10 January 2014

Alberta Health Services: Healthy Eating

With the New Year upon us, many of us are making a resolution to eat healthier. This edition of Health Matters provides you with tips to make smarter food ...

hi this is James Murray with Alberta

Health Services for health matters today we're talking to Heather Mather about eating healthy in a new year now how there's a registered dietitian with Alberta Health Services know Heather with a new year people want to get into healthy one of those ways certainly is to start eating healthier so what are so what are a couple ways that people can could start off with in terms of eating healthy sure well Alberta Health Services has some simple steps that people can work towards to eat healthier for the new year and it's a great time to set some goals for healthier eating the first thing to do would be to set out some smart goals so simple manageable attainable reward about goals timely goals but keep it simple I think that's the key and to work with what you can do with your with your goals that you can be successful with so having fruit for breakfast or having vegetables for a snack but just keep it to one goal per week and then reward yourself maybe the reward will be I feel better I've accomplished this goal to it could be used to be a simple reward too so keep it simple that's that's one of the keys to setting yourself up for success if

you try to do too much it's really not sustainable and especially as a dolt it's hard to change habits the steps are simple the six steps are simple but if you're in the habit of not eating a lot of vegetables and fruits which a lot of us aren't less than forty percent 27 alberta's get this driver more servings of vegetables and fruits a day it can be difficult to change your habit so focus on keeping some simple goals okay so what are some other things that people can do I mean certainly there's you know you have a list of 60 what are some of those other other are the things so choosing and preparing healthy foods it's in your control so make those wise choices so have a plan when you're making meals at home and it's better to try to make meals at home because it gives you more control you choose what's at the grocery store read the labels look for things that are higher in fiber low in fat lower in sugar look for more real foods to less packaged foods it makes it easier to if you're you're just buying your vegetables and fruits from the vegetable and fruit so keep that simple as well too but have a plan if you're eating out though to

try to get foods that aren't deep-fried get things that are baked or broiled and make sure that you're choosing your vegetables on the side too but make sure you're using those wise choices and not deep frying your foods try to bake saute things at home instead of using your frying pan deep fat fryer it certainly you know fruits and vegetables whole grains all those things fit in as well right yeah vegetables and fruits are higher in fiber so they're going to stay with you longer because it takes longer to digest your fiber and there's not a lot of calories and most of our vegetables and fruits so that will help you set up for success and choose half of your plate when you're having your main meals have half of your plate as vegetable so that will help to fill you up to choose more vegetables for snacks or fruits it's easy to try to get more fruits into your diet blend them up in a smoothie drink with some yogurt and milk some people will even throw some greens in there too some spinach I've got some good recipes if anyone wants to contact me to trust me they're good look at me so but keep it simple there too it is really easy to get your five or more

servings but that's your aim to to work up to that so yeah definitely that should be a goal and then your whole grains choose at least half of your servings of grain products from Canada's Food Guide as whole grains so look for the word whole 100% whole grain popcorn is a whole grain to barleys a whole grain rise a whole grain so don't always just look at wheat as well oatmeal cereal for breakfast oatmeal is a whole grain so really work to have those in your diet choose brown rice or wild rice whole whole wheat pasta and then of course the whole grain bread and we've got some really nice ones on in the grocery store now to choose from with a lot of different types of grain a lot of people are eating quinoa which is a whole grain to which is a good source of protein to which protein is important too if you're trying to lose weight it takes longer to digest too so you're going to be satisfied longer a lot of women tend maybe not as much protein as men would men tend to have too much women sometimes need to focus more on getting those lean choices of protein in their diet for meals and certainly you know watching how much you

eat as well as equally as important right yes know your portion sizes especially if you're eating out portion sizes are so huge and with the bulk stores now too it's quite easy to overeat so look at Canada's Food Guide as a resource for what your portion size should be and keep keep it to a reasonable amount like don't have huge amounts of meat to a portion size deck of cards is the portion size or the palm of your hand is a portion size for your meats and alternates half a cup of juice which is just a little dune your juice to tetra pak container which is actually a small serving size a lot of people have more than that half your and then again half of your plate should be vegetables when you're having your main meals and just a quarter of that should be your meat alternates and then another quarter as your whole grain choices drinking as well I mean now that we're kind of after the holiday season you know people are going to stop drinking because it's after the holiday so they will continue drinking so what are some alternatives and people can have for healthy drinks I guess well your best choice is always going to be water so

there's no calories in water and staying hydrated will help you not get hungry some people will mistake congruent thurs so it's really important to grab your water and then of course Candice food guide recommends two cups of milk a day for strong bones so that's going to be a good choice to choose your lower fat ones your skin 1% milk SAR going to be a better choice and then watch out for you know the specialty coffee drinks with a lot of sugar in them it pops sports drinks those have a lot of empty calories too and it's easy to get too many calories from a beverage so really be careful about that and they're all over the marketplace it's making wise wise choices is really important to in that respect for beverages and you know alcoholic beverages are quite fattening so keep those two minimum as well okay the key is these six steps are really quite simple it's just it is difficult though to do you know if you're used to choosing you know the sugary kind of coffee specialty drinks or the hot chocolates with a lot of sugar or fat well I think that's what it's all about to as people get into habits and they need to break these

habits nice yeah comes down to yeah don't do it all at once though that's the key just keep doing it reward yourself give yourself a pat on the back for doing one simple step once a week okay yeah great thanks a lot Heather that's been some really great information this is james fourie with Alberta Health Services for health matters see you next time