09 May 2012

A Mom Teaches Her Children the Importance of Food

"Being a mom is really connected to feeding your kids", says Sarah Gilbert, a stay-at-home working mother. As she learned from her mother growing up, Gilbert ...

bringing the people behind our food to

life the way I start every morning is washing dishes and listening to India I have three boys and they're four six and nine and my husband is in the military so he's been in quite for a long time and so I've gotten kind of used to the solo parenting thing I do it a lot would you like to come outside and work in the yard I suppose it's you know all just organized around the kids so I get up get them school and then I'll usually do some sort of work in the morning and then it's all just a big afternoon of making sure they get their homework done getting snacks getting dinner washing dishes again that sort of thing until bedtime I grew up as as the oldest of five kids and you know my mom taught me how to cook for as you know and the first memories I have are of her you know putting a big breakfast on the table and us making cookies and making bread and so I feel like you know being a mom is really connected to to to feeding your kids I started out just really wanting to eat local and hat and this was when my son Monroe was was nursing so he's about six months old when my sister you know started reading a lot more and really you know going

from oh I'd like to go to farmers markets to like I really want to eat you know as local as possible I really want to get you know conventional produce out of my diet and families diet I really want to get preservatives and you know process flowers out of my family's diet and but you know the only way to get chemicals out of your diet is to make stuff yourself tuna is really good I converted my entire family into home canned tuna I think we did 70 or 80 pints of tomatoes this year we do peaches and lots and lots of jam and some pickles didn't you know I really discovered a love for a canning especially Jam I think that moms can you know not be afraid to engage their kids and the whole process of food and I think that sometimes we're worried about you know are they gonna burn themselves is that are they gonna cut the finger off with a knife you know are they gonna throw a fit at the grocery store if I go to the farmers market are they gonna run off and I'm gonna lose them or you know whatever my kids will always be more interested in you know in trying a food if they've gotten to pick whether we're

gonna get the yellow cauliflower the white cauliflower you know or they've gotten to help me cut it up or help me stir it I think for most houses it you know if people are cooking in the kitchen in the kitchen is the center you know and I probably spend you know a third if not a half of my day every day there and so it's you know the place where I kinda I kind of have to love it or else I go crazy you know I told my son that I was going to the farmers market and I told him some of the things I was gonna get he's like Oh kale you know it's not the sort of experience you expect from nine-year-old Anthony you know don't get me wrong he loves to get the cookie soup but it just makes me so happy that he loves kale hahaha I'm thinking it's done looks perfect hey does anybody want to try the pork what tribe you sport sure it's great I just hope that they'll always remember you know that that mom taught them to appreciate good food PS anything you buy for 99 cents cannot be high quality so yes you may be saving money in the store but you are not getting the kind of food that you would be serving to your family at home