09 June 2019

A guide to creatine supplements - Total Nutrition Rocklin

Creatine comes in many forms. Creatine monohydrate, Creatine HCL, Creatine Nitrate, Creatine Magnesium Chelate, and many more. Its offered in pills, powder ...

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total nutrition in rockland I'm gonna bring to you so Priya turn yeah if you want to know what cretin it taken if you're having issues understanding the different types of creatine which one is the best what does creatine do and I'm gonna be able to help you on to answer all your questions right now stay tuned let's go so number number one creatine monohydrate we have black market creatine bra this is gonna be their mana hydrate blend creatine monohydrate all that means is creatine is gonna bond to a water molecule and that's how it's gonna injure your body which means more bloating yes so if you take creatine monohydrate you will bloat and retain a little bit more water okay now if you want to empower form like I said I have black market if you want to impel form I have the nutrakey creatine pill form both creatine monohydrate products are very very affordable okay for example creatine raw my black market is going to be 60 servings at a whopping price of $19.99 very very affordable okay but if you do not want the water retention you just don't want to feel bloated especially it's summertime right

then there's other options and literally every other option I have is not going to bloat you okay so the question I always ask to everyone if you want pills or do you want powder most people want powder which is totally cool I like pattern I drink it and I add it to my pre workouts you can add it to your protein you can add to anything your BCA's it doesn't matter drinking it by yourself though a little bit of an acquired taste okay a little bit of an acquired taste so let's start with our most popular creatine in the store it's going to be creating carnage by anabolic warfare okay this is gonna be a brand new blend it's called creatine nitrate again what does that word after the term creatine mean um what it is is that you have all these different creatine's and then the following word is how it enters your body okay so again back to creatine monohydrate hydrate means it bonds with water molecules that's how it enters your body creatine nitrate means it bonds the nitrate and you have nitrate levels that's how it's gonna enter into your bodies through the nitrate channels okay

so that's all it means but again let's stay up to date be with the coolest coolest new formulas because creatine nitrate I'm tell you right now has been reported by myself by a lot of my customers do the pump it's pretty gnarly okay it does it's pretty explosive power it really enters your body very fast and a great great absorption rate okay now that's my only creatine nitrate okay but if you want to do pill form let's talk about a little pill forms that are very comparable to a creatine nitrate formula okay the most popular one we had for a very very long time it's gonna be by neutral one it's called C and six okay this is a creatine hydrochloride or other words known as creatine HCl okay so that's it a hydrochloric acid they bonded it to creatine matter of fact a little bit of a side note creatine hydrochloride was found accidentally okay I don't know how but they just it was an accident they didn't weren't trying to make it I made it and it's very popular probably the second most sold one in the market besides creatine monohydrate now hydrochloride all that really means when you when you digest it it helps the absorption rate a lot

better in the stomach of all the acidity in the stomach so the hydrochloride kind of helps absorb it a lot a lot better okay this is the pill form again my question to you always is powder or pills okay now kefir is their flavor creatine yes there is flavor creatine we do so one flavor treating it isn't really that popular on the flavor profile of creatine most people want to add it to pre workouts or anything else but if you want to take it by yourself or maybe amplify flavors of your choice we do have the rival Asst the Cree elite 5 okay now that's gonna be a creatine blend I don't have them all memorized but let's see here we have a creatine monohydrate we have a creatine magnesium Keely which I'll explain to you in a second we also have the creatine hydrochloride okay so it's a big old blend is the blue raspberry I also have an orange flavour as well but if you did want creatine in powder form that is flavors you can take a by itself I have an option for you one brand but two flavors okay now creating magnesium Kili what is that okay well that can be found in the Tri farm

cake for pill version this is actually my most favorite pill version of creatine I'm not a big fan of pills all themselves but if I were to take pills I would take the K for the reports of this one is huge huge pumps really good strength gains as well but the creatine magnesium Kili just means that it enters your body through the magnesium channels okay so it's a really really good way again none of those bloat at all okay so now let's let's take a step back real quick and understand what is creatine do for you because creatine make you bigger is an increase of testosterone your muscle mass what does it do creatine helps increase your muscle energy okay that's the best way I like to describe it okay other words known as ATP energy okay what creatine does is allow your body or technically allows your muscles to have a full gas tank of energy all the time even when you're in the gym so if you go really do a big lift day and you need a little bit of extra energy to really help get that lift up to help put on the extra five pounds this creatine is gonna be there for you to really help with that okay now the important thing

about this is is you need to flood your body with creatine meaning you take treat on a daily basis you need to take creatine on the days you workout and all the days you do not work out Keifer what time of the day do I take creatine that doesn't matter either okay as long as you're taking and every day as long as treating is inside your body and your gas tank is always full it doesn't matter when you refill up right um it's like getting gas in your car what time of the day should I fill up my gas it doesn't matter when the when it's low fill it up okay so um again my regimen though is I do put created in my pre-workout so technically I take my creatine 30 minutes before I hit the gym okay and then if on my days off I'll just take my treat you look like my vitamins in the morning or be a BCA drink that I make during that day again it's not timed but I do take it every day okay and I take the creatine carnage if I didn't mention that before love this stuff really really good and we have a full-on stack cretin as well but again I think that wraps it all up as far as creatine is

concerned there's a lot of different ones out there there's given a couple that we don't carry that I didn't talk about either um and and if you find creatine that's a different formula and it works for you keep doing it you know again creatine is all the same it's just how it enters your body okay so come on in told intrusion here in Rocklin if you need to get on your creatine game and you have questions and you want to figure out what your best one watch this video I'll see you soon see you later guys bye