10 June 2019

7 Must Haves For Weight Loss | Weight Loss Journey | Weight Loss Tips For Beginners

Hey guys! In this video, I'm sharing several things that helped me with my weight loss journey. These are 7 must-haves for weight loss. Weight loss tips that will ...

hey guys I'm the money welcome back to

my channel in this video I think it's very important for someone like you to hear if you're on a weight loss journey and you've been struggling to lose weight I'm sharing several things that was game changers for me on my weight loss journey where I actually started seeing major result the first thing I want to show you here is this plastic wrap picture this plastic wrap I use to apply it around my abdomen while I'm working out when I use this product the second thing I think you need is coconut oil when I apply coconut oil with the wraps around my belly this is what I actually seen in just coming up around my abdomen in my abdomen was really starting to transform where I actually saw the difference in my body so with the use of these two products we're gonna move on to the next painted I think it's important on anyone's weight-loss journey is waist trimmers you did not have to get this particular way Shermer I do have two I have a long torso so one target upper pediment and the other targets my lower abdomen I just like to wear at the waist rumors because I feel like it holds in your asthma when you use it with the

combination of the other two items you really see a lot of sweat and water up so if you guys are looking for something that is temporary or permanent I promise you you add those things into your weight loss journey they can help you do you need to sweets with no you can go out and get eating a waist trimmer of your choice I just like these two I really like this one because let me show you so you see how everything is just seemed like a box I do have another shirt so you can tighten in here and they recommend that you tighten is like more to five which is high versus thinner but I've always liked this so you can see this cinches in your waist better this one is much longer it covers more area of so you guys can see the difference so this one is a BM one new side so you can see it cinches in for the back like the other one so this is the original one do you have a better support with the lab are you measuring tape I don't care what style the measuring tape this is more sturdy this is something that I picked up at a fabric store I actually want you guys know that this is how important I feel this is I have

backup measurement tape you can measure your arms thighs you can measure of your chest your abdomen any part of your body that you want to see inches off and see how their progress is going you can use a measuring tape my favorite thing is my scale this scale here tells you everything you have 8 settings on this scale so if you have other people in your household that needs to lose weight or just keep a track of their weight they can also use this skill you can program it male and female now I just like that as well so with your BMI it tells you it's low normal above average or high it tells you your view on it says your your body fat percentage this is very important if you do on the ketogenic diet because you can adjust your keto calculator based on your body fat percentage changes over time since your muscle your water giving your volume density that is very important for female this scale it has Bluetooth capability it stands everything to your smartphone I really support this type of skill on your weight loss journey so you'll know whenever you try things you see on youtube if you're actually just you losing water weight or

fat because a lot of people will tell you that you're only losing water weight but my scale will show if you lost body fat as well so I do recommend a scale like this if you know I have the money that's fine the link to the scale is in the description box below water try to be skinny in 64 ounces of more water a day now I know it's hard for some of us to get water in but if you wake up earlier in the day and you started drinking you will see how easy it is to get in a gallon of water they need 64 ounces or more of water a day you can take this anywhere just not before you board plane but you get the point what I'm saying you can say it in the car if you take it to work you said it's at school water is very important because you were holding on to your weight if you're not drinking I'm not what if I know I don't that I feel it's very important all your weight loss journey is dead there you have it guys those are the seven things that I incorporated into my weight loss journey if you guys have any of these things or started using these things please comment down in the comment section which one of these things is your favorite I tell you

each one of these things you play a role in your weight loss journey I promise it worked on money and you will not regret it to the next time bye guys