08 June 2019

Acupuncture for Heart and Brain Health

Acupuncture for Heart and Brain Health.

hello my name is Carrie Cobb and I'm a

licensed acupuncturist at Fond du Lac acupuncture clinic I'm here today to explain to you how you can use acupuncture for heart and brain health why is that important you say well according to the CDC heart disease is the number one killer in America stroke is number five and Alzheimer's disease is number six so we wanted to know what can we do to help that one recent study it's called the Sprint study discovered that when you keep your systolic blood pressure at 120 or lower so that would be the top number of your blood pressure reading if that number is 120 or lower it reduces the incidences of cardiovascular events by 25% remember the systolic used to be a recommendation of 140 now it's 120 and that only came after the seven-year study when they showed how important this was to keep that blood pressure down they also discovered in this a subset of that study called the Sprint mind study that if you were to keep that blood pressure down what it does is delay the development of mild cognitive impairment by 19% when usually we believe that mild cognitive impairment is the precursor to

dementia so the researchers felt very optimistic about this and they're continuing to research more and more in depth to see that connection between blood pressure heart health and brain health so today I'm helping this gentleman with his brain and heart health I've chosen a selection of points that are going to be beneficial for him I've started with some points over the upper back area we are literally working over the heart area and that's going to help keep his blood pressure in check it's also when you look at where we at we're working the muscles of the upper back I did do both sides of the back even though the heart is literally only on the left but I'd like to loosen up the entire back because it does it is a problem that he experiences some tightness in the back and we know that acupuncture causes vasodilation and it will allow more blood flow in there and help his muscles loosen up it also promotes the release of inflammation so any sort of pain he might experience caused by the muscle tightness it will also be released we know that the acupuncture also

releases endorphins so that's a natural your body's own natural painkillers so we're doing an awful lot by doing these points but I've also added some additional points in the wrist area and they are helpful some points down here in the ankle area and then we sweep back up I did some points up here in the neck area one they're gonna help with neck tightness too they're going to influence the brain health they allow more circulation into the brain and help him keep that brain functioning well I've got a point at the top of the head I like to think of this as a self-regulating point so again it's pulling energy and blood up into the head it's gonna help his brain health help him think clearly have lots of energy during the day but it allows the energy to them to circulate down through the rest of the body and so he will end up getting a good night's sleep I've also added some points in the ears the ear is a helpful tool for us we can stimulate many different things by using some ear points I put some relaxation points in their heart points and bring points so this combination of treatment of treatment points will be excellent

for him every person does get their treatments personalized and individualized after I'm done I'm going to put this heat back on him for 20 minutes and this also is an FDA regulated devices allows his back muscles to relax and then I've put some Chinese liniment on which is wonderful the muscles as well so he will get loosen muscles we were working on his brain health and her health he will come in about once a month everybody figures out what works best for them sometimes it's bi-weekly monthly bimonthly but whatever we can do to help our brain health is going to be beneficial for us in the long run Carey Codd thank you for watching thunder and thunder like acupuncture clinic