11 June 2019


ALDI HEALTHY FOOD SHOPPING | GROCERY HAUL {Elise Sheree - Mumlife Vlogs} I've made a committment to start shopping at Aldi! If i can't buy it at Aldi, ...

hello everyone Adrienne I was gonna say

Simon Adrienne and I have just gotten back from doing our weekly LG grocery shop we have decided or I decided being the moms that we are going to do all of our groceries from now on at Aldi and anything that we can't get at Aldi we are not getting so I've been doing it for two weeks now I wanted to show you guys what I got and recommend some products that have now try it out that I think are really good so I'm going to show you what we got Adrienne is sitting over here having a Vegemite sandwich because it's easier for him to be eating lunch while I'm packing away the groceries hey you better wait oh don't you touch that with your Vegemite fingers if anyone's got some ideas for lunches he's very picky he just likes playing food and he takes a long time to eat so I have to leave him sitting in his highchair for like half an hour 40 minutes and he just slowly eats his food hello everyone anyway guys this is all my shopping over here I'm gonna start putting it away so I did get this week some dishwasher tablets from fabric softener so that'll be the first time I'm trying those out so that's going to be interesting the

math you are amazing when Adrienne was a newborn baby I didn't like them I'm not sure if they have now changed the formula of them but it says it's got these this like leakage protection and I have to say last week using these and they were fantastic better than some of the other brands that I've been trying lately that I like organic and it's expensive so these I am so happy with them I love them I'm having a smoothie sorry so all my groceries laid out so I can show you I sent $180 and then I will be getting some extra things like I've got to get his formula which is running out from the chemist or from Kohl's and maybe some like toothpaste for Zara I think but the C only thing I couldn't get so I'll quickly show you also over here I've got some three bottles of mineral water let that's for Simon he likes to drink that but other than that let's go fresh fruit and veggies and I try to get the ones with the fleece packaging as I can these bags that come from Aldi actually say please reuse me so I do I keep them and take them back with me

each week to get like the tomatoes or anything that needs to go in the bag so I've got broccolini broccoli bananas apples sweet potato pumpkin carrots lemon in lines and mushrooms I got a little bit of ham we don't normally eat here but I'm finding that the kids like having peeps as well so I make pastry cheese ahem so I don't mind making that every now and then or kind of like healthy stuff lately free stuff about gluten free buckwheat spirals this organic pasta sauce I love because it's just tomato like it doesn't have garlic or onion or anything in it which is really great pieces I love cooking these up in the oven or in the fry pan and just like sprinkling them or if I like you know a big buddha bowl type meal I love them spread I've tried this now for a few weeks absolutely love it tastes exactly the same as any other brand that you would get from another supermarket so this bar has a spot for lunches coconut flakes I love sprinkling them over like more treats or just on cereal or just as a snack on their own what am I thinking well we have this with you know quite often or I'll use it to make fried rice

for the kids oh that's of Simon these Packers are will have as school snacks or Adrienne will munch on them rice crackers time and I will have these as a snack or we're waiting hello I can see you now these are you I haven't tried these before but Adrian did have one why we were shopping there just some really tiny yoghurt and he actually really loved it and he had the whole thing so I just got a few of those to see and then I get all these for Adrian he normally has these for like dessert after dinner it's so I'll get like the the fruit ones so he likes having those after he's had his finger food easier dark chocolate aside then I've got Clinton free bread it's actually really nice the faded bread I really like it I keep it in the fridge I got some pizza bases to make pizza for the kid muffins for breakfast the toast I mean I don't need it the whole meal toast but Simon and Zara eater sandwiches please 60 lunch please for her school lunch box what Congress with pepper snack the mixed berries we always buy so many boxes of these we use them in smoothies

I normally buy about 4 boxes of these but we've actually got some left on last week this salmon it's not as nice as obviously buying fresh salmon but hey it does its job and yes sometimes you just have to choose to eat simply and cheaply otherwise you can spend so much but Armin I like dressing on almonds so I got back up though and that'll last me or a just like I don't buy this stuff every week it's just sometimes you have to buy bulk things and they last you for a few weeks you know what I mean baby spinach and kale I am loving flying up or baking kale in the oven and adding it to dinners at the moment and spinach we have in smoothies and salads and things like that these organic original corn chips I'm loving I got these last week they're really good for lunch boxes or just the snacks up for baby whacks I haven't tried yet but I've just run out of my other brand that I was using so I'm going to hide those no eggs I had to get some sea salt cinnamon and sesame seeds I want to just sprinkle sesame seeds over like dinners and things I know put them in with the pepitas in the oven olive oil

maple syrup I love that the maple syrup is so cheap because I go through heaps of this stuff Thomas and last week I actually got like a rocket hummus as well and it was so good but this week they didn't have that and I think that's the thing from Aldi is you just have to get whatever they have so I got this basil pesto the difference Ted the nespresso or these capsules they're fine they taste fine in the coffee they're cheaper than this brush so I do want to look into like a recycling system for these capsules I know Nespresso has just come out with like this recycling system so I am gonna look into that because I do think it is a lot of wastage but unfortunately we just can't afford to completely change over to like the old style like coffee grind machine so we only bought this like two years ago so yep until it breaks we are going to be still using these I don't know if this is gonna be any good let me know if your husband uses this normally Simon uses links but I said to him we're gonna have to change everything over so I'm gonna see how he likes this deodorant I've got some nappies in for the washing coconut water and almond milk I actually have a

stash of these down in the bottom my cupboard normally if I've run out we go through about four of these a week I go through about four of these a week and so normally i buy heaps more but we've got heaps already in the cupboard in terms of meats I already have turkey mints in the freezer from last week and chicken breasts from last week that I haven't used yet and like I normally buy if I see like a big box of meat balls or something I'll buy that and I'll have it and freeze them and so they're the main meats that I buy so far they've been fine I actually didn't have to buy any new meat this week because we have enough in the freezer to get us through this week I don't eat meat it's the kids and Simon Adrian is getting really creepy now he's had enough so thank you so much for watching I hope you found this useful let me know what your favorite thing is to buy from Aldi I hope this was enjoyable and I'll see you in my next video bye guys is that Vegemite or is that a booger hey do you mind you're all done you want to see yourself hey hi who's that hey you've done have you eaten you've done well look how many blip you've

eaten maybe 2/3 should we see if there's any in your little pocket thing oh not much nobody near me