31 December 2018

6 things to stop eating for this new year to stay healthy

Most people are anxious to see the ball drop, and bring in the year 2019. You need to consider also, your past year's bad habits, and set course to improve on ...

hi brother teacher here many of you know

that the new year 2019 is just around the corner and for those of you that acknowledge this magical yearly event I want to offer some health benefit to you many of you have probably heard this before excuse my camera but for those of you that are particularly interested in your general health your weight and cancer preventive measures I I should say there are some things that you must do if you want to effect change positive change that is in your lives and I'm going to begin here with what I consider to be some major things that we should all always be thinking about and not just thinking about but also putting in action so these are six things and I'm gonna look at my notes as I have a tendency to do so I don't forget anything these are six things to stop eating for New Year's for you to stay healthy one of the things that you should stop drinking and consuming should be soda pop Pepsi coca-cola whatever the name is to eat and treat it doesn't matter 7up products we should all know by now even though we've been drinking these beverages since childhood

that pop is full of sugar various other ingredients to include caffeine for the most part we don't need it we don't need carbonated beverages on a regular basis it's just not good for us and if you were privy to and/or watched one of my earlier videos this year you would have seen me talk about carbonation and eating if you eat for example a meal and you drink a soda which is very commonplace when you go to restaurants you eat pizza Coca Cola 7up sprite it doesn't matter if it's carbonated it kills the digestive fluids in your stomach the hydrochloric acid and mix it of none effect in other words it's not going to break down your food because it's been compromised by the carbonated beverage so something to think about and something to put in practice so stay away from pop this new year number two is deli meats such as cold cuts bacon sausage anything that has nitrates and I said that right nitrates and nitrites in it even though evidence have found that nitrites are used in holistic medicine to some degree and even traditional medicine to treat heart disease and so forth if it's not natural by nature even though your body

produces it if it's not natural and someone that's adding it and also just to put note nitrites or nitrates are also added to these deli meats to maintain the pinkish reddish type of color as opposed to it turning brown looking which makes it less when people come to purchase meats at the deli just so you know but nitrites have been known to cause cancer they are carcinogenic and I've heard one so-called expert make the statement that you know they don't put that much in your deli meats that's not true I'm not buying that they do and when you have people that are constantly on the go and who have a behavior day-to-day where they eat typically bacon sausage and links all of the time and even hot dogs you are consuming and inordinate amount of nitrites so stay away from the deli meats and the processed meats okay processed sugar or white sugar found in cookies cakes candies and so forth sugar beets cancer there are some debate about this amongst some people in the medical industry but sugar does indeed and has been proven to feed cancer one of those things that feeds cancer and you want to eliminate sugar processed sugar that is

from your diet okay plus it's also stored as fat and also it causes diabetes because most of the foods that you eat carbohydrates they produce their own sugar and the body and your body has handles it very well we don't need any additional sugar especially that which is not natural okay so that was number three number four any processed packaged canned foods it becomes in the bag a can even in the frozen Department you should stay away from it as much as possible so how do we do this brother teacher start reading labels I've told you this in time pass as well the order in which you should eat your food should always be from the garden speaking of produce from the garden firstly secondly if you don't have that available frozen the last thing you should consume would be your produce in a can the can is the worse okay there's that so package to process foods number five this is a stinker right here a lot of people don't want to hear this but I'm sorry beer and liquor products stop drinking beer if you want to avoid having that beer belly and that gut and having all types of issues to include addiction to alcohol beer is alcohol

whether you want to call it that or not it is and hard liquor of course that's your Seagram's and all of the other things Courvoisier ting all of these other things that people like to drink or consume especially around the new year they want to go and get high they want to go and get drunk stay away from these things if you want to have perpetual health okay and the last thing that I have on my list is fried foods fried foods are not good for us fried foods especially when you're using vegetable shortening whether or not you want to believe this or not do your own research follow behind everything that I tell you I don't care if it's vegetable shortening Lord canola a sunflower sadly excuse me what is it safflower some sunflower and the various other types of cooking oils that you see that occupy a whole aisle in the grocery store and they're all yellowish in color all of these things once they are heated becomes very volatile within your human system your biology in other words and it becomes very rancid once it enters your body after you cooked it that's not good for you I don't care if this has been something

that we've done for the last hundred or 200 years in America as a custom or tradition you know hot dogs and hamburgers and cheeseburgers and all these other kind of things people have died by the hundreds of thousands and even millions in America over the past hundred to two hundred years because of the American diet which is a junk food diet for the most part and they healthiest people are those people who have a healthy mind state who actually genuinely care about their health if you don't care about your health you'll eat anything and you'll make an excuse and say well you're gonna die from something one day I've been told that many times well we're all gonna die from something one day that's a cop-out that person or those individuals only want to continue doing what they're doing or continue the bad behavior so that they can get the instant gratification which is nothing more than your taste buds and your mind being satisfied for that moment but years later years down the road you're lying in that hospital bed with an oxygen cannula in your nose and you've been diagnosed with some form of cancer and you're dying okay so think on these

things before you enter into the new year after the new year has already come upon us think on these things your life is important to you I would hope so I'm asking you now is it so mine is in that of my families and I'm going to continue to preach and teach these things until I'm not able to do it any longer again Yahweh loves you brother teach you loves you Reginald and you take good care be safe during the New Year tonight and the rest of the week and be blessed so long