10 June 2019

ALCOHOL & Fitness | Fitness & Nutrition advice (2019)

Alcohol gets a pretty bad wrap when it comes to fitness & weight loss.. But is it actually as bad as people make it out to be? In this video I explain the differences ...


hey what is happening guys and welcome back to another episode now today we're gonna be talking about alcohol more specifically the effects of alcohol on trying to build muscle or lose weight so we're not really gonna be looking at the health side of things today so I'm gonna tell you like health risks or health benefits from alcohol today's purely in the sense of fitness so muscle building and weight loss okay so let's start with how alcohol is going to affect weight loss so there's three main areas I want to try and cover here the first one is where the alcohol is actually worse than the other nutrients the second is how alcohol actually affects the other nutrients and the third is why alcohol generally leads to more calories okay so let's start with number one is alcohol worse than the other nutrients well alcohol is actually the exact same in terms of calories so whether you're consuming 500 calories of alcohol or 500 calories of carbohydrate or some sort of a mixed meal it's not going to make a difference if we're just looking at weight loss a lot of people say that the calories you get from alcohol is gonna be worse than the

calories you get from any other nutrient which isn't necessarily true and when you actually drink alcohol it's gonna be the first thing your body metabolizes that's because the process that happens within your body when you consume alcohol is pretty much the same as what happens if you were to consume poison so basically your body is recognizing that you've consumed a toxin and I want to see it rid of that as soon as possible so to do this by sending all that alcohol to the liver and trying to metabolize it as fast as possible now this is actually probably the biggest issue with alcohol because if your liver is focusing on metabolizing the alcohol that means it's not focusing on anything else that's in your body so any other nutrients you have consumed are pretty well set aside and stored for later this is also pretty we're gonna put a hold on your fat burning ability because rather than burning fat or anything else that needs to burn it's only focusing on the alcohol so now let's look at the second point and that's how does alcohol affect the other nutrients well as we mentioned if you consume alcohol it pretty well puts a hold of anything else you consume

so your body's not going to process any micronutrients which is your vitamins and minerals or your macronutrients so protein fat or carbohydrate so this means that the biggest problem with alcohol is actually when other nutrients are involved so if you're only drinking alcohol it's not as much of a problem as if you're having an alcoholic drink and then eating your meal because if you did that then pretty well everything out of that meal is going to be stored rather than burn and now let's look at the third point which is what alcohol generally leads to consuming more now this one's actually pretty basic but most of us don't even know we're doing it so the problem is that we're not substituting alcohol for food we're just combining the two together so usually if you were to consume 600 calories of anything we're generally going to replace our meal with that but when it comes to alcohol will consume the calories in the alcohol and then we'll go and eat the food as well so we're pretty much doubling up on our calories and then the next issue that most people run into here is just making poor food choices because it can be a lot easier

to make good food choices when you're sober but after having a couple of drinks you're gonna be much more inclined to go and have a kebab we'll go have some McDonald's this actually leads us to another problem which is leptin so leptin is a hormone in your body that regulates your hunger so it's basically in charge of telling you when you're full and you don't have to eat any more but unfortunately alcohol pretty much suppresses this hormone so rather than feeling full alcohol can actually have the opposite effect so the more you eat you can actually feel hungrier and hungrier even they don't need any more food and this is obviously a pretty easy way to lead to a caloric surplus which is ultimately going to lead to weight gain okay so now that we've covered the weight loss side of things we're gonna look at alcohols effects on muscle building so again we have three main areas here that we're gonna cover the first one is your hormone levels the second is a lack of nutrients and the third is how it's going to affect your training okay so let's start with our hormone levels well it's actually been shown that just two or three standard

drinks can temporarily decrease your testosterone levels by up to 25% and what's worse is that these levels can take up to 36 hours to get back to normal now keep in mind that any change in hormone levels has to be pretty drastic to make a big difference so if this is just a one-off thing you've probably got nothing to worry about but when it becomes a consistent kind of thing that's when you're gonna have problems but unfortunately it's not only your testosterone levels that are affected it's also your growth hormones so you growth hormones are pretty well in charge of well growth and they usually released at nighttime when you're sleeping so if you were to have a couple of drinks and go to bed your buddy's gonna be too busy processing that alcohol rather than releasing these growth hormones and again if this is a one-time thing you probably don't have anything to worry about but when it becomes consistent that's when it's going to make a substantial difference another key factor to look at here is muscle protein synthesis if you don't know what that is that's basically the process that your

body goes through to create muscle so after an intense workout your body's going to be in this state where it's essentially repairing and rebuild muscle but studies have shown that just a couple standard drinks a couple hours after a workout can decrease this whole process by about thirty four percent so if you're slowing the process that literally builds muscle by over a third that's going to have a pretty big impact on your body's ability to grow muscle okay now point number two a lack of nutrients as we mentioned earlier when alcohol is in your body that is the only thing your body is concerned about so anything else you consume so for example protein isn't going to be broken down and utilized and unfortunately building muscle isn't possible without the right nutrient now the third point that's how it's going to affect your training well alcohol is actually a diuretic and what that means is it's going to make you urinate a lot and that's ultimately going to lead to dehydration and in case you don't know what is extremely important in your body for multiple different things and one of those things is synthesizing adenosine triphosphate

also known as ATP then put it simple ATP is your body's most basic form of fuel and it's made by your body breaking down the nutrients you've consumed now obviously if you've consumed alcohol your body's not focusing on breaking down those nutrients but that's not the only problem because this entire process of synthesizing this ATP can't even take place without water so if you're dehydrated the day after going drinking that's going to decrease the amount of ATP that you can actually make that's going to lead to some pretty severe fatigue you're gonna have really low energy and you're gonna have low strength so if you are gonna be drinking what's the alcohol make sure you have plenty of water to rehydrate yourself the day after now even with everything I've just talked about that doesn't necessarily mean I'm saying you can't drink alcohol or that you shouldn't drink alcohol cuz to be honest I'm a huge believer in doing the things you want to do because if you're having to follow a diet or follow a lifestyle that you don't like you're probably not going to stick to it so as with everything the biggest factor

here is moderation and if you are planning to go out and have a lot of drinks there's a couple things you can do to try and limit the negative effect so the first thing is always try to get all of your workout in before your drinking session so for example if you know you're going out drinking on Friday night make sure you finish all your workouts by Friday that way Saturday is your rest day and you don't have to worry about not being able to train efficiently on the next day the second thing is try to burn as many calories as possible before you go drinking so I always like to do some really intense cardio in the morning so that way if I am gonna accidentally eat some bad foods I'm gonna drink too much at least I've prepared and burnt a couple extra calories so hopefully I'll still be in a caloric deficit the third thing can be pretty hard but if you are gonna be drinking try not to eat now obviously this is easier said than done but if you are going to be eating with your alcohol try to avoid really fatty foods that's all I've got for today I hope you guys enjoyed I hope I helped someone out there if you did like this

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