10 June 2019

All bodies are beach bodies #MondayMoan | Little O Nutrition

We're quickly approaching peak "beach body" season, and if you think about it this is what diet culture builds up to all year. Diet culture basically tells us to ...

hi everyone una ultimate low attrition

back with another rent and today if you can read backwards read my sign because it says all bodies are beach bodies and that's what I want to talk about today we're coming rapidly into the beach body bikini body zone of the year because if you actually think about how the year is marked out in diet culture land it's basically diet for you know eight to ten months and have a bangin bad for the beach and like the be alliteration also like because that's what that's what diet culture has ultimately created and actually I've been thinking about it for the last little while thinking about you know why I'm gonna say about bikini body season and kind of what I've realized is that this whole beach body bikini body dieting thing is possibly the most successful diet culture trickery and greatest myth of diet culture ever because what they've created is this notion that and actually a notion of an ideal they've created an ideal that all people are expected to live up to if they want to wear a bikini or wear swimwear or go to the beach and that's obvious I was thinking as well about you know where where did it come from where did it start I'm so

interested in stuff like that I was thinking about it and I guess possibly one of the huge factors in promoting this that still used today is the whole Baywatch thing you know like there's certain people that are held up as like icons of swimwear and the ultimate beach body and the ultimate bikini body and you know Pamela Anderson is probably the original the original poster girl for the beach body so I guess she are ideal you know that's what women want to look like and who men want to be with her whatever that kind of saying is so what they've basically created I keep on saying they I mean like diet culture is basically saw what they did in Baywatch saw the people they had on it and went everyone's gonna want to look like that let's make a diet plan that is about weight loss or like getting a six-pack for guys or whatever getting Baywatch legs or a Baywatch bomber like whatever that their customers a lotta out there and they basically created yeah these diet plans and whatever that most of the time will like start in January and say that all by June you look like Pamela Anderson you look like the Huff obviously you

won't because you're not then so you can't look like sorry um and I suppose it's really important to really just look at these diets because the bikini body Beachbody diets are some of the most harmful ones I've seen like I am against 100% of diets that I've read thus far in my life but at least like other diets try to masquerade themselves as being healthy or for health or for some aspect of improving your health like reducing your cholesterol or improving your blood glucose or your blood pressure this one is purely a vanity diet it's completely like you know look like this person or look like you're a model on the beach which is obviously not for help it's it's for aesthetics let's really remember that because if that's the aim of the diet it will factor health in to the components of the diet which is abundantly clear if you ever read one of these diet plans and I guarantee you will in the coming weeks because they'll be in all the magazines particularly women's magazines although men's health has become hugely about body image would not recommend buying it and in like a newspaper supplements and there'll be pull outs

and all kinds and if you just look at the diet pans you will be like what because it will be basically no food it's basically a huge restrictive diet that will say you know if you eat like this for two weeks you look great on the beach in Spain and sure right you know I'm not gonna lie about it you hugely restrict your calories for you know a week or two you probably will have lost some weight because you're deficient in calories but again the problem with that like I said time and time again is that number one that's not putting nutrition and health at the forefront like you know it's completely about aesthetics which isn't healthy it's poor for your relationship with food the weight you lose is generally water weight and muscle before it's gonna be fat important and and this is like you know the irony of ironies is you will regain that weight and probably an extra 3 to 5 pounds of weight after the fact now you might not regain the weight until you know next month maybe in six months but it'll come back because you can't maintain that level of restriction so you've got to go back to

normal eating which is a normal human response and a normal human response to severe restriction is over compensation it's over eating and it's generally a binge eating kind of behavior and that binge eating type of behavior really strongly associated with negative emotions like guilt like shame feeling like you have no willpower and also like willpower has nothing to do with nutrition or health it really doesn't have a place here and those negative emotions are really damaging for your mental health obviously I don't have to say that and like I say really bad for your relationship with your body really bad for your relationship with food and just not good for you and so here's just the thing the beach doesn't care what your body looks like doesn't care if you wear a bikini or not I'm guessing the people you go to the beach with they're your family your friends they don't care what your body looks like on the beach by their and reminder again 99% of people you will come across on the beach haven't even looked at you don't care what your bikini looks like don't care if you've cellulite or stretch marks or

fat because they have them too during horrible normal things to have on a human body that has lived a bit of life it's not a bad thing to want to look nice I'm not saying that at all but you have to be real with yourself if you're wasting precious time to look a certain way for a small period of time in your life isn't that kind of counterintuitive aren't you kind of you know losing life - theoretically gained life and that's what we see happen all the time with people who fall into this dieting trap is that they've waited so long because they've thought you know I'm not gonna go on that trip until I lose X amount away or until they look X way or I'm not going to apply for that job until I look a certain way or until this or I'm not gonna go to the beach or I'm not gonna buy that bikini or I'm not gonna wear that dress until I look a certain way and wear a certain size but can't you see that you're limiting your life by doing that there is never a perfect time to buy a new bikini there's never a perfect time to wear that new bikini but you have to do it so please go and enjoy your summer bikini or no

bikini you just enjoy it no beach because all bodies are beach bodies and all bodies are perfect just heavier and please please remember that all summer long and please please remind everyone in your life that all bodies are Beach bodies and the beach doesn't care what body it gets anyway sending you lots of summer positive vibes and I hope the weather is lovely where you are and I hope you enjoy summer bikini or no bikini however you are enjoy it love you