06 September 2012

7 Habits of Successful Teens

7 Habits of Healthy, Successful Teens http://www.afdclinics.com/ Sithara, Savitha & Dr. Sam discuss 7 Habits of Healthy Teens. The first is simply be proactive.

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host Savita and I'm here at my dad dr. Sam and my sister Satara thanks for letting me be here so today's question what are the seven habits for Highly Effective teens well that's a great question the best people to ask is our teenagers and their preteens like yourself my older daughter Satara so what are the habits severa well have it one is be proactive so what do you think it means when they say be proactive proactive is a great question number one is it's always nice to know what we want to be when we grow up we're always allowed to change your mind however in your case you're interested in being a family doctor and taking over a practice which is wonderful for me and you're here and you're here that's very proactive girls I'm very proud of you for being here and trying to help help help our community help our world so what's number two begin with the end in the mind again a great question it's always easier to know where we're going when we know where we want to go so bottom line is to go from point A to point B it's nice to know where where point B is and and this book that you're holding is seven Habits of

Highly Effective teens by Sean Covey wonderful book he started off with seven Habits of Highly Effective People and has since wrote a lot of books including teens and families so it's a it's a great way to to get started even young so habit three put things first but first things first so that's basically just saying prioritize for example when you kids have a lot of homework there's so many things to do but what do you do first of course is the things that are due soonest or you start studying earlier kind of like what you do in the summers with cumin and trying to keep your math and verbal skills up right so habit for think win-win another another wonderful suggestion win-win is families of course work together you know parents aren't the enemies kids are at the enemies nobody's the enemy in fact we all teachers are are here for us to help out sometimes you know we all do have a little bit disagreements but that's okay it's okay to talk it out and a goal of course think win-win so number five seek first to understand then to be understood another wonderful suggestion we have two ears and one mouth for a

reason meaning it's very important to listen and learn we learn most of my life just just for my ears alone and once we do understand then it's easier to communicate so habit six synchronize yeah sync synergize synchronize it's it's again more like the win-win it's it's another it's an easy concept to to talk about synergize meaning for example as I wanted to be a doctor my father's physician a lot of our family's physicians I really tried to learn as much as I can from all the resources around me with my two years and why go uphill when the resources around us so yeah that's a good that's a good one and the last one sharpen the saw something that you all do and we all do every day trying to make yourself smarter better now when I was in school we just had a book bag and paper we didn't really use computers much definitely not laptops now we have iPhones iPads it's a wonderful tool to learn information if it's used correctly to find that target information without getting overly absorbed in distractions so sharpen saw use technology to make a smarter so that's that's pretty much it so do you want to take it from here host thank you

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