10 June 2019

756: Top 13 Healthy Grocery Store Travel Foods For Traveling by Ben Greenfield on Nutrition Advice

Ben Greenfield shares the top 13 healthy grocery store travel foods for traveling. Episode 756: Top 13 Healthy Grocery Store Travel Foods For Traveling by Ben ...

this is optimal health daily episode 756

top 13 healthy grocery store travel foods by Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield fitness calm and I'm dr. Neil your host and narrator happy Monday thank you for being here and welcome back to another week of optimal health daily this is where I read to you from some of the best health and fitness blogs on the web kind of like an ongoing audiobook don't forget we have five shows where we narrate blogs for you covering a bunch of different topics check them all out by searching for optimal living daily wherever you're hearing this I have mentioned this many times on this show before I am NOT a great traveler whether it's a vacation or a conference it doesn't seem to matter I often come back with some ailment like a cold or the flu so I love hearing what other health professionals do when they travel particularly when it comes to meal and snack ideas so let's hear what Ben Greenfield has to say about it as we optimize your life top 13 healthy grocery store travel foods by Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield fitness.com have you ever pulled up to a grocery store in your rental car fresh from the airport and starved for food to

take back to your hotel room rented home condo or apartment have you ever been on a long road trip and needed fuel for real meals to eat on the go have you ever wondered if there's a better alternative to canned food jerky and trail mix when you're camping then this article was designed for you because these are the top 13 healthy grocery store items I grab to make quick meals while I'm traveling if you remember this on your next trip you'll likely feel more energetic perform better and stay lean healthy grocery store travel food number one wraps wraps are perfect for preparing a quick snack from your hotel room apartment or condo and are usually found near the bread section of the grocery store the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing what you want to use as a wrap I prefer gluten free sprouted wraps when I can get them spinach wraps or whole grain wraps or other popular varieties that I use if you are gluten intolerant watching your waistline or limiting carbohydrate then get very large pieces of romaine lettuce or cabbage that you can use as a wrap travel food number two spinach and mixed

greens during the week of travel I use spinach and mixed greens for two primary recipes salads and wraps the darker greens are good source of iron although some varieties like bok choy or kale can be a bit chewy and not good in a wrap this is one ingredient of which I always buy more than I think I need because if it's around I'll eat it quite often as a wrap filler or salad base and thus be less likely to overeat on more calorie dense foods travel food number three tomatoes chopped tomatoes can be thrown over salad and sliced tomatoes are perfect in a wrap because I often find myself on foot or on a bicycle and visiting the grocery store I typically choose the small romaine Tomatoes which travel better and brews less than the juicy plump variety travel food number four avocado full of appetite satiating fats and wrapped in the natural protective layer avocados like tomatoes can be chopped and used as salad toppings or sliced and placed into a wrap do not choose overly soft avocados which also do not travel well and more quickly rot travel food number five cucumbers cukes round out the big three for salads and

wraps when included with tomatoes and avocados along with a base of spinach and mixed greens they add a perfect crunch and texture to the meal travel food number six cheese if you are lactose intolerant you may want to skip cheese or double up on nuts which can be often used in the same way as cheese during a week of travel I use cheese and wraps melt cheese over an avocado for a quick snack and top tomatoes with the slice of cheese and splash of olive oil or salad dressing my favorite varieties are feta swiss and mozzarella travel food number seven yogurt follow the same rules as cheese if you are lactose intolerant substitute soy milk rice milk almond milk or coconut milk fat-free plain yogurt is useful as a low-calorie topping for a wrap good with fruit and nuts for breakfast and versatile enough to be used with almond butter and our chocolate for dessert Travel food number eight almond butter compared to peanut butter almond butter is higher in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids for this ingredient I typically buy less than I think I need because it's easy to eat too many calories from almond butter use it with

breakfasts and desserts as I mentioned earlier Travel food number nine cashews walnuts and almonds I typically mix these with fruit and yogurt for breakfast toss into a wrap for extra calories and crunch or grab a handful to satiate the appetite in the afternoon go for the unsalted raw unroasted option travel food number ten salad dressing perfect for salads and wraps a salad dressing is a smart choice only if you can find a variety with a an olive oil base and B no high fructose corn syrup and added sugars look along the top of the salad dressing shelf for the smaller designer varieties which will more often fit these criteria in a pinch just grab a small container of extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette instead travel food number eleven sweet potatoes and yams if my travel involves physical activities such as cycling large amounts of walking or a triathlon then these tubers form the crux of my carbohydrate intake they have high amounts of vitamins minerals and beta carotene in a pinch they can be microwaved for five minutes but it is better to boil them for 20 minutes or bake for 40 minutes usually I

will salt and eat them plain or serve them with almond butter and honey travel food number 12 fruit if I'm traveling to a new or unique region I usually experiment with varieties of fruit that are hard to get at home in Washington State for example in Florida I might stock up on juicy oranges and grapefruit in Hawaii stock up on fresh papaya or pineapple and in Thailand grab a handful of dragon fruit fruit is perfect for a mid-morning snack salad topping or breakfast edition and lastly travel food number 13 dark chocolate chock full of antioxidants and lower in sugars and dairy than milk chocolate a 70% or more dark chocolate bar is a good night cap snack after a long day of travel and is also useful for sweetening oatmeal breaking chunks into yogurt or dipping an almond butter I keep mine in the freezer to wrap it up no pun intended I very often eat a primary diet of wraps and salads while traveling supplemented with fruits nuts potatoes yogurt or milk based snacks you'd be surprised at how healthy you can eat and how good meals can taste by simply using these 13 healthy grocery

store travel foods finally if you want just a little extra flavor grab salt pepper turmeric and cinnamon these four spices can really dress up any of the meals discussed in this article Bon Appetit you just listen to the post titled top 13 healthy grocery store travel foods by Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield fitness comm dr. Neil here for my commentary what I particularly like about Ben's list is that it contains mostly Whole Foods foods that aren't as processed but yet still have a longer shelf life for example almond butter and nuts those things can be taken anywhere don't need refrigeration and are definitely easy when you're on the go and I really liked his idea of trying the local flavors Ben gave the example of when he's in Hawaii he'll have papaya or pineapple in fact when I was traveling through the national parks here in the US I discovered a fruit that I never knew huckleberry and now I'm obsessed with it but I never would have known about it unless I had actually tried it and what I also liked about Ben's list is even for those foods that are perishable they won't take up too much space so they

would likely fit in a hotel refrigerator so I appreciate the list Ben now really quickly before I go you can hear a lot more blogs being narrated to you for free to subscribe to our other podcasts just search for optimal living daily alright that'll do it for the Monday episode I hope you have a wonderful start to your week and I'll see you back here tomorrow where your optimal life awaits