28 August 2019

Ag, Sustainability and Health: Cooking Strategies for Busy Professionals


hi my name is Shelly Seidel I'm 54 years old and I'm a registered nurse I live in Billings Montana and I am a nurse manager for dialysis clinic incorporated I manage a 40 station dialysis unit and I also take care of my elderly mother where's this this is what I normally eat in a day everything for the entire day yeah so I start out with coffee that cold brew with a little bit of heavy whipping cream and then usually a snack at work on a protein shake and some pecan sometimes and then I either at work I either eat an egg and a whole avocado or you know half of a kind of two eggs and then usually on the way home from work I snack on the pickles and then in the evening I come home and I really want a glass of wine so have a glass of wine and then I have chips and salsa and cheese then usually I'm full well I calculated out your needs and it recommended around 1,500 calories for you okay this whole meal plan that you have going on here ona is only about a thousand sixty-three calories a day so can you guess what's underneath this green right here do you have any idea what might be telling me something about your diet status no no idea let's look

at candle it's not okay so here let's let's reveal the secret ingredient here yeah so what do you think that tells me well there are two no calories in Bella's no here's the thing though you drink these quite often yeah maybe yeah so you're going to an energy drink what do you think that tells me looking at this diet and the needs for energy yeah you're not getting your energy from your food you're getting it from this I mean for goodness sakes there's a parental advisory on the side that's mention it yeah well I know it's not yeah have you heard about a good thing are you familiar with it I think I've heard of it yeah so where you cook a lot of month Inge that you can utilize in several different meals throughout the week so it's easier to prepare so something you'd be willing to try sure batch of cooking is a form of meal preparation and planning in which you cook a large amount of one ingredient for use in several different recipes for this video we cooked an entire package of chicken thighs which were marinated in a savory sauce comprised of Worcestershire sauce coconut aminos honey salt pepper and lemon juice the result is a mildly sweet

flavor that can pair with many different flavor profiles to incorporate more vegetables in your diet it really is as simple as buying whole vegetables although frozen or canned can also suffice if that is all that is available where many people fall short is actually taking the time to prepare these ingredients for when you do want to cook them I find it helpful to chop up all my vegetables and store them ready to cook right after I purchase them you can cube them julienne them have them or even cut them into little hearts you can then store them to cook at a later date or cook them all at once for convenient ready-to-eat meals for during the week as we will do now to create the marinade for the vegetables I always make sure to have some amount of olive oil present from there I am able to choose to add from a wide variety of different sauces such as soy sauce balsamic vinegar honey as well as lime and lemon juice just to name a few tear liquid you can then add whatever seasonings you like I find salt pepper garlic and onion is a great base to start out with for most dishes and adding on from there if your completely

lost on what seasonings to include you can always use pre-made spice mixes inspired by different cuisines from around the world you can then add your marinade to your vegetables and make sure they are all evenly covered here we are preparing three different types of vegetables so we have separated them by making boats out of aluminum foil we have spicy fajita vegetables Italian herb Brussels sprouts and beets as well as squash with tarragon and French lavender I typically set my oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and check on the vegetables every 15 minutes until they've reached the desired texture I cook the chicken at the same temperature but it usually takes about 40 minutes to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees you can also include ready-made rice to add whole grains to your meal once all of your ingredients are done cooking in the oven you can take them out and plate them and any sort of garnish that you desire I like to plate the end result directly into Tupperware for easy transport to work or school so you're pretty excited to try these meals aren't you I'm super excited so you're you're happy with how

things went with this batch cooking experiment absolutely yeah so you think the time and the money investment was worth in oh absolutely and it wasn't taking too much time out of your weekend either no an even for a nurse manager who takes care of her elderly mother yes