21 March 2017

A Guiltless Treat or Snack. These Banana Muffins are nothing but Healthy!

Packed with Fiber and Protein, these muffins have a secret ingredient...Chickpeas! No one will ever know. They taste delicious and can even be eaten for ...

welcome everybody to the clean cuisine

and today I've got another delicious healthy snack / dessert for you guys it's going to be banana chickpea muffins have no fear you actually will not be tasting the chickpeas in my opinion at all there's just going to be nice moist delicious fiber nutrient-packed muffins that you can grab on the go for lunches for desserts for the kids whatever the case may be so let's get started I've got out all my ingredients right now what I did is I went ahead and I drained two cans of garbanzo beans and the reason that you want to drain them is because we're actually just looking for the texture of the beans it's going to help bring our muffins together we're not necessarily wanting to get the flavor so by rinsing out off really good that sort of starchy liquid that it comes with that'll rinse out a lot of that sort of you know bean flavor that comes with it so just make sure you r in some really good under cold running water and let them drain for a few minutes and then we're going to go ahead and add that into our food processor here I always like to double my recipe because guys so if you just want to try this out for the first time feel free to

cut all my ingredients in half so again I've got two cans of garbanzo beans I also have two very ripe bananas and while I'm throwing all of this into the food processor I've got my oven preheating at 350 degrees so you want to go ahead and set that and I like to use the muffin tins you may prefer to do it in a loaf pan to make it more of like a banana bread I've done that before the time for cooking will vary but I also like to do the little individual muffins because my girls love these for lunches in for a snack after school so alright so I've got my two overripe bananas in there my two cans of garbanzo beans I'm going to add one cup of oats and I use the old fashioned oats organic gluten-free because we're a gluten-free house but any old-fashioned rolled oats would do and then to that I am going to add about a tablespoon of vanilla pure vanilla don't get the imitation stuff it's no bueno and then your favorite nut butter I just happen to have we haven't used this one before so I'm anxious to try this is the sunflower seed nut butter I usually prefer almond or cashew but if you have a peanut butter whatever you want to use

I'm going to go ahead and add in about a half a cup of that just a little more okay get that in there I love the fact that this utilizes a food processor in fact a lot of my healthy desserts do it's just a super simple way to get all your ingredients in there pulse it and then throw it in whatever container you're going to cook it in makes things a lot easier I'm now in here and i'll put up the measurements I've got a little bit of baking powder baking soda and sea salt that's going to help them rise a little bit and the salt is going to give it just a little bit extra flavor and then four in addition to the bananas a little more sweetness component I'm going to add in this happens to be a creamed honey you can certainly use honey agave dates if you want to use a plant-based more plant-based way of sweetening this up you could try stevia um now the measurements will probably change a little bit only because you're using you know this has volume as opposed to stevia usually comes in liquid form sometimes a powdered form as well but anyway so I'm going to use about a quarter cup of this creamed honey and i

know we tend to go a little bit light on the sweet component when i put it in our baking so if you don't think it's sweet enough you can taste the batter when it is all mixed together if you want to add a little bit more that's when you would do it all right so I've got all my ingredients in there you can see here now it's simply going to be a matter of processing this it is going to be a fairly thick batter don't expect it to be runny or look like cake batter it's going to be pretty thick and we're going to go ahead and spoon it into what I'm using is the silicone excuse me muffin tins I love these because you can just pop them out but you could use any sort of cupcake tin or like I said if you wanted to do more of a loaf pan you just want to make sure that you give your if you're using metal or glass spray them with a little cooking spray or line them with wax paper before you put it in alright so here we go let's give it a pulse [Music] I'm going to stop it halfway through and I'm just going to take off the lid and with a spoon I'm just going to push down my sides to make sure all gets

incorporated sometimes the nut butter or the beans or the honey I'll get stuck at the top you want to make sure everything is equally incorporated so I'll just do that and then I'm going to puree it for another 30 seconds to a minute until I feel like everything has come together [Music] alright let's take a look so you can see hopefully you can see like I told you before it's going to be a pretty thick batter and what we're going to do now is we are going to scoop that into into our muffin tins just grab a large spoon and you can um you can fill them just about to the top I mean they're not gonna rise a super and they're not going to rise a lot so you don't have to worry about these overflowing all right so here they are they're pretty much ready to go in the oven again you can kinda bang it down a little bit on the table to make sure it is distributed and it's filled up the bottom of the cup and if you're really feeling fancy you want your kids to get super excited about it not like they're not already going to taste delicious but we like to add a little bit of our non-dairy chocolate chip on top so I literally will just put a few

on the top of each of these again this is an additional totally optional step my girls will devour these without this little extra step but you know sometimes it just makes their makes their day and if I'm being completely honest I'm kind of a sucker for chocolate so all right so there we go got a few chocolate chips on top of each one I'm going to pop them in my 350 degree oven for about let's say between 15 and 20 minutes and I'll show you what they look like when we're done and after about 16 to 17 minutes guys this is what we're looking at Shiloh's excited about it I can promise you these will not disappoint they are delicious they are moist and soft on the inside they definitely will help curb that sweet tooth and like I said they are packed with fiber protein tons of nutrients that are going to be great for you and your kids I hope you guys enjoy be sure to give a thumbs up if you like don't forget to subscribe for more simple clean healthy meals your whole family will love