24 July 2016

All Weight Loss Program Is A Scam

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outfit yes yes yes today's topic is weight loss programs scale let me rephrase this topic all weight loss program is a scale and this is the reason why I say this what worked for certain people may or will not work for you because every body body metabolism is different you have to get to know your metabolism you have to get to know what works for you and what works for you again may not work for a particular person that's telling you hey this is what i did this is what I did to lose weight all you have to do is what I did not true in most cases okay all right you got these celebrity you got window Williams okay she lost weight lot of weight she's supposed to be on this one program deal I guess through dr. oz and by the way dr. oz he's a pretty good guy he means well and some of his methods do work I guess from what I understand that's the reason why a lot of doctors got teeth pissed off at him because he was about to put doctors out of business okay by giving some you know home remedies of things that are make your visit less at the clinic and the hospital alright uh again the reason why i feel that most weight loss

programs are scam because they're telling you about a particularly in the visual who who work at fitz who schedule is totally different from yours but i give it to them they mean well but you know be careful don't spend your money end up being disappointed and not just don't spend your money and being disappointed at a certain age you do know what works for you for its weight loss or losing weight or trying to lose weight okay you got two things going on but people would tell you Oh Ethan see that don't you see that in exercise a lot I know from experience everybody don't have time to exercise and it's true it's not an excuse for for some people it's not an excuse here's my analogy or J wheels ology since you don't have time to exercise why are you trying to lose weight common sense should tell you to eat less true eat less I'm drink quite a bit of water and/or juice real juice notin juice no juices with the artificial flavoring and preservative colors avoid those type of juice were you trying to lose weight I would suggest for some of you since you have children and you just can't do a certain diet or whatever cuz you have

children to feed you got this program telling you to change your eating habits of course I must really do need to change our eating habits but if you like to continue to eat what you eat it now and you being stubborn we all know pasta white bread rice potatoes could be our worst enemy because it builds up sugar in your system and that's a lot of people become diabetics mean personally I do not do a lot of berry bread is my worst enemy pretty much yeah I know I know some of you love bread I'm not trying to tell you what the I'm telling you about myself right now okay I'm bread rice puts me down I can feel it after I I eat it I can feel it that hey I'm not feeling well what's wrong with me and a lot of people problem after they eat some food that it that's no good for and again this subject games called the topic is called all weight loss programs is a scam so I thought I share this with you um best thing to do since you're not going to change your eating habits is to eat less of what you're eating I mean when I said list I'm talking about a very small portion of it didn't walk away from the table you will feel better

different I try like some people that try to stop smoking cigarettes smoked you have to do a count smoke will you see if he's trying to quit smoking cigarettes you smoke less cigarettes a day let's say you smoke up I said you smoked 20 cigarettes today I'd be fair each week this give you plenty of time to lay off of it or try to quit each week smoke one less cigarette each week keep count of how many cigarettes you smoke per week I was going to say each day smoke one less cigarette per day but I'm been linger and fair and understanding I don't smoke thank God I don't and my age people can't believe how active I am how high I can jump for my age jumping on top of a counter flat foot from our ground without running people don't believe that I could not run the average 21 you God that is sad when I was 21 years old guys older than me unless you run track or he's a pro athlete Rana he was not gonna outrun me man i'm out running these young guys did not die run them they're like now come on let's go again let's go again I so you see that I'm tired I told you I was gonna give you one run Donna's go again they want to keep me running till I get

tired and they finally beat me that one time but I it's not going to happen so that was my thought my input on the weight loss um all weight loss program is a scam because everybody is different what applies to whoever they saying that lost the weight or what have you and I by the way a lot of celebrities are indoors to to say that they lost weight using this product when in fact they may have lost weight they're our own way without using that product and then the company got wind of that celebrity losing weight and came to him saying listen here wow you lost weight we see that you lost weight wow you look good you look great hey could you tell people that you used our product to lose all that way we'll pay this amount money right here first you might blend unlock my life to the people no I'm telling my lost weight this is how laws way I do not lose weight using your product oh yeah okay what do we pay you this would you tell them now that you lost weight using our product I thought I put that out there thank you wonderful subscribe to me blame 81 and hotmail that Facebook J wheel facebook and our Twitter blend entertainment

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