17 June 2019

a healthy day in my life & what I eat

a healthy day in my life and what I ate that day! thanks for watching :) BOSH - https://www.bosh.tv/ links: instagram - https://www.instagram.com/katerynasop...


hey guys good morning it's Saturday and as you can see I'm wearing pajamas for kids yeah today I thought that I would do healthy damn my life kind of thing so let's get on with the video so this is my sleep cycle app and I got the solid from 9 hours and 41 minutes last night [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] just cut back from running and I am exhausted and read and really tired I'm going to eat lunch and then have a shower and I'll see you guys when I do that bye I just found the farthest I've ever run around 3.41 kilometers and pretty slow pace but as you can tell the elevation gain I went up a lot of hills I'm happy though I think it's progress and yeah so it's a couple hours later and I had lunch and then I showered and then I had a Skype session now it is about to be the worst thunderstorm ever anyway I'm planning on doing a little photo shoot with my sister and her friends so that should be good and yeah

that's that see you can legit see the clouds moving in and there's lightning [Music] update it's a hailstorm it's hailing it's a full hailstorm yikes [Music] so it's a bit later now and I actually ended up having the photo shoot and it was pouring rain but then it cleared up so we got good golden hour a really good lighting and I'll insert some of the photos here it was actually really fun it was a bit crazy though having so many people because I'm not used to doing group photos but it was good experience and I'm happy with some of the birds I got I am currently balancing this camera on a very makeshift DIY tripod which consists of a cushion and my camera bag so let's hope it work so basically my mom recently went on a work trip to London and she also went shopping and I asked her to get the few things for me which she did very kindly so credits to her for everything I'm about to show you so first we have this deliciously Ella nutty granola with cashews almonds and hazelnuts I'm really

happy that my mom got me a bunch of deliciously Ella stuff because I've been following her and listening to a podcast for a while now and I've really wanted to try some of her product so I'm really happy that now I get to next we have some deliciously a lot cacao and almond oat bars also got some grace raspberry superfood oat bites with chia seeds and whole oats okay so I adjusted the camera and I think this might work now we also got some Gray's nutty protein power chili and lime flavored nuts and I'm super excited about these these are the deliciously Ella energy balls this one is cashew and ginger this is a nut butter ball which is almond butter then I got a hazelnut one also got a veggie protein power graze mix of beans and chickpeas then an almond and blueberry protein ball then a cacao and almond energy last but not least I got a little joke present from my mom from Urban Outfitters and it's a vegan stamp yeah it's really cute it says oh you're a vegan you've never mentioned that before said no one ever I mean it's accurate so that was everything I got from my mom's trip to London

I think I'll post about them a bit on my Instagram story so go follow that if you want to now I think I'm going to go edit some of the photos I took and probably make myself a worm as well [Music] I'm gonna go to bed soon because I'm really tired and I've done a lot today thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it please like comment and subscribe if you want to see more good night and I'll see you soon [Music]