09 February 2018

7-8. What I Eat in a Day - Mediterranean Diet - Pasta and Soup

What I Eat in a Day Mediterranean Diet - Day 7-8 - February 7-8, 2018 During the month of February I'll be showing you what I eat on a Mediterranean Diet.

hello and welcome to day seven of the

Mediterranean diet and lifestyle immersion this is supposed to be a comic book version of me I'm not sure it really looks like that but I thought it would be fun it's a cold and rainy day here today so I think I'm gonna make soup for dinner I'm gonna make chicken noodle soup but instead of noodles I'm gonna substitute pastina which are little stars so I hope you enjoy today I'm kind of a late riser so usually breakfast and lunch are combined for me so I'm having a cup of coffee I bought some smoked salmon salad when I was at Whole Foods yesterday and then put it on this Black Russian bread that's sort of my breakfast lunch combination so I'm making chicken noodle soup so I figured I would buy one low-sodium chicken broth and one regular chicken broth and they'll balance each other out I've bought these starter vegetables at the farmers market and I have these super herbs I'm gonna add a little bit of chopped garlic and you have to have a glass of Prosecco in your hand when you make soup I'm gonna start by softening these vegetables I would add any oil or anything like that cuz I don't want it to be greasy so I'm gonna

get these soft and then I'm gonna add the broth I'm gonna add the garlic and then at the end I'm gonna add some chicken and some plus you know now I edit a bay leaf and some fresh thyme and I better add the garlic [Music] leftover chicken I'm making some chicken salad so I chopped up some onion and some celery which you can't see the silver and some pepper a little bit Dijon mustard some vegenaise and this one right to the Vitamix now that makes a lovely chicken salad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning and welcome to day eight of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle immersion sorry for the background noise but there's something magical going on in the kitchen and I woke up to someone baking a cake and I'll give you a little glimpse that is an orange polenta cake in the oven doesn't mean it's Thursday today and Thursday is pasta day in my house traditionally we always had spaghetti

growing up on Thursday so I'm gonna make some kind of pasta for dinner I'm not sure exactly how fancy or how plain it will be but we'll see so I hope you enjoyed today [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I've already showed you how to make tomato select several times on this channel so I didn't really go through an extensive video on it so I took a bunch of pictures though and you look at the just if you watch it for the first time we also made meatballs today and I didn't make them so I didn't show myself making them but it was basically ground beef it was a lean cut of ground beef add some breadcrumbs and some spice and a little bit of parsley and an egg and scrunch it all together and roll them into a meatball shape and then we bake them in the oven instead of frying them because it's just a lower fat way of

doing it they come out a lot less greasy and they come out really juicy and tasty and we also made some pepperoni on the side that is my father's specialty mmm you used to chunk up pepperoni and cook it in tomato sauce and if you've never tried it you should really try it cuz it goes great with pasta or it just goes great as a sandwich on a roll so give it a try so today was a very Italian dinner it wasn't particularly low-fat or anything like that but sometimes you have to have your comfort food when Thursday is pasta night thank you for watching and I'll see you tomorrow [Music]