08 April 2019

All about Air Fryers(6 tips)| Are Air Fryers Healthy

In this video learn all about the benefits of air fryers. I give you 6 tips and you get to decide at the end of this video if air fryers are healthy. This is basically air ...


hello my name is Bernice if this is your first time here go ahead and subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won't miss any time I upload another video my channel is for the overall well-being of women 50 and older I also provide inspiration for all and I give kidney donor updates on myself and periodically I collaborate with my daughter in mom and TIFF stories something how about this movie video so I want to talk about it air fryer or air fryers right my husband and I have been married for over 29 years this year will be 30 and he truly honestly listens to me so Christmas morning I go to open up one of my gifts and it's an air fryer right now if you have not heard of an air fryer let me just give you just like the short and dirty version of how it works they sit on top of the counter and it's like a mini convection oven so that means that it heats up the air and it uses a blower to move the air around so the air is heated and it circulates around the food so I'm going to give you five reasons why I believe you should have an airfryer and the end product that he purchased for me was simple living and

so I'll have the link in the description if you're interested in getting one for yourself number one because you're only using just a little bit of oil on the outside of whatever it is that you're getting ready to fry or put in the airfryer it's more like a baking you are cutting down your caloric intake by 70 to 80% that's your first benefit the second benefit is it is time efficient you can cook a whole chicken but a smaller chicken depending on the size of your airfryer in the airfryer faster than you can in an oven so I love it for that the third reason is if it really can crisp up vegetables so if you have picky eaters at your house you have little kids and they don't want to eat their vegetables go ahead and put it on put it in put it in the airfryer crisp it up for them and they will love it number four it reheats leftovers more efficiently than an oven it does it faster and it is tastier than what comes out of a microwave when you reheat your leftovers it preserves the juices and the flavors right number five cleanup is easier it just has the perforated basket and then it has a container to catch all

on the bottom and it is so easy I'm gonna have another video that's gonna show you how to condition your air fryer and I'm gonna show you all the parts of it as well for the simple living air fryer and then finally fry in your house and it fills everything if you have drapes and smells in the drapes it's in the furniture and everything right it just fills your house up with fried food that's not the way it is with an air fryer because it's not you're not deep frying anything it's quick it smells good in the house and doesn't fill it with all that fried greasy smell so question do you have an air fryer and what types of food do you cook in your airfryer leave your answers in the comments because I would love to read it also if you don't have an airfryer are you interested in trying an airfryer I am going to leave a link in the description so that you can click on it and get that simple living it's it's very easy to use and you'll appreciate it until next time