10 June 2019

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vitamin b-complex you at the end of this video you will learn what is vitamin b-complex benefits of vitamin B deficiency symptoms natural sources of vitamin b-complex dosage and usage warning and precaution what is vitamin B vitamin b-complex refers to all of the known essential water soluble vitamins except for vitamin C these include CMN b1 rebo flaw then b2 niacin b3 pantothenic acid b5 paradox sign b6 biotin b7 folic acid benign and Cabala you benefit the vitamin b-complex helps the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose this provides energy for the body it also aid in the breakdown of fats and proteins which aid in the normal functioning of the nervous you B vitamins or vital for Claire luminous skin youthful look and for delaying graying hair B vitamins also counteract stress which has adverse effect on one's appearance the vitamin B complex is essential for correct digestion production of aged CI which is hydrochloric acid and to assist in the

breakdown of fast deficiency symptoms greasy skin dandruff scaly lip poor hair grow gray hair dry skin redness and irritation inflamed seizures at the corners of nose and mouth premature now let's look at some natural sources of vitamin b-complex natural sources of B complex b1 CMN can be found in fish peanuts with germ and bean cereals such as rice wheat and barley all contain B complex vitamins but they are found particularly in the outer covering of the grain this means that polished rice has lost many of these vitamins because of the processes has to go it has to go through the same is true for white flour from wheat b2 riboflavin it can be found in dairy products meats green leafy vegetables nuts and beans b3 which is nice in the can be found in beans dairy products meat and nuts you vitamin b5 some foods that contain vitamin b5 or a liver being meat b6 contain or can be found in beans meat and peanuts b7 can be found in liver eggs and milk

b9 she's folic acid can be found in dark green leafy vegetables liver beans b12 can be found in meats yogurt eggs you don't age and usage the recommended daily allowance for the complex is as follows b1 which is C MN has an RDA of 121.4 micrograms for persons ages 11 and / b2 riboflavin has an RDA of 1.6 micrograms but persons ages 11 and over these three which is Nia Singh has an RDA of 13 which is 1/3 to 18 which is 1/8 my programs for persons ages 11 and over and these 5 which is time to acetic acid has an RDA of 4 to 7 micrograms per person v6 which is pyridoxine has an RDA of two to 2.2 micrograms for persons ages 11 and over these seven which is biotin has an RDA of 100 to 200 microgram but persons ages 11 and over benign which is falling acid has an RDA of 400 micrograms per person ages 11 and over and b12 which is cobalamin has an RDA of 3 micrograms per person ages 11 and over please note that these RDA can be found in most vitamin or on the container always remember to use the recommended dosage as

wanting some precautions patients who are recovering from heart attacks or not advised to take vitamin b-complex studies show that those who took the highest among the vitamin B their heart risk increased by 20% persons who are allergic should not take this vitamin be mindful of if you're pregnant be mindful if you're breastfeeding keep out of reach of children store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight you this brings us to the end of this tutorial remember a chance allistic health clinic we strive to restore your mind body and soul the natural way knowledge is power