10 October 2019

Adderall for weight loss?

This is part 2 of our documentary series on body image, peer pressure , stimulant abuse and how to manage it. On purpose I choose the view of a young men, ...

alright guys Mike and Brandon here this

is the addition to their sequel of our video about binge eating and what we're covering now is medication so medication you know prescribed for depression and so on so fuss now big disclaimer I'm not an MD and neither is he so what we're telling you and what I've told you in previous videos is simply experience okay it's nothing else is I'm not saying you should take his medication I'm not saying you should not take the medication what I'm saying is this what the medication cost to his psyche and so on so forth quick intro so we're having January New York City it's dark you know he falls into sort of a slump and goes to see somebody and it's being prescribed several medications and so once you give us a brief rundown what what they did for you and what they didn't know what they wear first wasn't so and so forth at the time I was I'm suffering from the and when I went to see this like Hyatt rest' I couldn't get I told her right because they listen to your symptoms so I said I couldn't get out of bed and I you know I couldn't focus so she was like okay so you're depressed and you know you have

ADHD so so she just prescribed so getting a prescription for stimulants and I did it so easy so I was prescribed a dural I was probably prescribed Ritalin as prescribed vyvanse I was prescribed xanax for anxiety and I was prescribed depression again I'm not a doctor obviously but I've had my fair share of mess prescribed if you can tell it I need them but that seems like a shotgun approach to me so you know we're giving your stimulus and depressant and some sort when we just see what sticks and unfortunately and that's again my experience this is what's being done a lot so if you go somewhere they will give you you know a cocktail of ABC hoping that something will do something but the issue is you actually don't know which drug did what right did this one help me or that one or which one was it right so the saga continues so I'll just give up like these drugs actually did for me so I mean when I first started taking adderall there was a honeymoon phase so I thought that I was invincible I thought that my tip I you know even Mike here when I

went to work out with him my first time taking adderall he was like oh he was like you're a lot better you know and you know my mood was amazing and like you know I I I have lost my appetite and you know since I was once I I got I leaned down significantly because adderall does right so when when I I didn't know the whole backstory for many reasons but when he first went on I was at work this might actually work you know and in the bodybuilding world competitors take adderall to get leaner now disclaimer body bills will pretty much take anything or do anything to bet get leaner and bigger right so take-home note do not copy what bodybuilders do for the most part okay so so you got Lena cool right why didn't you say honor likewise I mean it sounds great I would do more well I think I'm you know the thing about adderall is that like you know I it came a time where I was like alright this is not working anymore because your body build tolerance to it right so you don't feel that you like the euphoria anymore so you essentially you you're depressed again so you know the solution is you know we are gonna take more adderall

you're gonna take another stimulant or you know like what are you gonna do about that so I realized that you know it was a slippery slope into like to keep increasing my dose and keep in mind I do know people I'm not gonna name names but I do know extremely high doses of adderall to stay lean - um - for the euphoria like just because I'm a college kid and you know I didn't want to go down that path what a nukes is not particularly hard to get more of any drug right so Dennis was sitting out with Brandon and I said look we have to somehow get you off this stuff and get to the root of the problem as as just like medicating the symptoms right so like so you're depressed you can't get out of bed fine you get you haven't dis stimulant but the question remains what do we do about the underlying depression and how do we treat that we just then causing the binge eating and that sort of thing and that's when he stepped up and and and did the work on his own in order to to put himself together maybe you can summarize that quickly well I think the first step was to stop taking adderall because with the adderall I had these horrible crashes at the end of the

day so like you know I was more mindful about taking my medication and then I also try to focus on the things that mattered so you know I started you know training regularly again I started going out with my friends again even though it sucked at the beginning I didn't want to be there and then I you know I tried to you know slowly ease my way back into normal life you know I have a couple drinks on a Saturday night it's not gonna do anything and um you know work you know try to take your mind off of depression which is often times like the easiest thing but the most important thing to do it's to just think about something else you know and then I know it sounds corny I know it sounds mumbo-jumbo there if you think about something else and focus and that's something else you know you might just stop feeling sorry for yourself like that sums it up was so what you got understand is that unfortunately yes some but most people really don't okay so it's a combination out of doing some sort of exercise eating properly and sleeping managing your life and then you may or may not many mean education but if somebody puts you on three different

drugs and you start abusing them you can pretty much assure it you won't get I mean even I can tell you that okay so for my experience and again Desmond's pins when you're dealing with psychotherapists and pharmacologists you have to be in your own advocate hey sadly they will not always tell you about the downsides and potential downsides or things like you have to be finding out what it is and saying no enough okay so I hope this was helpful bran is almost thing to say and then you guys off to the weekend my last thing to say is like guys like you know if this like fitness stuff is really getting to your head you know body image dysmorphia whatever go get help therapist whatever be mindful it help because even my therapist told me that a lot of her clients are in the modeling industry our body builders are a physique um so you know you're not alone you know guys don't like to talk about this because it's not like ever but like you know you like you know get some help if you need it you know you don't have to go through it yourself it's very true I have three

friends who are not with us anymore because they killed themselves for exactly that reason while it is mafia so if you feel away it's okay to get help my god you