22 July 2019

A healthy snack for kids


[Music] [Music] slices also my inspiration bunches of lunches these are the little strips are really good tips for kids this is the perfect snack for your kid why are you making this just because I'm going to see if I have something to make it if my well cousin will like a combination of a ranch cucumber sandwich I've never tried it I just made that up hopefully it ranch cucumber sandwich is actually pretty good that was pretty gross paper towels dickery decorative paper towels and then these paper towers has just left over from fourth of July and this is just a little they don't wanted to get messy but if she does she can just wipe her mouth with this I'm gonna add some ranch in the bowl mix it up I'm gonna make a bowl for a little cousin my other I just need to find a ranch this is just some ranch dressing it's really got on cucumbers I don't come cucumbers cause of those though so he's like I'm a lot more picky than her he's pretty old people think that he's still like these early ages but he doesn't

look like it just a little bit more interesting here is our cucumber and if she wants to she can pour it inside there I'm gonna find a new [Music] like this is just a little snack for your kid if like for lunch or something like that it's a good side just some cucumber since a little bit of I'm using this you can garden ranch I think personally my well cousin loves it if your your kid might love it it has like these little pieces of garlic or whatever and it's just regular interesting with a little bit of garlic goes really well with some fresh picked cucumbers which we did grow these cucumbers and then here is our I love these for to join napkins are so cute and great for lunches I'm sorry about all that screaming and to make them cool stay safe this one's already broken so I don't bother and I'm going to find something as like a little pic maybe a straw will work and I'm gonna see you guys at lunch to create a good lunch for both my little cousins and me now what will cousin Atlas will probably get into this cucumbers these cucumbers because he's a fan of

cucumbers as well don't worry our house is very clean now we have this delicious ranch I have blue and green drinking cups you're probably wondering why is our house sorted like this it's pretty much like this and inside here [Music] [Music] so the choices are chocolate strawberry and one struck live in one's memory so first I'm going to wrap my mouth mouth I'm going to move this ranch dressing cup in front of action I definitely can't boards blurry those other youtubers one milk done no I'm just pouring cuz I need some more drinks might choose Europe's first I'm just gonna do my chocolate chuckle one is definitely more drippy I mean and I'm going to use one read well cousin's gonna have read this this one I'm gonna mix this one this is some delicious strawberry milk mixed with chocolate milk make it nice and pretty nice and chocolatey nice and strawberry and then there's the melt now I'm going to put everything back a nice healthy snack for your kids [Music]

and last but not least I have you guys this chocolate milk chocolate and strawberry milk the strawberries Lola and the chocolates Addie's there you go guys and that's the snack for today oh I can't forget you guys is napkin if you had this chocolate milk hey I'm gonna get your napkin ready okay you guys sit here and right here hope you guys enjoyed I just made a delicious snack for my little cousins I'm sorry it took so long though you're very welcome [Music] they're saying bye and you're gonna see them in more of my videos so I'm gonna do next is going to be some breakfast this is how we're actually gonna see that miner today well so I'm bye guys have a good day and we'll see you it some time I very soon like in just a couple minutes when this video uploads I'm gonna create when they're finished I'm gonna see if they're hungry for breakfast if not I'll get started making breakfast I'm gonna do it to them later see ya bye