10 June 2019

All diets (Keto too) stall with time. Succeed using OMAD.

In this video I talk about why every diet will eventually fail. That is because of "homeostasis". Homeostasis is a condition where the body eventually reaches its ...

well this video is about why a year diet

is no longer working the other a friend of our family asked me she had been on keto the ketogenic diet for six months or so and it she was no longer losing weight and that is reason why most diets failed the answer is homeostasis and what that means is your body gets acclimated to that diet and your body reaches a state of homeostasis which means their equilibrium so eventually all diets will stop working now how how do you fix that problem the answer is in this book eat rich live long by Ivor Cummings and Jeffery Gerber on page 113 he says the best way to shift the burn weight is to ensure long gaps and between meals are the norm so you stay in a fasted state longer and then he says make these well spaced meals low-carb ones to seal the weight-loss deal so basically what he's talking about is intermittent fasting time restrictive eating or more commonly one meal a day so there's different reasons why the diet may stop working one is insulin resistance where your insulin level high brains learn anemia your insulin level is too high and the fat cells are locked and you're not

burning fat you may be eating too many carbohydrates or a metabolic rate might have decreased to the point where you're no longer losing weight so the treatment of all those conditions is fasting and I recommend one meal a day that works and and it works from many reasons the main reason is it allows your insulin level to drop into the back to its baseline and now when the insulin level drops to the baseline that unlocks the fat cells and you're able to burn your own fat basically keep continuing using weight so one meal a day it's best to combine it with the ketogenic diet but even even if you're eating you get continue to eat your favorite foods you will be a successful doing one meal a day and losing weight okay so there you have it the secret to overcoming the failure of every diet and every diet will fail unless you're doing intermittent fasting or a one meal a day okay I hope everyone found this useful please like comment subscribe and share signing out stay young bye