13 September 2018


Hope you enjoy the vid angels!! Will show the footage of taking that blood test on instagram, so go give my account a follow if you want to see x Insta- @fittolift.

good morning hoodies welcome back to the

channel or good afternoon or good evening good day opens a good day wherever you are whenever anywho today I thought I would do a bit of a full day of eating this video is just gonna be like that told me also stuff I'm going to show you how I make them I'm gonna try and make interesting food I'm gonna try I have plans for interesting food so you know Harvey's gonna be thrilled if this works that well yeah I kind of haven't done one of these for a little while and my macros are still fairly high it is actually a rest day did a little soccer only owners melodia great it's not actually good morning it's actually midday let's not go back to the day issue what was I say smokers are still fairly high so I'm gonna put them out there of what mine are bees I want to kind of put the macros up for the meal so you guys can see but do you remember that these are very individual to me and they will probably not do a fat lot for you if you try to follow them because they're my goals and my body my activity levels and everything so just but I mind you know me but today I'll be aiming for 200 no yes 250 carp 90 fat and a hundred 20

protein as it is a rest day so that's quite a lot of fat and I do struggle a bit more to get fats in being veggie and I don't eat eggs so a lot of things like that are just quite hard but you know this is what peanut butter exists for I've nearly run out of peanut butter it's a bad day to it out beat of it yet it is actually midday as I am so sorry but I was so tired it is actually midday and I've only been to the gym I did have breakfast before when it has something really like because I felt really ill to be honest it was really weird like I woke up and I just I wanted to eat by far bit sick and it was only going for a bit anyway so it didn't matter as much having a smaller meal so I'll put in breakfast here [Music] [Music] and yeah I've turned like 25 minutes of here just have a shower copper freshly washed hair vibes and I'm not put together in actual fact I have joggers on sorry but oh I was also gonna tell you I have been sent a little test that basically test your blood for kind of any food intolerance is there anything that your body isn't handling

very well so whistling it's called a life lab testing but I'm gonna be taking that later this afternoon authoritative on this vlog is it's quite relevant to afford everything so I'll do that with you love knowing all of this stuff like you know other science but really love science so kind of being able to understand the actual like kind of workings of my body more like I don't think I'm intolerant to anything but it will be really interesting to get those results back and kind of see how that compares to how I handle different food groups and everything so well we do that a bit but I am starving right now so I'm gonna go and make some food and I think I'm gonna make like edamame pasta it's really protein I'll show you with some veggies and like a cheese sauce hello okay but what are your toes doing up there okay so this is the pasta I've been loving you can get like loads of different brands of these from quite a few different places I found this one in Tesco and it was about to pound 50 but for me it's so worth the money because it means that I don't need to worry about trying to find a meat substitute to go with pasta

girls look at these macros so 100 grams I typically have about 50 is about 180 calories three fat I literally like eight grams of carbs four grams of showdown and there is 45 grams of protein and I'm pleased then 45 grams protein 200 grams so really really good protein source and I honestly love the taste to be honest it's a little bit different to a kind of normal pasta obviously it's a bit more textured but I like that I like wholly everything just for the texture say no cut this with some frozen cauliflower florets Florence a her and some pepper or something and then I'll show you how I do much finishes cooking all I'm gonna do for the sauce is actually use this is like our DS version of the daily triangles and probably wouldn't choose to use a light one yeah this is what we have any frigate it's literally just one everything yes and then add a little bit of salt I think they might have some pink salt actually few sprays of coconut oil or whatever all you have around few chilli flakes or a bit of a kick and then you'd actually just like a melt over let me show you [Music]

it's just state that had a few milky bobbins and I'm still starving you know and it's just like you were that hungry when you had a meal that it didn't show you a property so I've just kept it simple and we've got a couple of Apple and raise a week to Bix cuz that should fill me up you just gotta pop a bit of almond milk on top please peasy lemon squeezy this is most definitely a food blog but look what just came from Jim sharp a very very very kindly sent me these bits so I've got the Flex we've got a sweater this is a big so soft today we've got a sports bra we've got we've got some droppers as well no two different bits they may or may not be something going on that I can't say anymore for now and it's just jump shock for now have to send me some stuff and that's all you guys need to know and I'm very thankful so I'm actually try this stuff on so I might show you quickly very quickly no no hold oh I'm gonna do a hole I'm gonna do a whole video that's what I'm gonna do so make sure you sub if you want a little Jim jockle and I think I'm

gonna take that little um blood test suanne I did tonight I'll do it tonight with Harvick self recommand I'll be really funny but yeah oh yes more food in a sec and a hot chocolate once I've tried this on summer it was solid because I was on the way to get hot chocolate but I'm really hungry still I swear more recently to have a chocolate digestive and felt it straight because it was about their eating but I have a chocolate digestive and it's great okay we are but I could slow to the sieved okay we're gonna make dinner and said I was gonna be creative and I'm genuinely being creative so I'm gonna make like a peanut satay stir some holy dude awesome soy sauce apparently just soy sauce and peanut butter on what there's like a whole not one from Tesco and some garlic and boiling watching you just cook it down with the noodles add some stir fry veg it sounds good and I've also got some corn cookies to go with it so let's give this a go this first time making it stone let's see [Music] dinner and dessert is done but in true

British style we've mate I have made rather a dent in chocolate digestives because I have a cup of tea and you know if you don't go chocolate digestive it takes it from like a now you have tens like a 30 out of 10 basically but most my food done for today like every day I always leave and kind of something before before I go to bed just because I usually find that one kind of hungriest around this time I don't like eat in massive amounts in the day and I'm still got quite a bit of fat to get in so I have I'll show you what habits of our prayer yogurt and literally just eat the whole tub I love this stuff and the macros are amazing for getting your fussing you know and yeah I'll still have a bit to hit so probably have like peanut butter on sale or something like before I go to sleep but we're gonna have a movie in bed aren't me babe with a cup of tea for maybe a few more digestive so this is the last little bit of chatting on the blog cuz it's quite enough chatting on the part you enjoyed you guys I'll put like the total macros and everything up at the end and yeah if you did enjoy it please remember to give me a big thumbs up sub to the channel

down below and I'll be back very soon with more videos Donuts head by monkey okay bye [Music]