self she also peppers in the fact that her fin GD has pretty much completely vanished binging for me has kind of like vanished a little bit Wow girl if you know the cure for binge eating let a girl know that is some helpful information in the end we have a new weigh-in and we are off on day one again my main gripe with this entire saga was that if you had concerns why wouldn't you voice them chronologically instead of waiting weeks after and posting two more videos she put up these videos and then put filler videos in between so it gave it the illusion that she was following this diet for at least a week when in reality it seems like she quit the next day she said that she woke up and then was trying to follow plan and then wasn't feeling it after she locked her calories it's not the viewers fault for being confused when all of these videos are a month and a half behind and confused by the timeline in addition all

four of these videos were filmed just in two days the first two videos were filmed the day she went to this weight loss doctor and the last two videos were just filmed in a random day weeks from now if you have so much content schedule that you are a month and a half behind on content you really could have just scrapped those two videos of you going to the weight loss doctor put out a tweet and have been done with it this entire thing is hauntingly familiar to Octavia this is really up to via 2.0 if you don't know amber started a diet called up tibia a little bit ago and she bought into this MLM and she decided and it wasn't for her after she logged her calories into My Fitness Pal and realized they were about 900 calories so then she decided to stop doing the diet except she didn't tell her viewers and continue to post videos as if she was still doing the diet she never really addressed that so I doubt we'll ever get this address - there are also so many contradictions within these four videos she references her eat and in the video that was recorded the same day right after she clicked off on the recording but in then on on the recording button

again she says it has magically vanished if you have a cure for Eadie's let a girl know because I feel like the village fool for letting that affect my life for years but hey if it can be a gone I would love that info she was so a for her weight loss doctor and they were so credible they had such good stories and then she is so against him in the next it just seems like such a flip-flop and the time difference in between just seems suss to me she doesn't want anyone's opinion about anything and then she wants everyone to tell her that the diet plan was wrong weeks later it just seems like she's wanting people to validate why she's quitting this plan also how could people have voiced their criticism if this was posted on July 14th but was filmed at the beginning of June and the end of May and then you quit weeks later so all of this was pre-recorded so how could people have voiced their concerns maybe I'm missing some and she was talking about it on a different platform but there seems like there's virtually no way cuz nobody knew what your diet plan was yet you said it in the video and then you quit weeks

later if you decided to stop this meal plan by yourself say it wasn't people telling you because people didn't know yet at first she agrees that counting calories is detrimental and one of the reasons as to why her diets have failed in the past and then switches and say it is the core reason of why some of her diets have succeeded in the past and that is the key to weight loss like if counting calories works for you than counting calories work for you just don't flip-flop like that I really can't get over how she went from praising her doctor said shunning him and kind of pushing his advice to the side at first there a weight loss professional and nobody's allowed to share their opinions on the matter because they're a professional and they know what they're doing but that very quickly turns into hey you shouldn't listen to everything a weight loss or doctor tells you right because I shall believe everything a weight loss doctor says right not every doctor is going to know your body well enough especially within the first visit but like damn that whiplash was real you had me going on a roller coaster from

side to side slamming all the way down and then she says she quit because she wants to have a sustainable meal plan but then chooses Weight Watchers which is something that she said in how she lost 89 pounds which triggered her to binge and she quit in less than a week how does that even make sense I feel like it's evident that she doesn't even watch any of her videos back like if you're going to reference an idea from an old video maybe you should watch it back to see what you said first because it just isn't adding up like it is not at all I personally feel that the truth about the weight loss doctor wasn't even for us I feel like it was for Amber to convince herself why she was quitting this meal plan it was a wild to see somebody disregard everything they've said in the past and throw it out the window and then come up with all of these new excuses in a way that was just like it was like well like hold up like did we watch the same fog was that your actual experience or am I like in an alternate universe and that never happened like I'm confused this remind this honestly reminded me of the

carousel sales pitch from Mad Men because they have the same punch line the punch line is capitalism and the joke is how to use other people's emotions for profit it's your job I give you money you give me ideas you never say thank you ammonia's for this entire saga was a roller coaster ride from start to finish I'm interested to see where WeightWatchers is going to bring us and if so for how long and if we will be productive in doing so I would hope that we are productive in doing so because I always want amber to accomplish the things that she does once you accomplish but this Optive you like fever dream once again has left me a little bit pessimistic I'm interested to see what we get next and as we all know we cannot pick and choose in amber land so hey we'll see thank you everybody for watching and I'll see you in the next video bye