19 September 2017

A Current Affair - The Tradie Diet - For Healthy Men

This Story Ran on A current Affair Mid last year. We help educate the David the average tradie just going through his day. The upside is there is healthy options ...

welcome back during his career few footy

players who are fitter than Adam Mad Dog MacDougall now Adams developed a weight loss program for Ozzy blokes he says will help them turn their lives around you don't have to give up everything to get great results being busy on the run is not an excuse so many temptations when it comes to food 34 year old David is your typical Aussie bloke I love my food I love my beer but this tradies waistline has been paying the price I feel like I definitely have gained some kilograms currently three out of four Ozzie men are overweight or obese and alarmingly that figure is on the rise but the problem is that we've just we've developed a more sedentary lifestyle and our diets are terrible David thinks his diet is pretty normal but we've brought in former NRL star at a Mad Dog mcdougal for a harsh dose of reality I've been here maybe I'll show me the difference or the comparison to what I'm eating to what I should be eating as a tradie it's an early start for the father of three after a quick coffee it's off to work via the Golden Arches I could I get a large baking an egg muffin meal please a little bit convenient you

know you can quickly go through dry food and get back to the job as quick as possible by 9:30 David's hungry again time for a couple of sandwiches and a soft drink next it's lunch chicken and chips well I think men in general we think we're still little boys and we we tend to eat the foods that we did when were little kids McDougal creator of the man plan says David's diet is typical of so many blokes it's combination they're not eating enough of the things that their body needs and that's why you end up overeating so you get hungry because of the fact that your body hasn't got the nutrients it needs from the foods don't need to eat quinoa you don't need to eat organic the biggest mistake that guys making us eat time and time again is they're always getting these energy dense foods with it cereals where it spreads passes or Isis but David's not done yet back on site hits smoke oh and time for a chocolate bar chips and another drink then when he knocks off he retreats to his man cave for a hard-earned beer lot of the time' can you have a get a taste of it and you

just feel like that second one and secondly 2/3 then he's nightly dinner meat rice and a few veggies and then another snack sometimes it might be like a late night bowl of cereal bowl of Coco Pops or maybe just you know sandwich before you go to bed so Adam we've got some of the typical foods that David would eat throughout the day and I would guess many blokes would eat throughout the day you're gonna show us some healthier alternatives biggest mistake you make as a man is by not eating protein in the morning have something like cereal you're gonna get a big spike of energy and then a big crash and you're gonna be hungry before you know it yes Adam says you don't need to give up the drive-through thought you just need to choose the healthier options or bring food from home there's so many convenient healthy snacks now on the run things like tuna and salmon and stuff in a can are really good for you and salad and if you're wondering about drinks welcome see that this this is how much sugar dad's getting in his beverages alone that's 60 teaspoons of sugar alone but what about the beer well I've got some

good news it's an Australian so you can't have beer if you're a bloke so you can't have beer but it's about doing the right thing with the food first high sugar high carb diets that are low in healthy veggie type foods is very dangerous for people according to doctor Sam hi not eating enough protein and vegetables can lead to disease later in life a bad diet can be catastrophic for people increased obesity increased risk of diabetes heart attack cancer and death he says there are some simple guidelines men should follow the average Ozzy bloke 35 to 45 years old I want to be eating about 11,000 kilojoules which is two and a half thousand calories a day for the trader who's is expending a bit more energy in their work it's about 15,000 kilojoules or three and a half thousand calories a day the best diet is one you can stick to and the one you can stick to as a sensible diet for more information on Adams program just visit our website