11 October 2019

7 Powerful Probiotic Foods For Gut Health | Nutrition Facts

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Are you on the lookout for gut-and-budget-friendly foods that will keep your probiotic juices

going? Have a bite of the following superfoods and you’ll surely have the guts, pun intended, that is, to face the world with a healthy gut! First Things First: What Are Probiotics? Let’s be honest, many people have a negative connotation on the word “bacteria.” But, did you know that some of them can make your body healthier than ever? Here come probiotics - active yeasts and bacteria that promote a healthy digestive tract. Although researchers have a limited number of ideas on how probiotics do their magic, their purposes all boil down to balance. Probiotics balance the good and bad bacteria – hence allowing your body to work perfectly. Here are the top 7 Miracle Foods for a Gut-Friendly Diet: 1.Yogurt Probably the most well-known probiotic food, yogurt is packed with live strains of bacteria that can ease your digestive troubles. Try eating it with fresh fruits, nuts, and granola for a healthy breakfast. 2.Green Bananas Tired of waiting for your bananas to ripen? Have a filling and nutritious snack of green bananas! Enriched with resistant starch, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, green bananas are perfect for a quick stomach fix! 3.Reheated Carbs (Pasta, Potatoes, and Rice) Who said that leftovers are the bad guys of a healthy diet? By simply heating them, you can get your daily dose of resistant starch for fuss-free digestion. Resistant starch works like food for your gut bacteria – hence encouraging good food bugs to grow. Aside from aiding with digestion, the resistant starch found in reheated carbs can also reduce your risk of developing diabetes. 4.Garlic Who would have thought that America’s favorite flavoring also serves as a natural gut remedy? According to a study by the Food Science and Human Wellness, garlic helps to keep you away from gastrointestinal diseases! Although raw garlic works the best, you can also use it cooked if you don’t like the

taste. 5.Cottage Cheese Similar to yogurt, cottage cheese is a probiotic-rich food that can boost your gut’s microbiome. Aside from its live bacteria that will surely make your gut happy, it’s also packed with calcium that can make your bones strong! 6.Pickles If you’re on a low-calorie diet, pickles can be your go-to snack that’s also good for the guts! Packed with Vitamin K and healthy probiotic bacteria, this salt-and-water-infused snack will keep your digestive gear going. Take note that pickled cucumbers are high in sodium, so you might want to eat these in moderation. 7.Kimchi If you’re a fan of Asian food, you probably know how Korean dishes are taking the probiotics game seriously. Kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish, is a mix of fermented vegetables flavored with chili powder, ginger, and other spices. Aside from its ability to diversify the production of good bacteria in your gut, its savory taste will also keep you wanting for more! Contrary to popular belief, our guts don’t ask for much. By eating the foods mentioned here, you’re only a few meals away from achieving that healthy gut! If you like this video, support us by giving us a thumbs up! Have you tried any of these foods yet? Leave a comment; we would really love to hear from you. Want to stay updated on our videos? Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell. Have a healthy week and see you in our next video! Thanks for watching!