09 January 2019

7 Minute Stomach Workout | Weight Loss Exercise

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hi guys I'm Kristen and you're watching

perfect Fitness TV so today I've got 55 five work out for you interval style and today it's just a core workout so grab your timers we have 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest after four minutes that's eight rounds and then after four minutes I'm you have one minute to actively recover so it would be a active stretch so anyway check out the moves and then I'll break it down for you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay okay guys let's break this workout down for you so you have fourth ab exercises so you first start with the first one on your back supine here toads down heels up it's just a single crunches lift lift and lower lift and lower so as you do this exhale on the up inhale on the down twenty ten twenty seconds are up you have ten seconds to jet take your knees over to the side and then you have a side crunch you're taking your shoulders to your hips X on e up inhale on the down at stuff and y'all down okay keep those ABS nice and tight after 20

seconds you bring it back to exercise one after that you take the knees to the other side to get your obliques on the other side that would be two minutes done then you take it all you stay on your back practice ice three here you bring your feet up knees are over the hip reaching your palms forward away from your shoulders you lift your head and head neck and shoulders off the mat and you post your bottom rib you're gonna squeeze the bottom rib to your hips so you're pulsing forward forward it's a squeeze really try to keep those abs flat belly button into the spine okay after 20 seconds you lower down sit up flip over for up you