18 September 2018

8 Tips for Making Fast Food Healthier

In this video I share 8 tips to help make your fast food choices healthier. Yes, it is possible to eat healthy-ish while eating fast food. Find my new book - Fit After ...

Sometimes we'll be on the road and there are very few options where you

are you could be in a small town where everything is fast-food you can be on a road trip on the highway doesn't really matter what the situation is we just know that your options are limited and you're stuck getting fast food especially if you're a person who likes to live healthy when you're stuck with eating fast food it can really suck just because you're stuck being fast it doesn't mean you're ruining your whole diet there are ways to make fast food healthier healthier not healthy and that's what we going to talk about today what's up Brooklyn and the rest were all watching it die being here your entertainer from be buff wellness today we're doing tips on how to make your fast-food meal healthier so you know how you go to a fast food place and they ask hey do you want to go large with that your answer should be a sound hard no instead get these smaller sizes go for the smaller drink go for the smaller fries if that's what you're getting and go for the smallest sandwich meaning instead of getting a double cheeseburger get a single patty cheeseburger so the fried chicken sandwich I got which happen to have bacon and cheese on it had 800 calories the grilled chicken sandwich I got was only four hundred and seventy calories you're talking three hundred and thirty calories less that's insane this one's pretty simple you don't want to load up on the calories you want to really be mindful of how many you're eating but when you eat out you generally have less control of the ingredients that the restaurant or fast-food joint uses when they make you fit so instead of worrying about the quality of the ingredients blah blah blah I would instead focus on the calorie count because here you can control the numbers based on the statement numbers most you have food restaurants if you ask for their nutritional value sheet they will give it to you they generally all have a sheet you can go to the website online and in New York State they list the calories right on the menus ah that's posted so that's something you can control

if you're going to examples it's simple as for no salt on your fries if your fries come pre salted hey guess what don't get the fries and get something else so instead of getting french fries or mozzarella sticks or onion rings perhaps something that's gonna have less fat in calories how about a baked potato, plain, no butter, no sour cream, just a little salt and pepper. Or if you're lucky the fast-food joint you go to will have baby carrots or Apple dippers or applesauce like I got. Those small actions of watching your side can really affect how many calories you're taking in during that very bad cheat video so I would definitely watch out for those so most times we places have a salad option the biggest culprit that has hidden calories is salad dressing so make sure you go for a light option maybe a light Italian which is usually what most places have or a light ranch don't go full fat on any of the dressings if you can avoid it we consume so many calories through what we drink juices milks sodas particularly all have a lot of calories but even more so they have a lot of sugar 1 cup of coca-cola is gonna have more sugar than you should have in your entire day so when you get that large 32 ounce soda you're getting three to four times more sugar than you should be having at all in your whole day and that's just with one meal so really think about drinking more water or if you really want that soda flavor have a Diet Coke or have just a seltzer water you get the fizz and soda but without all the calories avoid all the extras now here is where we pile on the fatten calories when you get that extra cheese when you get the bacon when you get extra mayo when you get honey barbecue sauce or honey mustard sauce all of those are laden with sugar and fat avoiding notes can help you save three twenty-five to fifty five sixty calories and one serving so instead when you get that grilled chicken sandwich pile on the regular mustard instead of honey mustard and I follow you I just avoid mayo at all cost. It's just no bueno. And that's all I've got for you today guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it was useful. If it was, hit the like button, If you're new to this channel hit the subscribe button actually if you are new subscriber, enter #NEW in the

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