01 May 2019

Accessing Nutrition Plans & Creating a Meal Plan

In this video, I talk about how to access your meal plan on Beachbody on Demand and how to quickly create your own using 21 Day Fix as an example!

hey everyone so I just wanted to go

ahead and share with you a little bit about meal planning today is the day that way we have plenty of time before we get started on Monday for our group so I'll go ahead and share my screen that way you can see how to access your particular meal plan because there's a meal plan specific to every workout so let me go ahead and do that for you so we can start from square one right so I'm gonna come on over here to Beachbody on demand get on out of 21 day fix all right so you're gonna go up to your workouts and usually when you sign it it'll just kind of give you your sort of landing page this is what you've done recently so if you've been dabbling and a couple of different workouts then they'll all show up right here so let's just say we want to go ahead and jump into 21-day fix the one I was just in was 21-day fix real time that was the extreme so let's see what this one is all about so I know a lot of you are going to be doing this program so when you first click on it you're going to come to the overview but what you want if you're looking for your nutrition is to come on over to program materials and

then you're going to scroll on down to nutrition and then your eating plan now this program in particular it will have you do a little bit of a math problem to figure out what your caloric intake is and all of that jazz so start here and then whatever you end up with is going to determine whether you're in plan a B or C so we're gonna go ahead and just jump in as though we're in Plan A and I'll show you exactly how I do this so these are going to be your containers right let me just click back really quick so you can get sort of an understanding of that so these are your containers right a-minor stuck together but they might seem a little scary these are what you should be using for 21 day fix and a lot of the other programs too they use these so um you will use these you can use them basically I consider them as glorified measuring cups right you don't have to pack your lunches or anything in these you can if you want if you have enough to do that but typically what you're using these for is just to measure portion size so usually when I say that a light bulb goes off and hopefully that's the case for you

because I think at first they just kind of go whoa what the heck is going on these are confusing and overwhelming but really they're just color coded measuring cups so your green is going to be veggie purple is going to be your fruits red protein yellow your carbohydrate blue healthy fat and then your arms are going to be your seeds so with that said I'll show you exactly how I do this so that we're gonna again be going as though we're in plan a for 21 day fix all right so plan a says that we get four veggies to fruits four proteins to carbs one healthy fat one seeds and dressings and three oils and nut butters all right so with that said let's kind of pull up a little blank sheet this is exactly how I do this and we're just gonna list across the top what it is that we get the three greens two Purple's four it's two yellows one blue one orange and three teaspoons originally I thought that was two what is three all right so then we're just gonna start from the top um I typically repeat everyday what I have in the morning and then lunches are

typically leftovers from the dinner before just because it helps save money and it helps save time and I don't mind me PD so the first thing I have in the morning in addition my coffee is gonna be my Shakeology that by itself is gonna take away one of your breads I have it in almond milk eight ounces of almond milk is going to utilize one of your teaspoons I know that sounds funny but eight ounces of almond milk equals a teaspoon I also use half of a frozen its half a banana that's frozen half of a banana is one purple all right and then I also add in when I'm feeling crazy a little bit of almond butter right that's gonna take away another one of my teaspoons all right and then I've been adding spinach oh do a handful of spinach typically you're not stuffing in your container or whatever usually it's about a handful but for these purposes we're gonna be using the container so we're gonna take away a green for spinach alright so that is my Shakeology and we have a lot left to work with here so a couple hours later what I'll typically do is have two hard-boiled eggs two hard-boiled eggs is equal to one red apple equal to one purple

and test because times take away all right so there's my like whatever you call that between breakfast and lunch all right and let's just say for lunch this day we're having leftover steak but what I'm doing with my steak this time is putting it over salad so grilled steak from the night before we're having one of our Reds seemed broccoli oops just kidding salad salad if it fits in the green it works put an olives on it olives are one of your weird tricky orange ones great way to get an orange in there and a little bit of cheese take away a blue boom all right and then for dinner we're gonna have chicken so there's our red Amy broccoli that's where this comes in take away a green we're gonna have a little bit of rice take away yellow all right so I still have a teaspoon left so what you can do with that is add it in like if you realize cuz you're gonna you're gonna do this little bit better than me right you're gonna realize that you have that on the front end if not hey go get it teaspoon of nut butter whatever we can add it here so we could say maybe you want to do almond butter on our toast and then we've done all of

our containers for the day so that's how I'm gonna go through every single one of my days usually on a Sunday I'll make make a menu of what I want then I create a grocery list based on that and then what I'll do is basically just move things around so that it works because again if you have leftovers from the day before well maybe that's not really exact than what you were playing for for your containers so if that's the case you know you're gonna have leftovers for lunch well then maybe you can change up your Shakeology maybe if you have an extra teaspoon in your lunch well you can drink your Shakeology with water that day or without your nut butter that day if your lunch has fruit in it maybe you can just use ice in your Shakeology instead of a frozen fruit so the possibilities are endless and I think a lot of times what happens is we just kind of allow ourselves to overthink it it doesn't have to be hard what I've recommended to many people and what I've seen in past groups is folks will take you know a couple hours on the weekend prepare veggies prepare their proteins and then just grill them and then they

have grilled protein and veggie all week to incorporate in different meals so doesn't have to be this difficult thing another great tip would be to use like rotisserie chicken you can definitely do that and then you know have regular chicken with rice and then you could put it on salad you can make it in tacos so again it does not have to be crazy difficult it doesn't even have to be expensive especially if you're overusing you know different types of ingredients I also think it's a great idea to have shared ingredients so like let's say you have tacos one night and salad another night well then you're using those vegetables over and over and over again and you're still getting a container cap so that is pretty much it as far as meal planning I want to be really quick because it is not crazy involved as soon as you kind of get your container count down I'm just really reprehended on the fact that these are basically measuring cups and for the things that don't fit in here obviously bananas not going to fit into the purple you just have to kind of reference the list so if you go back out this is your plan right oh you can't see my screen that would help

you know you can't see whiskey um sorry done this like twice so yeah instead of being in the actual plan you would just jump back out to look at the food list see if they'll let me do this back under the nutrition section you're like man I totally forgot what is this fall under you would just jump on over to the food list these are all in the Facebook group as well and then now you have a complete list of what falls under one some of them trip me up so I have to go back and reference so you have a question I don't immediately answer you I'm probably gonna say hey go ahead and look at the list or let me check the list just because I don't know all of them off the top of my head yet so here it is you guys again meal planning doesn't have to be this crazy crazy thing it can really just be as much or as little as you want it to be and the reason that we do it is because for me it really alleviates a lot of aches just feelings going into a new week without having you know a prepared week I don't know why but really it just gives me just that calming peaceful attitude that I need to

go into a new week knowing that I'm kind of trying to get Blake ready to go out the door potentially sometimes usually he's the one making me coffee but the night before do I have like his lunch packed and ready to go do we have enough to eat do we have you know are we gonna have to run around I hate that I absolutely hate having to run around during the week absolutely hate saying like oh got this out but I'd much rather go out blah blah blah now it really mixes all of that in the bud and allows you to save money it allows you to save time and stay on track with your health and fitness goals so that's that if you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know